Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Life Since The "Weekly Summary"

If you read my last blog post you may know that Ive missed bringing my everyday life into my blog. It was never all just about the makeup but about me too, kind of like my version of a diary. Im going to start doing weekly summary posts again and see how it goes. So whats been happening with me since the last one (June of last year!)?

- I had a lovely summer, just a chilled one with friends, picnic blankets in the park, and those nice nights out where people have been sunbathing all day and its lovely and warm outside even at 2AM.

- I celebrated my 20th birthday in September, felt rather old at the time but now Im creeping scarily close to 21!

- I started uni at Northumbria University, studying Business with Marketing. I could do a whole other post on that alone. I just cant stand it. The uni is fine, its a nice uni. Just I hate studying, its not that Im lazy Im just ready to nt be in education anymore but dont see what ee I could do right now. Also there are a lot fo people I know there but nne Im really properly friends with, and really Im not bothered about them, theyre not the kid of people I want to be close with, so its hard being in uni without all the fun aspect of going out every night with your friends. Also, my best friend (blue shirt above) moved to London for uni and I miss her SO much, I cant afford to go there ad she cant come home as she has a job too. Sucks.

- On a more positive note I had a lovely time in Lanzarote with my family. Amazing place with amazing people, we all had the best time and Ill treasure it forever.

- I had the best Christmas Ive had in years, not all down to presents (although they were lovely), but had a really lovely day with the family, people I dont see enough and really enjoyed the day more than ever.

- I had a nice time at New Year (from what I can remember) *see champagne below*

- Last week me and David had a few days away in Manchester and absolutely loved it, my favourite city!

- So far 2012 has been pretty average, its had its up and downs already, but right now other than the stress of uni, everythings pretty good!

Weekly posts with my ramblings on little things that have happened in my week to come as of now! :)


Losing Direction

After a great deal of procrastinating, reading some of my old blog posts from about a year ago, I realised something. My blog as it is now really isnt the same blog that I started out a year and a half ago. I used to write about the silly little things in my day to day life, share my worries and good times with you, and sometimes literally pour my little heart out and post it out for the big wide world on the internet to see (cringe?). I realised that I havent really posted anything about my real life for a while now. I dont know whether that is because I feel there is nothing to talk about, when really there wasnt last yar but I managed to then. I remember quite enjoying sharing the little moments with you guys, or even sometmes using blog posts as a form of therapy, a way to release my thoughts. I dont do that anymore, and just tend to stick to writing about makeup, and even then I dont do that properly anymore! Weekly Summaries used to be my thing, and they wold often make me realise, my life isnt so bad after all!

I miss my blog, how it once was. I dont know if any of you would be interested in my rambling on my day to day life, or wouldnt mind putting up with my long rant nd slightly over-emotional blog posts now and again. I want to start doing real reviews more, proper posts, how it should be around here. So what do you think, personal posts or stick to just doing more makeup reviews?


Videos from this month!

It may seem that recently my blog has become more sparse than it once was. I just realised this when I went looking for my Janruary Favourites post and realised I hadnt made one, Id made a video instead. Usually I would make a post too but must have forgotten. I dont want my blog readers missing out so heres the few videos Ive put up recently! Click here to go to my channel!

It would mean so much if you would subscribe if you like what you see, or even just leave a comment! Id love any comments on videos youd like me to make or anything you'd like me to talk about that would be great!


Saturday, 25 February 2012

Nars Wicked Attraction

First things first, yeh I broke my spending ban, and as youll see Ive broke it a whole lot more in Manchester! But once I get home its full steam ahead to sticking to it.

The Nars Wicked Attraction set is £35, and I got mine from asos.com.
 I used the Saver Devliery option with is free and it still arrived in 3 days which I thought was fantastic.

The set came with a duo of Laguna bronzer and Orgasm blusher, Fathom eyeshadow, eyeshadow primer and a Larger Than Life lipgloss in Spring Break. I bought this as it looked like such a good deal as Ive been wanting to try Orgasm and Laguna for a long time now. However when it came the products were mch smaller than I exected, teeny tiny actually, but after the inital suprise I was fine with it.

Spring Break lipgloss is very pigmented, way more so than I expected. Its actually really wierd on me, way too nude. But Im trying t find a better way to wear it. Other than that its really pretty and I think in a brighter colour this would be a lovely formulation of gloss. 

