Friday, 30 December 2011

50 Things To Do in 2012

As some of you may already know, I make this list every year of 50 things I want to do throughout the year. Some may be huge, and others maybe not so big, but these are things I hope to do throughout the year to enhance my life and make the most of it (cheesy).

Heres what I wrote last year and how I thought I did with it at the end of 2011...LINK!

So this years list....

1. Pass 1st year of uni
2. Finish decorating my bedroom
3. Learm how to make a Sunday dinner.
4. Give David an amazing suprise for his 21st
5. Rejoin the gym and actually start gonig at least once a week.
6. Get stuck in to uni work, stop being lazy and actually attend lectures!
7. Find my driving theory pass certificate
8. Pass my driving test!
9. Make cupcakes to fill my cupcake tree
10. Visit Grandma much more often
11. Do youtube videos more consistently
12. Take more of an interest in fashion and accessorising my outfits
13. Watch The Sopranos with David
14. Watch all of The OC again from beginning to end
15. Do something really good and memorable for my 21st
16. Go on holiday with the girls (eventually)
17. Finally watch the Bourne Trilogy
18. Go back to America
19. Get a job
20. Ride a rollercoaster
21. Read at least 10 books, preferably on my kindle or ones I already own
22. Grow my hair without caving in and getting loads chopped off
23. Learn how to do a fishtail braid
24. Watch The Godfather films
25. Drink more water, anything would be an improvement as I dont drink it at all now
26. Get dressed up and enjoy an evening on Newcastle Quayside with David
27. Learn how to make bread
28. Save up and make plans to go to New York
29. Meet a friend through blogging
30. Visit a city in the UK Ive never been to before
31. Get my ears pierced
32. Sleep earlier and get up earlier
33. Watch more Audrey Hepburn movies
34. Become less shy
35. Get my parents to meet Davids parents
36. Visit a new country
37. Buy a stranger a drink in a bar just to be nice
38. Make genuine friends with the people I know at Uni
39. Make a gingerbread house from scratch
40. Try every Lush Bubble Bar
41. Get my eyebrows threaded
42. Get a spray tan
43. Stay back in Room 105 of The Langdale Hotel again, best night ever
44. Buy my Mam flowers for no reason
45. Do one of Jamie's 30 Minute Meals
46. See a show in London
47. Visit my friend Amy at her house in London
48. Do one full review a week on my blog
49. Get a facial
50. Take my mam somewhere for a beauty treatment

So thats my 50 things to do this year, literally off the top of my head what Ive sat ehre and thought up right now.
Its a nice fun thing to write up and helps you to focus and think about what great things you want to do and acheieve in the comnig year.
Bring on 2012!



  1. I hope you manage all of your goals. Keep us updated :) x

  2. what a lovely post! :) a lot of your points i want to do to..and you have just reminded me hehe;)

    love x