Thursday, 21 July 2011

Review: Aussie vs. TIGI Bed Head....Volumising Shampoos and Conditioners

I know the title is a bit of a mouthful...but hey at least you know what youre getting with this post! Im the kind of person who doesnt like to have a load of shampoos on the go at once. I buy one, I use it up, then I buy another one. I dont know why but even when I love a shampoo/conditioner, once Ive used it up I still want to try a different one, always on the hunt for the perfect combo for my hair.

 I recently finished the Aussie Aussome Volume shampoo and conditioner, and had bought the Tigit Bed Head Styleshots Epic Volume pair for when I finished my Aussie ones. I have been using the TIGI ones for about 3 weeks now so I think I can come up with a fair comparison type review of which ones are better, in my opinion anyway.

Firstly let me say my hair type is limp, kinda lifeless, very fine and flyaway...prone to static and also sticking to my head :(. Now were past my self pity, lets see what these products do for this annoying hair type of mine...

Im gunna start by saying I LOVE the Aussie range as a whole. Thyere a very ethically awae company, read up on them and youll see just how great they are! Im not going to go into product descriptions because frankly they bore me to tears reading them on blogs. Bascially these products claim to be lightweight and great for fine hair and above all, volumising, which is what you wold expect when theyre titled "Aussome Volume".

With these products the first thing I noticed was the distinctive smell, its gorgeous, but I cant put my finger on what the scent is...but its lovely anyway. I found the shampoo lathered brilliantly and left my hair feeling completely clean, like it had taken away all the gunk and hairspray and whatever, and lft me with shiney, bouncy and fuller hair. I genuinely accept that these do add volume to my hair. The conditioner is beautifully light, it doesnt feel thick and awful in my hair, it still gives a lot of moisture though and leaves my hair silky and smooth but not weighed down or greasy looking at all. I found my hair could go slightly longer between washes when using these products, about a day longer than before I used them, which means I have to use them less often so they last longer...value for money!

Theyre widely available at "drugstores" and supermarkets, and arent too expensive and are often in deals and such, I got mine for £10 for the pair. Honestly, these are the best products I have found for my hair and I would 100% rcommend them!

Unfortunately, Im not so impressed with these products from TIGI, which I'm kinda disappointed in saying as I have a whole bunch of their styling products and swear by them. Firstly, these are usually rather pricey at around £10 each, but I got mine from Cheap Smells for £15. They claim to do all sorts, boost volume body and shine, proect from heat, humidity and colour, and repair and strengthen hair. Big big claims!!

If Im totally honest, I dont think its worth the price tag. Ive pad £2 for a bottle of Pantene and got better results than I get from these. I hate to rant about products generally but I jsut cant get away with these. They smell like strawberry bootlace sweets, which to me is a little sickly and overpowering to be slathering on my hair, but luckily this doesnt linger after showering. The consistency is veeeery thick I find, and it takes a bit of elbow grease to get it to lather up over my head. Because itsd thick it takes longer to rinse out too, and once I have spent forever rinsing, my hair doesnt feel alotgether clean. I honestly am rinsing properly, and it still feels like theres product build up in my hair, even once I blow dried. I mean yeh, it cleans my hair but nothing special, and I wouldnt say it did much volumising at all.

My hair gets greasy after about 12 hours after using this, which I dont enjoy, saying as I was used to clean hair for 3 days with the Aussie ones. I feel it weighs my hair down and my hair's flat as a pancake on my head, no movement or body to it really. This is no reflection on the TIGI brand for me, as a whole I love most of the stuff I have tried from them, and these shampoos may be more suited to thicker hair, but not for fine ahir looking for volume like they claim to be. Yes, I will continue to use them...will I buy them again? Nope, Ill be going straight back to my beloved Aussie products!


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