Friday, 15 July 2011

Haul: Miss Selfridge, New Look and Primark.

Saying as Im on Project 10 Pan Ive been spending my spare pennies on clothes rather than make-up, which was the ain of P10P saying as my wardrobe is rather dismal. Along with the stuff I got in the RI sale, heres a few things Ive collected over the past few weeks...

I know, Im ridiculous, but at the time I thought this was an easy way to show you two bikinis at once which are the same, but a different colour, looks pretty stupid now. However, these were a bargain from Primarkat only £6 for each set. Theyre more of a bra style rather than a halter neck, and theyre quite padded and clip at the back rather than tie so they give realyl good support. Sometimes I feel more vulnerable in little string bikinis and these are definately the kind I would feel more comfortable bombing inthe pool with my brother on our famiyl holiday without having to worry about any wardrobe malfunctions!

I love this crochet design, and had seen more expensive versions in next and Miss Selfridge that I loved but couldnt really afford. So I snapped this up in Primark when I seen it. The bottoms were £3 and the top was £5, so another steal! I like the little bead detail, and its little gems like this that are worth a visit to Primark as they look way nicer than you woul expect for a bikini for £8 in total. Im so glad I waited and didnt buy the £25 version from Next now!

Normally I hate New Look sales, even more so than other stores. They just never seem to ever hav anything decent. I sene this hanging in the sale rails though and really liked it, and for £6 I thought it was such a bargain, especially as it comes with a lovely tan belt. I orignally thought it would be good to wear as a little t-shirt dress on holiday, but once i tired it one its WAY too short for that, bum cheeks on show is a no go! So Im just going to wear this with leggings, meaning its great for autumn too. Its an empire line cut too so its really flattering and hides any food babys ;).

This little beauties are my favourite purchase for summer, and they were kind of a little treat to myself. I kept looking at them on the Miss Selfridge website for weeks and weeks and reaaaaaally wanted them. But the £35 price tag put me off. So when I came into a litle spare cash, and Miss Selfridge had a free shipping code, and my bestie gave me a cheeky text with her NUS code for 10% discount I jumped at the change and just ordered them. I love the frayed detail and the worn look of them, especially the gold stud detail underneath the frayed bits, lovely detail!

How gorgeous is that! Especially when they catch the light in the sun. I jsu tlove that theyre kind of original, but my god these literally are hot pants. By that I mean theres often a little teensy bit of butt cheek on show, which I would rather wasnt to be honest! But hey, it just means I have to hammer the zumba to rock the Beyonce bum look with these babies!

Hows everyone doing anyways? Feels like ages since I talked to anyone on here.

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  1. love the bikinis! the clip-back-bra-style-back-thing seems a good idea! the white one is soo cute too! xx