Saturday, 31 December 2011

December Empties

Not many products finished up this month, and Im not too sure wh its just how its gone this month. Im pretty excited to be trying out loads of new things in the next few months, things I got for Christmas and other things I intend to purchase very soon so Ill keep you updated on that too!

So this month I finished up the packet of bath salts from Dead Sea Spa Magik. I got these with my Glossybox one month and its the first thing Ive actually finished from the Glossybox products Ive received. However, that doesnt mean they were my favourite, I simply had to use them up quite quickly because of the awkward packaging. Once you cut open the packet there wasnt any real way of sealing it back up, which led to me spilling a load of it into one of my drawers, which I stil have to clean out! I was pleased with the size of this sample though, 250g of bath salts aint too bad, and I got about 4 or 5 baths out of this packet. The product itself isnt something I would repurchase, as I cant say I felt liek it did too much. It didnt have any scet at all which I found lsightly boring, and also I cant say I noticed any of the ski softening benefits it claims to provide. The packaging also says it relieves aching muscles, and I used this after a particularly strenuous day and didnt really find it did anything at all. Never mind, at least its used up and not spilling in my drawers now!

Im particularly sad to come to the end of my bottle of Kylie Minogues Darling perfume. This was once my every-day go to perfume that I would throw in my bag every single day, and that was around 2 years ago and this is still the same bottle that I owned then. Its really lasted me well. Im ont going to try and attempt to describe the scent because Im rubbish at it, but it smells quite unique...I would notice it a mile off as its not like anything else I own. I dont think Ill repurchase it as I generally dont buy myself perfume and only get it as gifts, and there are so many others I want to try and like much more than this one at the minute. But the secnt will always transport me straight back to 2009, and thts why I love it :)

Ive worked my way through yet another tub of The Body Shop's Body Butter, and this tim its the coconut of my personal favourites. I never actually buy myself these, but I love them and always somehow seem to aquire a few throughout the year. This one originally was in a gift set my Dad recieved amongst shaving stuff and aftershave and he gave it to me as he wasnt going to use it. These little 50ml pos last FOREVER ecause of the thick and rich consistency of the butter. For me this is defnately one I would put on at night before bed as I find it takes a while to sink in but you wake up with lovely silky smooth skin and the scent is amazing. I have a mango one sat waiting for me to break into, as well as my beloved Righteous Butter so Im all stocked up with butters for now so wont be repurcashing this for the time being. I would still definately recommend it to anyone though!


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