Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Operation Ibiza Bikini Body #3... Soft skin and whiter teeth...and a bit of a fail.

I havent blogged in almost three weeks...thats the longest Ive gone without blogging since the day I started! Blame exams and essays, they stop any other every day activities from happening. But Im finally done with uni for the next four months so no more typing out essays, more typing out blog posts!

I havent gave you an update on how Im doing with my "bikini body" mission in a while so I thought it was the perfect rambly post after my absence. As you can imagine, my exercise and healthy eating regime went out the window during revision. It mentally and physiclly drains you, and I just didnt have the time or energy to exercise properly or plan what healthy foods to eat. I turned to McDonalds....oops! However I can give myself a break because it was a tough time and I spent it revising which was way more important.

However now the panic is on...my holiday is now only 25 days away and I need to get my bum back into gear, starting today. There are a few little bits Ive been doing along the way to help get the "glow" I want my skin to have so Ill share them first then what I plan to do from now on...

For the past few weeks Ive really been taking care of the skin on my body. I usually neglect it due to laziness but Ive been making an effort to exfoliate and moisturise more. For exfoliating I find these gloves do just as good as an actual scrub, although Im still working through the scrubs I own to use them up anyway. I used to forget this all the time, but now I exfoliate at least once or twice a week and have noticed my skin looks brighter and smoother.

As for moisturising Ive been doing that everyday as soon as I get out the bath. I love this Garnier Intensive 7 Days one, but Ill use anything I have in to use things up. My particular favourite is Soap and Glory's Righteous Butter, but that takes a little longer to sink in so I find it better for night time.  

Firming body creams...now I havent actually even opened these yet, I want your opinion. Im not even sure if they work at all or do anything, but I dont know whether I should use them now in the run up to my holiday, or actually take them away with me and use them there. What would you do? The two I have are the Clarins Extra-Firming Body Cream (from a Glossybox) and the Liz Earle Energising Body Lotion. Im going to take a body lotion on holiday with me, just not sure whether to take these or the Garnier one above!

As well as a better body, Ive been on a constant quest for at least the past 5 years for whiter teeth. Ive never been happy with how yellow mine are for no reason at all. I thought now was a good time to try the Crest White Strips that people rave so much about. I got mine cheaper on Ebay! Ill do a full post on them at a later date, but so far Ive used them for about 5 days, and I cant really see any real difference...so fingers crossed they work once Ive finished the rest.

Ive been keeping up easily with all Ive mentioned so far, but as I said before exercise just hasnt happened recently. I bought a set of two Jillian Michales dvds (one for abs one for legs and bum) to accompany the 30 Day Shred. Now Ive done my 10 days on Level 1, all be it not all 10 days in a row! Starting today I have an exercise plan up until my holiday, which consists of 5 days on the 30 Day Shred Level 2, then 5 at Level 3, followed by these two DVDs on alternating days right up to my holiday. I know Im not doing the full 30 days of the Shred or either of these two to their full potential but Im running t of time now and I really want to give them a go before I go away.

Also I had my final McDonalds and a big cupcake last night, so now its back to the green tea and healthier eating too.

Any tips or questions feel free to leave a comment, thanks sooo much if you even read this far!


  1. hiya, not sure if you've tried it but i highly recommend pearl drops teeth whitener toothpaste. i saw it reviewed on here and found it cheap so gave it a go.. i had horrible yellow teeth from when i smoked and ive really noticed the difference even after just over a week :) x

    1. Ive used it in the past and really like it, I always go from ne whitening toothpaste to the next, I think most of them do a pretty good job for what they are :) x

  2. I find whitening toothpastes can really help too! I've been wanting to try the garnier intensive 7 days moisturiser for a while now so I'll try it now thanks to you ;) i dunno what to suggest with the firming body creams...maybe start using them a week before you go on holiday then take them with you? Or look up some reviews to see what other people have found works best.
    Glad to see you back on the blogging scene, looking forward to lots more posts now you're finished at uni for the summer!
    nicola xxx

    1. Ah thankyou what a lovely comment! Im going to look up some reviews of the firming creams and try and decide that way :) xx

  3. I bet you will be in perfect shape by then...

  4. Exfoliating gloves are awesome! I never use body scrubs, just stick to these with any old shower gel and it works wonders. I like doing the same with my face too when its extra dry, just a bit more gentle. Just do not get them from the body shop for like a fiver - go to bodycare and they are there for 99p! I get your conundrum about the firming creams too, I wouldnt know which ti pick either. I used up all my clarins one a while ago and really liked it, it was super thick and left a lovely glow :) xx