I havent used the eye primer yet as Im trying to use up the Urban Decay one I already have, but Im going to give this one a go and if its nice Im going to keep it for when I go on hliday as it absolutely tiny so great for travel! Every little helps where saving space in the make-up bag is concerned!

Photos of this duo are quite deceiving I find, its actually really small, but just enogh space to squeeze my blush brush in. Im really pleasantly suprised with these, thinking there were both over-hyped and that I would be disappointed, but Im not at all I love them and neeeeeed them in full size at some point. The Laguna bronzer is my favourite, its way more wearable for me than any other bronzer Ive tried, not orange in the slightest and really good for light skin like mine. Amazing! Orgasm is also a very pretty blush, very unique...but I have way too much blush fr now so Ill keep this little one for a while before purchasing the full size. This little duo will laso be great for taking on holiday as it fits two products in one little compact.

I'd never thought to try an eyeshadow from Nars, always focusing more on the cheek products, however as soon as I sw this I was very excited. 

I took a million photos to try and get one to show how pretty this is in the pan, and this still doesnt even get close. Fathom is a very pale pink wit lots of gorgeous fine glitter. However, this doesnt transfer too amazingly onto the lid. Its still a nice all over lid colour, but not very pigmented and doesnt transfer much of the shimmer well either. Definately one thats better in the pan than on the lid, but Ill still use it as it is still nice, just not as pretty as in the pan.

What other Nars products do you love that I need to try? I think Im starting a bit of a fling with Nars!

Thursday, 23 February 2012

My February Glossybox

This month's Glossybox was always going to seem like a let down to a lot of people afte rth epast two being special edition ones for Christmas and Valentines, so this one was more back to usual with the pale pink and black packaging and products that didnt xctly scream luxury of the Christmas one such as the Deborah Lippman polish of Decembers box. However I really like what I got in mine, what Ive tried so far which consists of these products:

The Coco Shambhala Invigorating Shower Gel is really nice. I was never much of a fan of shower gels in beauty boxes but since the Rituls one Ive been converted. I chucked this one straight in my travel bag for coming to Manchester for me and David t use whilst were here. Its really fresh scented and leaves you feeling squeaky clean the way a soap does, so its a big thumbs up from both me and David as hes usually a soap man so really liked how this had a similar effect.

The Paul Mitchell Express Style Quick Slip is kind of like a stying gel type product, which Im not ure Ill get much use ut of saying as my hair is long and thin and I never really do much with it. I think Ill be donating this to my brother who has Harry Styles-esque hair and he may get better use out of it. It does smell lovely though.

The BM Beauty Eyeshadow Pigment in Wolf Howl is gorgeous and probably, suprisingly, my favourite from the box this month. Im never normally a fan of pigments due to the mess factor bt this is so pretty I can put up with it.

The picture doesnt do it justice and swatch photos werent either, but it work best wet like most pgiments and gives a gorgeous sheen of purple pearlescentness and its very multitonal wwith hints of blue and green coming through, like petrol. Amazing and something I would never have bought myself but Glossybox has broguht me to a product I love, which is kind of the whole point of the service isnt it?

The DuWop Lip Venom lipgloss of Buttescotch is another lovely product. It has just enough of the "li vemon" tingle to notice it but not as overpowering as Soap and Glory's Sexy Mother Pucker. Its a nice sensation, and the formulaton isnt too sticky, even though I dont really mind a bit of stickyness as I find it makes the lipgloss stay on longer. The colour is really nice but isnt to opaque ont he lips, more of a sheer sheen with just a hint of the colour so can be worn with mst lipstic but I would choose to wear it with a nude lip. Ill definately get use out of this.

Lastly the imPress press on manicure. Im really happy to get this in my box as I find the concept interesting and Im excited to try it out and see how good it is, particualy how long they stay on for! I probably wouldnt go for zebra print by choice, a bit Kat Slater I feel, but it could look quite fun I guess! Ive never seen these anywhere before so Im very intrigued!

What did you get in your box?
Any recommendations on how I could use the Paul Mitchell styling product would be greatly appreciated!

Monday, 13 February 2012

Valentines NOTD AND What Makeup I'll Be Wearing

Im not one of those girls who loves all the cheesy side to Valentines Day. No teddies or chocolates thanks very much! But I do love a day just dedicated to spending time with David and appreciating each other. Of course I think this should happen all year round too, but I do like to make a little bit of an effort come 14th of Feb, any reason to celebrate and make a change from day to day life is fine by me!

