Monday, 24 September 2012

Lustlist #21 Shoes Shoes Shoes!

Over the past week or so Ive been lusting after shoes...constantly. With the weather turning bad, boots have been on my radar so Ive been searching every website's shoes section...leading to looking at every type of footwear and wanting everything. Now Ive came across all of these shoes on ASOS (all of which are black, by accident) that I now think I must own...

Ive always enjoyed the western boot, but never owned a pair. These are subtle enough to not scream "cowboy", and give a nice little nod to the studded trend I love so much right now.

ASOS Deny Wedge High Top Trainers - £36
Im a little late to the party on this trend, but for ages I didnt really like high tops. For whatever reason Ive came round to the idea, and especially like the thought of a sneaky concealed wedge to make my legs look longer and nicer! I love these ones particularly because of the cute floral detail, someone treat me to these! :)

I think if I actually purchase any of these shoes, itll be these. Flat chelsea boots dont look great on me, so these heeled ones will be way more flattering and go with so many things over winter. I see them as more of an investment rather than a naughty purchase, maybe.

ASOS Little Miss Ballet Flats - £25
I know these are a bit of a rip off of the Marc Jacobs mouse flats, but in reality I can never afford the originals...and these are SO cute and way way cheaper.

Which of these do you think I should buy? I wish I could get them all!

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