Monday, 11 July 2011

Haul: River Island Sale!

I hit the River Island sale on the opening day last week-ish. Sorry Ive only just got round to putting this post up, but I was in there the other day and from what I could see they still had most of the things I got in stock, so you may still be able to grab a bargain

I went in there with the intention of picking up a load of cut price basics for my holiday to Lanzarote in October, and I was quite successful....

I picked up these vests for £3 each. I know Im really boring, but I know these colours will go with a lot of things both in the summer and in the winter, and theyre really good quality too.

These vest tops were also £3 each. Theyre really thin but good quality so great for when its hot. I like the stripey one best but I know Ill wear the nudey one underneath more see-through things a lot. For three quid I thought they were good bargains!

I think this t-shirt was £4, and I really like it. Love the colour, and again it feels really good quality. Ive had similar tops from New Look that only lasted a few washes but this one seems better than that.

I photographed this top from the back as I think its the prettiest part. Theres a long split down the back and its tied at the bottom. Its cropped too, and really sheer, so for me I would want to wear something underneath it. I got it in the brightest colour there, they had dark blues and greens but I went for bright pink, totally out of my comfort zone but I think its really nice on and totally different from anything I own. Oh, and this was only a tenna! I think it would look nice dressed up because the material and the cut feel/look quite expensive, but David thinks I should wear it over my bikini through the day on holiday if we go for a walk or something...thoughts?

I was really shocked to find this gorgeous skrit for £10. I picked it up straight away. I wanted this before it was in the sale but Im glad I held back when I seen it originally as Ive saved about £20! Its lovely and floaty, and the kind of skirt that makes you want to twirl around like a princess haha. The photograph doesnt do it justice, its much lighter and fitted in real life and the pleats are really pretty. They had loads of these left when I went in on Saturday so I would suggest going to find one because its so pretty.

Im pretty sure everyones sick of the shorts now as theyve been in two OOTD's. But I will honestly wear these to death, and the good thing is you wont even notice because theyre already spoting the kind of shabby worn look so any damage I do to them will only add to this. For £10 I ha dot pick them up as they were originally £35, and I probably would have paid that for them, so Im really pleased with these.

I picked up this necklace last minute for £2. The four leaf clover is super sparkly, but not in a really tacky way, and I like that its on the brown strap too. I love last minute purchases before you hit the checkout when you actually still like them when youget them home haha.

This little leaf bracelet on a creamy peice of string was only £1! I thought it would be nice to layer with loads of other bracelets which is a look I love for summer time.

Im pretty happy with my purchases as Im normally rubbish with sales! Anything youve found in the sales that you think I could look for?


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  1. Great buys. I adore the 4 leaf clover. It is so pretty.

    P.S. We are having a giveaway on our blog. Check it out and I hope you enter.