I saw it as the perfect time to try out my new Justin Bieber polish called Step To The Beat Of My Heart which is by Nicole by OPI. I didnt buy it just because it was by Justin Bieber mind, but because it is so girly and cute and very unique. I used Barry M's Strawberry Ice Cream as my basecoat (also really gorgeous just on its own, it looked so good I was debating whether or not to even put the hearts on top)...

And this is how it turned out! It took a lot of time and patience to get the hearts out of the bottle and into position on my nails. You kind of have to scoop them out of the bottle with the brush and dot them onto the nails then move them a little bit, but I think it all worked out lovely in the end. Sorry for the bad flash photo but its night time and I really wanted to show you now before Valentines is over. Of course Ill also be using this polish through the rest of the year, its too pretty not to!

Im going to be going very much for pinks tomorrow. I was debating on a red lip but feel pinks will match my polish more and will be more day-time appropriate. So heres some of what I plan to wear...

MAC's Dollymix Blush - Such a stunning sparkly bright pink. The photo doesnt do it justice at all but its just perfection.

Dior Addict Lipstick in Diorkiss - One of my absolute favourites, a lovely way to wear bright pink through the day as its still pigmented and long wearing but also relatively sheer. Not to mention using it makes me feel a little bit grown up and special.

Avon Glazewear Shine Lipgloss in Pink Watermelon - I just chose this as it compliments the lipstick perfectly and its a lovely gloss as are all the Avon ones Ive tried, worth a look if you havent already!

Of course Ill be wearing other make-up, foundation etc. But I just wanted to share these with you as I thought they were perfect for Valentines. Ill be wearing them with a simple light eyeshadow like All That Glitters with a flick of gel liner, simple and classic.

Hope you all have a lovely day tomorrow whether youre pampering yourself or spending it with a loved one!

Sunday, 12 February 2012


I havent actually done a lustlist post since JULY. So thought it was high time I did a new one as theres a lot of things Ive got my eye on but cant get yet because of my spending ban. Ive only put a few of my very favourites here, the list is extensive of all the stuff I want but dont really need. If anyone fancies buying me any of these the feel free (hint hint David, Valentines Day is in a few days!)

Click names for links!
The only maxi dress I own is cream with a massive floral print, really only holiday appropriate. I think this black one is stunning and its really affordable too which suprised me.

These would be perfect for Ibiza, Im thinking ahead to summer already, cannot wait! I never wear high waisted anything but I could make an exception for these.

Im just continuing my obsession with glitter nail polish. This one looks quite unique as it has smaller and bigger glitter bits. Oh, and its pink and very, very pretty!

I think this is a very classic, timeless dress. Me and David are having our Valentines in a few weeks insted of Tuesday when were going to Manchester for a few days, this would be perfect to wear for a lovely meal out. I love red dresses but only have one and think this would be the perfect addition to my wardrobe.

I want to add more blouses to my wardorbe as I only have two and really think theyre flattering and would like more. The colour of this one is gorgeous, I need it!

I think this set is fantastic value for money and Id love to recieve it as a gift but doubt Ill buy it myself as I need to keep to my non make-up buying ban. It contains an eyeshadow in Fathom, a blush/bronzer duo in Orgasm/Laguna, an eyeshadow primer and a lipgloss in Spring Break. The more I write about it te more I want it!

Im a massive Disney freak and love printed t-shirts for summer and feel this is a cool, liadbck way of incorporating my Disney obsession into my clothes without looking to childish.


Friday, 10 February 2012

Project Perfect

Ive just finished reading a very inspiring post over at Amy's blog, Flaws and All. If you click the link you can read for yourself, but she talks about negative body image and how we should all learn to love ourselves a little more. In there shes asked that those who would like to can participate in the little task Im about to do, so you guys should do it too! Heres what Amy said...

