Friday, 8 July 2011

Five Good Things For Friday

1. New bikinis! Going to Primark with the mother always equals getting a few sneaky things added to her bill for me, because she loves me like that haha. This time I got three new bikinis for my holiday in October (little haul post to come).

2. All of my friends are back home now, which is a miracle. A few go to Uni away from home, and one of them had moved away. Its probably about once or twice a year were all here at the same time, and that time is now. So to celebrate were all going out tomorrow night, rather excited to have us all back together!

3.Having a boyfriend that actually wants to watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians and all the spin off programmes of it. Makes life so much easier when I want to watch like 4 episodes in a row, bless him.

4. Recently all my friends have been away, Natalie to Rome, Jen to Spain, Caroline to Glasto, David to Wales and Joe to Ibiza. I hated it, I was lonely. Now everyones done having holidays, I now have a social life again! :)

5. Using eyeshadow palettes that I forgot I even owned (bad!) to make more colourful eyes for once. Im really into subtle hints of colour with my eyeshadow at the minute.

and one bad thing...

Losing followers...thats pretty crap :(.



  1. Hope you have a lovely time tomorrow night, must be lovely having everyone around for a while!! I get down when I lose followers but I just try to think that not everyone can like my blog, and it's better they unfollow than start slating it- plus the rest of us know your blog is brilliant Hayles :) don't be sad! Lots of love :) xxxx

  2. I can really relate to 2 and 4, although I was one of the people who upped and left lol. It's great to be back with all my friends again though. Hope you have a fab night out! I have to say I'm pretty jealous of 3 though, you have him well trained lol.
    Sorry that you're loosing followers but I you're also gaining them as I am new. Hello! I love your blog and I can't see why someone wouldn't so screw 'em. Don't let it bother you, not everyone can have the same opinions.

  3. Why would someone unfollow you?! I love reading your blog anyhoo :} I'm so nosey I really enjoy posts like this :}


  4. Oooh that's always good when the boy likes to watch your favourite shows. My guy just stares at kim haha :) xx

  5. Aww yous have all really cheered me up :) thankyou!! xxx