Tuesday, 6 December 2011

November In Pictures

Ahh November...you were rather a good month. I must admit it contained WAY too much alcohol consumption on my part, but what an you do when you have this many parties to go to....

 My Uncles Bonfire Party...He has a field so he can set off like full scale display fireworks...as long as he informs the fire brigade first haha. Amazing though!

Still at my uncles party, me and my family all a little inotxicated in the kitchen. Spy the 3 LITRE bottle of Smirnoff in the corner there....yeh. That actually makes me feel sick a bit. The night ended up in dancing on the giant coffee table to Better Best Forgotten by Steps and doing the conga round the house to the Vangabus by the Vengaboys. Jesus.

Me and David at my friend Saras 21st.

Me with the Birthday Girl and my best mate Natalie. Wish I had that perma tan! And those contacts!

Aw, one of my best and oldest friends Amy is also very close to Sara...She lives in London now so couldnt get up here for the celebrations. We had this of her head instead so she was still in photos haha. Loves ya Ames!

I actually love this photo from the night! My two best friends and David with me :)

Me and David in Shields after his brothers engagement party. After this way too many shots happened, David fell over twice resulting in bleeding, and Arctic Monkeys came on and I nearly exploded in excitement. Oh and my ex-boyfriend was there, excellent.

Joe's 21st in Dirty Pop...me and the birthday boy!

A group photo with some of the funniest people Ive ever met, love them lots! It took so lon to take this as drunk people kept stumbling in front of the camera. Wish I didnt look naked!

Me and Stacey waiting for Rihanna to come on stage!

The Lady herself! Amaaaaaaazing!

I love doing these posts, even if nobody else looks at it, it reminds me what a good time Ive had over the past few weeks.


  1. So social! I never go out anymore Im so boring and old! lol


  2. Youre not old and boring! I never go out much normally just November saw quite a lot fo birthdays and such :) xxx