Wednesday, 28 December 2011

50 Things I Wanted to do in 2011...Did I do them?

 So every year in January I make a list of goals for the year ahead. A mixture of big things and little things, bad habits, and new good habits I want to start. Heres my list I wrote alomst a year ago (Cannot believe this was that long ago!!!)...Lets see how I did with it.

1. Take time out to read more. 
I guess Ive done this, Ive read two books this year, and got a new book for Christmas as well as a Kindle. I still want this as a goal for next year as I think Ill be encouraged to now I have the Kindle

2. Exfoliate more often.
Oui, I exfoliate more than I used to, still not as much as I should!

3. Take breaks without nail varnish so my nails aren't so weak
Ive been getting much better at this one, my nails are in much better condition that they were last year :)

4. Drink water every day
Ha, not a single bit of improviement on this one. Naughty.
5. Go to the gym at least once a week
Another laughable one, considering I didnt go near the gym once this year.
6. Take fruit for breaks at college rather than spending a fortune in the vending machines
Well I was only at college until May, but didnt do this, and still dont do it at uni, bad Hayley.

7. Get 3 stars on every angry birds level, dont judge!
Meh, I got bored with Angry Birds, its all about Tiny Tower now!

8. Finally pass my driving test
Big fat no :( Dont even talk about it!

9. Get distinctions on my college courses
YES! Distinction* on my courses I might add ;)

10. Get in to Northumbria Uni
11. Stop losing my phone charger
A bad habit broken :) Never lost it once this year

12.Travel somewhere Ive never been before
Lanzarote, check!

13. See Legally Blonde in London
I saw it at the Sunderland Empire on its tour of the country, so Ill say yeh I did it :)

14. Get a good camera
Still no :(

15. Stop burning my fingers when I light candles
Haha, this was a wierd one, but yeh I dont do this anymore.

16. Persevere with sales rails rather than being put off by them
Yep! Much better in sales now.
17. Make a good charity shop purchase
Nah sadly not.
18. Do a car boot sale of all my old stuff
Another one I havent done, but I have sold a lot on ebay!
19. Find new teas that I might like
I now like white tea as well as green tea. Tried some others and didnt like them.
20. Finally have my holiday with the girls
Ergh no :( NEEEEEED to this year!
21. Teach my little cousin not to be afraid of the water and maybe even teach her to swim
Haha no, this one was a long shot.

22. Learn a new craft
Hmm, nope...too busy busy busy!

23. Work my way through every recipe in a cookbook(yet to purchase one)
Still yet to purchase one...oops. 

24. Stay awake through films my boyfriend wants me to watch rather than falling asleep
Im so much better at this now :) In fact were going to see the new Mission Impossible toight and i havent moaned once!

25. Train myself to like nachos so the smell of them in the cinema isnt so bad
Hmm...getting there.
26. Order something Ive never thought of trying in a restaurant (Im a picky eater)
Yes! Only once though.
27. Get into a proper sleeping routine
Ah no, my sleeping is all over the place!
28. Actually start saving up for New York
Nope not yet! :(
29. Spend less money on junk food and actually cook stuff, stop being lazy with my food!
Ive had McDonalds twice this week...big fat fail.
30. Start watchig Gossip Girl because every says I would love it
Nah still need to!
31. Decorate my room at dads new house and generally help him with "Project Oxford Ave."
Yes, I live here now and my room is almost finished! 
32. Try every Lush Bubble Bar that there is
Haha, ambitious wasnt I! But Im getting there.
33. Finally get skin matched for MAC foundation
Oui, NW15
34. By September have somewhere stable to live, possibly my own flat, and definately only live in one house rather than having all of my belongings split three ways.
Live in one place now, all my stuff in one place, sounds pathetic but I couldnt be happier.
35. Make a genuine friend out of blogging, why not :)
Hmm, still havent met anyone so cant really say yes to this :(
36. Help out a friend in need, because they've done it all for me
I guess so, nothing in particular springs to mind though.
37. Start training to do a marathon for MacMillan Cancer Care in 2012
Not one tiny bit, Im awful
38. Get my ears pierced
This has been on my list for years, still not done. 

39. See those friends who I miss loads more
Definately a lot better with one of them, the other friend is still just as distant :( 
40. Treat my hair better and get it trimmed more often 
Had three trims this year (as apposed to none the year before) and now use heat protectant before straightening/curling :) get me!
41. Be a tidyer and more organised person in general
Tidyer...yes, More!
42. Get a good job
Nah :(

43. Continue on my blogging journey throughout the whole year
Still here! :D 
44. Do something memorable for my nana, I dont know what yet, but she deserves something good to come her way.
Not yet, havent thought of something good yet.
45. Take Molly out on the fields. Yes my dog has never been let off her lead on a field, she needs to get over her fear of dogs first. Im determined to get her over it.
Nah too scared too since a dog bit her :(
46. Watch a horror film, this is a big ask for me.
47. Go camping
Sadly not :( want to next year!
48. Eat at Romanos again (last time our meal for two was £100, and was worth every penny)
Ahh been so skint all year this one has been a no go!
49. See Rihanna live again
50. Take my boyfriend to feed the lambs at Whitehouse farm, hes never fed a lamb, I consider this as something that has to be done.
Nah he wont bloody go :(
I seem like a complete failure, but this year has been very hectic, and the most important ones I got right! No excuses for 2012, gunna make an awesome list!


  1. youve mentioned the north east a few times- where abouts are you from?! im from middlesbrough and my boyfriend goes to northumbria uni!
    lovely blog :)
    laur x

  2. ah Hayley i'll help you out with number 35 haha
    a little thank you will be on its way to you soon we it finally gets delivered to me first! :)

  3. Ahh i'd love to do one of these for the new year but can't be bothered to write one haha! X

  4. @laur ....Im from South Shields :) xxx

    @Abby ...Did you get your parcel? :) Hope you liked everything! Oh theres no need my lovely but thankyou :)


  5. Yes I loved it and the card was such a nice touch! Thank youuu