Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Happy Birthday Glossybox: Whats in my May Glossybox?

So recently Ive been doing videos about Glossyboxes occasionally rather than a blog post, but today feels like a blogging type of day.

Im very excited by this box so Ill get straight into it and my first impressions...

 How pretty is this packaging, I love that Glossybox pay such attention to detail. I almost didnt want to rip the pretty tissue paper. How cute is the little sticker saying "one" for their first birthday, even the ribbon says "Anniversary Box", very fancy. However I dont know if its jsut my box, but I didnt get a little card saying what everything is like they usually do, maybe they just forgot mine! Ill get into what was in it...

 Collection 2000 Lasting Colour Gel Eyelner in Brown
Werent they changing their name to drop the "2000"? Confusing. Anyway, I was excited to give this a go, even if a little skeptical that I would ever use a brown gel liner. Im more of a blacks girl, and would never even think of buying a brown mascara. However, this has shocked me a litte by how much I like the colour. Ive given it a little swatch and its a really dark rich brown which I think would look nice, not to mention the lovely formula. I can be a bit of a makeup snob, and wasnt expecting great pigmentation or staying power from this brand, but actually its fantastic. Ive tried rubbing the swatch, wetting it and then rubbing it and it hasnt budged, not at all. Very impressed so far!

 Eldora Lashes
I was excited to see false lashes in the box as I hate to pay £5 for a pair that I will most likely ruin whilst trying and failing to apply them. However I was taken aback by the crazyness of this pair. They have rainbow colours spaced nicely between the black lashes, and then little sequin type things all over. I would never have bought these in a million years, but Im excited to give them a go! Thats the beauty of Glossybox I think.

Noble Isle Summer Rising Cornish Hedgerow Bath and Shower Gel 
Many people hate getting shower gels in beauty boxes, but I happen to think theyre rather useful...especially for travel. This one will be coming to Ibiza with me. At first glance I thought this was a Molton Brown product, and it does have that kind of upmarket feel to it. The smell is lovely, just like its an English country garden in the spring time. I look forward to using this, Ill feel all posh and grown up haha.

Neals Yard Rehydrating Rose Daily Moisture
I was excited to see a Neals Yard product in the box. Ive never tried anything from them but theyve always been a brand thats intrigued me. I was a little disappointed to see the product was rose scented, as Ive generally hated rose scented things in the past. However this smells lovely, and along with a few other rose products Ive got in recent Glossyboxes, it has changed my feelings towards the rosey scent. This doesnt smell like old ladies at all, its floral but not too heavy, and very spring time-ish. Im excited to try it out properly after my bath tonight!

Lolita Lempicka and Lolita Lempicka L'Eau en Blanc Eau De Parfums
Ah the infamous perfume sample. These normally really annoy me as I have never had a perfume sample Ive actually liked from past Glossyboxes (bar the Vanitas Versace one). These are an exception, I really like them both. Ive tried the original one in department stores before and always liked it but not enough to buy it...maybe owning this sample will convince me I need the bottle in my life. The bottles are both absolutely gorgeous by the way! The second one is more light and powdery than the original, it reminds me of the powder puffs my Grandma used to use, but in a good way. Im no good at descirbing scents, but both are quite unusual and Im glad they were in the box. 

Last but not least the lovely people at Glossybox slipped in a few little Birthday extras. A cute little pink balloon, which is inflated in the first picture, and a nice handy compact mirror. A girl can never have too many compacts.

If you couldnt already tell Im really pleased with this box. In the past Ive recieved boxes that didnt really thrill me, but this one has restored my faith in Glossybox and Ive regained my excitement for it!

Thanks for reading


  1. your box look fab, i hope i get the same one! i own the original lolita lempicka perfume its lush im looking forwrd to trying the new one. Great review x x

  2. Aww I love the balloon, wrapping paper and compact mirror!

  3. This was my first glossybox and I wasn't too impressed... my gel eyeliner is in a horrid gold colour that I'll never use. But the packaging was so cute and they obviously put a lot of thought into it! xx