Wednesday, 2 May 2012

April Favourites and Empties

I keep going on abut losing my camera, but its really annoying me...and has meant I cant do proper posts unless I borrw other peoples. Because of that Ive done both my April Favourites and April Empties (of which there are quite a lot!) in videos on my youtube channel.

You can watch my empties video here!  

And my favourites video here!

This may seem like  bit of a cop out blog post, but I didnt want you to think I just hadnt bothered this month, saying as Ive done it every month since I started blogging. To be honest I think Im going to keep doing these as videos as I really enjoy it that way, but maybe do a blog post to accommpany it...What do you think? Im not sure how to go about spreading things between youtube and my blog!



  1. well done on doing videos! very brave! not sure I'd have the courage :) I will have a peek at them! x

    1. Aw thanks! I was really nervous at first, but it get easier :) I dont think Ill ever be one of the FleurDeForce's of the world but its good fun x