1. Post a photo that you like of yourself and say in a couple of sentences why you like it.
2. State some things that you DON'T like yourself but say why others may love to be like that.
3. State 3 things that you DO like about yourself.
So here goes...
I like this picture of me because although I'm smiling for the camera, I feel its a very natural picture of me and a genuine smile rather than a cheesy grin like most my photos are. I like how white my teeth look and I miss having my hair that long and look back at this as a goal to have it that length again.
Some things I dont like about myself but others might like or wish they had...
- I have very naturally pale skin, which to me can often make me feel like I look washed out or ill but people often compliment me on it calling it "porcelain" or "english rose" skin. Because of this Ive really been laying off the fake tan for most of winter and embracing my natural skin tone.
- I have never once dyed my hair and often feel my hair is a bit boring and get urges to colour it, but I never do because as soon as I mention it to anyone they tell me straight up they wish they had my natural hair colour. People have actually asked me who dyed my hair or what have I used to get it that colour so I know other people must think it looks nice!
- I hate my nose, I feel as though its really long and pointy. In school amongst friends we used to joke about my long nose and I know my friends werent meaning any harm but it definately stuck with me and I dont like the look of it. My friends now tell me not to be silly and that its a lovely nose (if noses are ever "lovely"?) My boyfriend thinks its cute and before I ever mentioned it to him he commented on how cute my nose was so that settled me with it slightly.
- I have very defined cheekbones, mostly just when I smile. I think it makes me look too skinny but I know a lot of people really like high and defined cheekbones so I should be proud of them!
3 Things I DO Like About Myself
- I have a naturally high metabolism and therefore hardly ever put on any weight at all, Ive been a size 6-8 since I was 15 and never dieted, in fact the complete opposite, I eat appaulingly! I feel very lucky to be this way as I know so many girls who struggle with it, my friends actually get annoyed watching me eat takeaways guilt free when theyre counting their calories, but I cant help it can I haha!
- I like my eyelashes, theyre naturally long and quite full so its quite easy to get my mascara to do a good job of making them huge how I like them. Strangers do it alot but sometimes even my Dad asks if Im wearing falsies when its just mascara.
- I like my teeth. I dont know if I can count it in this as I did have a brace on my top set when I was 11, but Im so glad I did, my teeth are perfectly straight now when before they were a real eyesore and ruined my confidence, so now Im really chuffed with them and always smile proudly now.
I really enjoyed doing this post, great idea Amy!
I think you should all do it to, give yourself a bit of a boost and link it to Amy so she can see too

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Make-Up I Keep At My Boyfriends House

I realise this is a strange title for a post, but I thought it may be helpful to some, so hear me out. Like many couples our age, me and my boyfriend both still live with our parents. Most nights one of of stays over at the others house. This has led to me acquiring my own drawer in his room, and so I have filled it ith a few neccesities so I dont have to carry my whole life with me everytime I stay over. It makes life so muc easier if you can get your boy to scarifice a little space for you to keep some things, that way you dont need to carry a huge bag everytime you go.

 I dont have the money to have two lots of everything in my make-up collection so I just keep some basics there, and some cheaper alternatives. I keep things there that I know I can rely on and I can wear everyday just to put on quickly, as I know ow much men hate women taking ages to get ready!

 ELF Blush and Bronzer Duo - Ive had this for absolutely ages as you can tell by how well loved it is. This is the only blush or bronzer I have there and find the blush matches any make-up look I fancy, and its one of my absolute favourites so its always gunna work for me. The bronzer is also great for a light dusting of warmth to the face which I sometimes really need.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation - This is possibly my all time favourite foundation, in close competition with Jemma Kidd Light as Air, but I cant afford to keep two of thse, so I keep this at Davids. Ive raved about it many a time an can always be relied on to make your skin look fresh.

Revlon Colorstay - I keep a heavier foundation such as this one there too for days I really feel I need a heavier coverage. Ive kept this there since I bought it and nearly always opt for Healthy Mix so I havent tried it out properly, but so far I think I like it!

Avon Magix Illuminator - I keep this there to use it up as it isnt realy my favourite for under my eyes, but its ok. Ill be buying another Collection 2000 Last Perfection Concealer to replace it once this runs out as its so much better.

Nivea Lip Balm - Always need this there a his room is so cold and I get really chapped lips through the night if I dont!

ELF Eyelid Primer - This is my favourite, and also so so cheap so I can afford to keep one there. Id recommend this to anyone, your eyeshadow wont budge! 

Maybelliene Gel Liner - I got this for Christmas when I already had it and loved it, so this new pot made its way to Davids, which is great because Im using it every day at the minute.

Smashbox Eyeshadow in ASAP - I only keep two eyeshadow there which I find is just enough and I like the look this brown colour gives in the crease, amazing quality too.

