Saturday, 31 December 2011

December Favourites

Although Ill be posting a 2011 Favourites post very soon, I still wanted to do a December Favourites to show you specifically what I ahd been loving this month...and some things I havent owned long enough to include in the 2011 Favourites. I had intended on doing both of these as videos for my youtube channel but I really just feel like sitting down and typing away rather than talking to my camera today so youre getting this one in blog form :)

 This month Ive really been enjoying using these little beautys....

I know I only got my Clarisonic Mia for Christmas but already Im absolutely obsessed. I havent gone a day sice December 25th without using this and there is already a noticable difference in the condition of my skin. My pores already look noticably clearer and hence less noticable and my skin feel so much softer. Obviously Im not expecting instant miracles with it but I can tell this is going to be my favourite little gadget ever. Also I really love the lovely blue colour, its one of my favourite colours :)

Stella by Stella McCartney is another Christmas gift, but another one Ive used every day since. Iver eally wanted this fragrance for a long time, spritzing some on everytime Ive been  in a department store...and even venturing into Fenwicks JSUT to spray some on and then leave (I know Im cheeky). Ive worn it so much because of doing this it felt like I already owned it haha how bad is that. But I really really love it, its such a "Hayley Scent" which is exactly the words of my Mam and my best friend. Im hopeless at describing scents, but you must go sniff it out! It wont take the place of my signature scent Lady Million but its a beautiful addition to my collection, and the bottle is so stunning as well, simple but gorgeous.

I feel as though Ive mentioned this in a favourites before but I really do love my Maybelliene gel eyeliner I had to mention it this month as Ive used it so so much. Its so much easier to apply that liquid eyelier, which I always mess up. A lovely thin brush like this ELF one makes it a doddle to get a thin or thick line. However I really want to try the MAC eyeliner brush as it looks much thinner and more precise or perhaps the Sigma alternative. This liner lasts ages on the eyes and doesnt transfer (YEY!). My poor Mam actualyl got me it for Christmas without knowing I already had it so now I have one to keep at Davids too so I never miss out on it.

Now I have two blushes to mention, but Ill explain why for each one. Firstly MAC's Blushcreme in Ladyblush. Ive been using this as my daytime blush literally every single day on December. I find it looks so natural and perfect for pale skin in the winter to give a slightly flushed look that you geet in the winter time rather than a skinkissed glow which isnt what Im going for with my blush in December. I apply it with my ELF pwoder brush by stippling the brush in the pan and then swirling it onto my cheeks like a powder blush. I have the old formula but you can definately still get this in MAC in the new creme blush formula too! I literally wouldnt be without this, one of my all time favourite products.

The next lush is another from MAC and its Dollymix. This blush looks slightly scary in the pan. Its extremely shimmery looking and is hot pink in the pan which can really freak people out. Ive used this for evening wear every single time Ive went out for Christmas parties or any celebrations this month. I find with a light hand it rings life to my face, really brightens my complexion and doesnt look ridiculous at all. Once applied it does give a slight shimmer but nothing as heavy as it looks in the pan, but I quite like a little bit of shimmer anyway! Its great for nights out as you can easily build it up a bit for night times but can wear it lightly through the day as well. Its great on a paler complexion in winter as like Ladyblush, it gives a nice slightly rosey look to the cheek. I think itll also be great in the summer on tanned skin too as itll show up well. Love it!

Last but not least I have been really enjoying a product I got in my December Glossybox and have used it in the shower ever since. It is of course the Rituals foaming shower gel. I got the scent Mandarin and Mint which is a lovely luxurious scent, very fresh and awakening but at the same time not too citrusy or minty, really nice. A little really goes a long way with this. The first time I used it I pressed the lid down farly hard and the gel went shooting out across my bathroom haha, so I now press lightly until a little goes onto my body scruber thingy (good technical words there) and it instantly starts turning from a gel to a foam. I think its activated by moisture, or maybe when you touch it, as it kind of generally starts foaming a lot more when you start washing yourself with it, then youre literally entirely covered in the stuff. Its really good in terms of making you feel super squeaky clean when youre all dried off, and Ill definately be repurchasing it!

So thats my final monthly favourites of 2011 (CRAZY)! This is likely to be my last blog post of the year as its now 5pm on NYE, so HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I wish every one of you a fabulous 2012! I cant wait to continue my blogging journey next year too, so excited!


  1. Love your favourites, every single item you mentioned just went on my wishlist haha. <3 I've been wanting the perfume you got for ages too, I think I'll finally get it this spring!

  2. Im very jealous of you Clarisonic! x

  3. Oooh a clarasonic you lucky girl :-)it's so pretty in the blue.