Saturday, 3 December 2011

November Empties!

 Here we have the products I finished up in November, some of which I was a little sad about, and some of which I have already replaced....

 Firstly we have the Eyeko Big Eyes mascara, which when I bought it (around a year ago) was retailing at £8. Eyeko have now totally chaned their branding and most of their products, so now they have a "masacara wardrobe" of a number of types of mascaras with differing wands claiming to do different things to your lashes. Now from the looks of things, this mascara is now retailed as the "Skinny mascara" for lengthening lashes at £15 a pop! What?! Really?! As it so happens, I think I would possibly pay that rpice for this mascara, in the hope that its basically the same as the Big Eyes one. I have to say I fell absolutely in love with this mascara. It is extremely good at lengthening your lashes, and the thin brush means you can get the smaller ones nicely too. I used to use it over my regular mascara to give a more lngethened and dramatic look, and it came to be that I was doing this on a daily basis. Sadly this has completely ran out now (I know, I know youre only meant to use them for a few month...but seriously who really does that when its stil working well for you?). The good thing was because of the squeezy tube I could squeeze it around a bit to get the product that was on the edges to get more use out of it, lovely :)

After that extremely long ramble about the mascara, I hope to keep this one short and ever so sweet. This eyeliner was one the Avon Supershock one. As you can se I used it until I literally could no longer sharpen it, the lid is now longer than the pencil. This is my favourite eyeliner EVER EVER EVER. Its so creamy soft, incredibly easy and quick to apply, and suprisingly long lasting I find considering its consistency. Many people complain about its tendancy to smudge, but really I dont find this a problem what so ever. Im already using what was my back-up of this, and loving having a full length pencil to use again rather than this stump! Although it was very travel friendly for when I went on holiday haha.

 Soap and Glory never fail to disappoint me. This is no exception. Hand Food is my all time favourite hand cream. Ive gone through a fair few small tubes, which I keep in my handbag for use on the go, but this is the first time Ive ran out of a big tube, as I keep this in the house in my bedside table. This squirts out a far larger amount than the small tubs in one go, so you have to be more careful when squeexing it out, and a little really goes a long way so this will last you forever. I got this through the summer and have only just ran out and I use it a lot. Im a hand cream freak. Love this, always.

Now heres a product that you wont find me raving about. Quickies Nail varnish remover pads....good idea in theory, and perfect for travelling. I bought these for when I was on holiday, and I think Ive been spoilt with my Sally Hansen nail varnish remover as I HATED these. I found they took forever and a day to get my polish off, and lfet a wierd feeling to my hands which I couldnt stand. I used half a tub trying to get just one lot of nail varnish off my fingers! I used them up last time I took nail varnish off just to get rid of them. Some people swear by them but I dont understant why really. Maybe, and thats a big maybe, I would use them if I was travelling again, but I think a bottle of my favourite nail varnish remover wouldnt be such a big burden to carry with me as it actually works wonders compared to these. Bummer.

This unidentifiable bottle used to contain Elf Make Up Mist and Set. This is basically the Elf equivalent of MAC Fix+, sort of. It definately isnt as luxurious feeling as Fix+, but for a girl on a budget, I like! I use this to set my make-up, especialyl when it has gone sort of cakey and overdone looking, a few sprays of this over my face and it looks so much more natural. Ive ordered another one of these and cant wait to have a pretty bottle of it again rather than this one where the print has rubbed away. Definately would recommend this!

Those of you who have read my blog for the past year will have seen this a million times, and for that, I apologise. This has been in so many empties posts I cant even imagine. This is he Neutrogena Visibly Clear Oil Free Moisturiser. It claims to help clear spots, that Im not sure of, but what I will say it is a lovely, light moisturiser. It gives a lovely amount of moisture to my face without being like a slick on my skin, and sinks in very nicely and quickly so I dont have to wait around for ages before putting on my foundation. Its pretty basic, but it seems to agree with me so I will continue to repurchase what I know works until some miracle moisturiser comes along.

Here lies a product that Im sad to have come to the end of. As I said before, Soap and Glory are always a winner for me, and Scrub Your Nose In  It is one of my favourite products Ive tried from them. This tube has lasted me since last Christmas, (!!) and Ive used it loads too so its well worth it. It is essentially a face scrub/mask. So how I used it was to smooth it over my face, leave it for a few minutes, then when getting it off I would scrub it like a scrub to get the best of both worlds. This does tingle/sting a bit, but this really doesnt bother me as my skin isnt at all sensitive, and I quite like that as I feel like its "working". Ill definately repurchase this soon as the only other products liek this I have are from Dermalogica (Glossybox samples) and Elemis, which I use sparignly as I was vair expensive! To be honest I actually liek this S&G one more anyway, it leaves my skin feeling very very clean and smooth, just lovely!

So thats what I finished up this month, that was a mammoth post, my fingers are numb from typing now!
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  1. Hand food and Elf's setting spray are two of my handbag essentials! I do hate re-buying favourites when they run out though, it doesn't feel like you get anything new haha x

  2. Need to have a look into that ELF setting spray! x

  3. I LOVE Hand Food! I have a few of the little mini bottles in random handbags for on the go too. And I have those nail polish remover pads too and HATE the feeling it leaves on my hands and nails also - it's really strange and hard to describe isn't it? lol. xx