No7 Eyeshadow in Starry Lights - This is the perfect brightening all over lid colour. I'd be happy to wear this any day of the week so its great to keep there as I know I love it and will always happily wear it.

Avon Supershock Mascaras - I keep these there as theyre my favourite mascara, and Im trying to use up the waterproof one as I cant stand waterproof mascara so Im getting use out of it for a while here.

Elf Eyebrow Treat and Tame - ELF products are great when you love them because they are s inexpensive I just bought another one of these to keep at Davids. A great colored lash gel that gives definition as well as holding them in place, no stray hairs here!

Eyeko Graffiti Liner - I used to love this but nt prefer the L'Oreal Super Liner Carbon Gloss, so this has been demoted to Davids, its still nice though so Im happy to use it here occasionally.

Miss Sporty Eyeliner Pencils - Ive had these for ages, and they work alright so Im just keeping them there to use them up as Id never use them at home over the better ones I have there. Not bad products though but there are definately way better liners out there!

ELF Powder Brush - I use this to apply foundations effortlessly and quickly, its much cheaperthan the Sigma F80I use at home and still does a fantastic job.

Blush Brush (No name) - I keep these random brushes from sets at Davids as the quality doesnt bother me for one of applications, so this works fine at applying blush. Maybe as my brush collection grows Ill keep some more expensive, nicer ones there instead.

Eyeshadow Shader Brush (No name) - Ive literally had this since I was abut 13 and it was the only brush I owned. It works fine at applying a wash of colour to the lid and also a little through the crease.

Elf Eyeliner Brush - Since I gt my new Sigma Liner Brush for at home this one has moved to Davids to use with my gel liner there.

Eyelash curlers (No name) - Again Ive had these for years but they work alright for the odd use!

The one thing I dont really keep at Davids are lipsticks, because I just carry whichever I fancy usng with me in my handbag at the time, rather than leaving some there then going looking for them at home and not having them there.

So maybe this was a slightly pointless post, Im not sure. But thanks for reading anyway!

I was naughty...and my punishment to myself!

As you may know Ive put myself on a huuuge spending ban type of thing so that I can saveup holiay spending money whilst getting more use out of the product I already own, as well as clearing some space! Last week I placed a £20 Avon order, oops! There was an amazing deal where I culd get my favourite ever mascara and eyeliner togeter for just £5 instead of what would usually cost nearer £15, and as I was running out I jumped at the chance. I then went on to flick through the book and stick another £15 worth of products to my list, most of which I cant even remember nw so I mustnt need them!

So Im adding a shed load of more products to my spending ban, to punish myself in a way haha. Also because I found loads more tings since last time that I want to use more. It may seem crazy and hard to keep up with but Im keeping tem all in a box and reaching for it everyday, and updating my post as I go along to keep track of where Im up to. So heres a quick peak at whats in it....You can go to my main post here to see in much more detail!


Saturday, 4 February 2012

January in Photos

January for me was a quiet month, as it is for most. I only really went out properly twice, which for a first year uni student, I realise is slacking a bit. I feel like every month the only photos I put in these posts are of nights out, but really thats the only time I take pictures. Ive done other stuff, meals out etc...buut would feel slightly wierd whacking the camera out in those situations. Anyway ramble over!

Me and David on an unexpected night out for my friends birthday. Long story short, we met in the pub with her after uni, before her birthday night out which I wasnt meant to be going on as had uni at 9AM the following day. I wasnt dressed for it at all, including make up, but after a few drinks in the local she convinced us to go out.
(For those of you that are wondering who knew, yes this photo was taken before me and David broke up, but being the fickle idiots we are, were now back together :) so nothing to worry about!) Also thanks for the care and support I had from some of you, it really means a lot and you see who really cares in those horrible times!

Everyone who was out for Jens birthday (shes the blonde girl sort of behind me) I didnt really know anyone apart from Jen and obviously David and Joe, but it was nice! 

Me and Vicky before a night out, a new found friend this month :) 

Vicky, me and Jen being posers with self timer and a book shelf of a nice height.

Me and my lovely Jen. 

Think I'd perhaps had one too may at this point, didnt see the girls at all after this was taken. 

Instead I found myself with these wierdos (kidding, I love them really, may as well be my brothers)
 I was definately not prepared for this photo either, hunchback position with suprised pouty thing going on, verrrry attractive.