Monday, 17 October 2011

NOTD: Princess Pink Sparkley Nails

Instantly apologising for the cheesy title, but thats what they look like to me.
Normall I dont show you my nails because its noramlly pretty boring, but since I bought these polishes I had to show you!

This is my nails from last week but its taken me so long to get them up on my blog..sorry!

 Someone needs to show me how to sort out my cuticles!

 Honestly, the pictures dont do it justice, I couldnt stop looking at it, so pretty!

So what are the nail polishes in question?
Barry Ms Strawberry Icecream (2 coats)
Barry Ms Pink Irridesence (2 coats)
Sally Hansen Insta-dry (1 coat)

Honestly the Sally Hansen top coat makes all the difference, these nails lasted SIX days without a single sign of wear or any chips, when for me theyre norally chipped or wearing away within the first two days which gets really annoying.

I can tell Im going to be putting the glittery one over all of my normal polishes now

October Glossybox

I wasnt too sure whether or not to do a post on this saying as my reading list becomes packed with them everytime the glossyboxes are sent out. However, I do like to see what comes in them, and I was very excited to recieve my very first Glossybox this month! So Ill keep it hort and sweet with a few badly taken pictures thrown in....

 How pretty is the packaging?! I think thats half of what I love about it. Ive already found a use for the pretty pink box.

 Because its the 6th month that Glossybox has been running they included six products instead of five, how nice it that!

In the box was:

Dermalogica make-up bag :- Handy, and really good quality!

Dermalogica Age Smart Thermafoliant and Masque :- I havent tried either of these yet but Im dying to!

Dermalogica Lip Treatment :- I have this in now, its basically like a lip balm, but its sooo smooth and good quality, really moisturising.

Stila Eyeliner in Moray :- This is a really dark brown with gold shimmer, so creamy and soft too, love it.

Leighton Denny Nail Polish in Sex Kitten :- Im a little disappointed after seeing the colours other girls got in this were lovely pinks and corals which I would have worn a lit more than this silvery blue. But Im lookoing forward to trying it as Ive never had a Leighton Denny polish before.

Three Perfume Samples from Robert Piguet :- Ive had a little sniff of each of these, theyre all alright, and all very different. But Im not going to judge them just yet as I think you really have to test them out on your sin before you can decide what you think of them.

I love that there are two full size items in here, very well done Glossybox!
I cant wait for next months to arrive already


Tuesday, 11 October 2011

My Haircare Routine

 I dont think Ive ever done a haircare routine post, which I know is ridiculous, and if I have it must have been a looong time ago and its changed drastically anyway.

I should probably start by saying I have fine, and quite greasy hair. It ued to get washed everyday because I hate having flat greasy looking hair. Ive now trained it to stretch to every other day which is a lot easier.

Basically I wash my hair every other day with the Aussie Aussome Volume Shampoo and Conditioner, which Ive mentioned a million times so I wont go over it all again but you can read my review here.
Theyre fantastic products and I use them everytime I wash my hair, if I stray from them I notice an incredibly negative difference in the state of my hair.

This Coconut & Almond Intensive Hair Mask from Boots was mainly attractive to me because it was considerably cheaper than other similar products from bigger brands. I'd never used a hair mask and thought that saying as I have thin and greasy hair it might be a big mistake using one, so I opted for this as the cheapest option. I shampoo and condition as normal and then once a week Ill slather this all over my hair and pile it on my head with a big halr grip and leave it for about 10 minutes before washing it out thouroughly. Ive found it really leaves my hair silky smooth, all my split ends are kind of disguised and I generally feel like Im treating my hair nicely when I use this. It smells ubelievable too which is a bonus!

 I only bought this Schwarzkopf got2b guardian angel recently because I was in dire need of a heat protectant for my hair. I blow dry it every time its washed, and will occasionally straighten it or curl it too and I ran out of my last heat protectant literally well over a year ago. Im gunna be good and spray this in when its wet after every wash as part of my routine :) I only picked this one because Sara of SWalkerMakeUp uses it and her hair is always amazing.

Im onto my second bottle of TIGI Bed Head Superstar Blowdry Lotion now, which is saying something for me to stick to a product. I either use this of my VO5 Volumising Mousse (which is amazing but is at Davids so I coudnt take a photo) to get a bit of texture and volume into my hair. I hate hate hate my hair if I dont use either of these, and they both give my hair loads more volume and it is gerally less flat and much better all round. Cant recommend this enough! Although you only need a tiny bit because too much will just weigh your hair down and make it look lank and awful.

I bought the John Frieda Go Blonder Controlled Lightening Spray to brighten up my dull dirty blonde hair. This stuff is amaaaazing. I really dont want to start dying my hair because all my friends have and their hair is never how they want it, they spend a fortune on dye and their hair is in such bad conditiony. This is the perfect thing for me then as it lightens my hair and brightens the blonde without the fuss/expense/risk of dying it. Ive used it about 6 times now and have noticed a difference so Ill continue to use it and see what happens! I spray it through all my hair and comb through to make sure its evenly spread through all my hair before blowdrying. You have to use heat on it to activate it to make it lighten your hair. This is often what has made me use straighteners afterwards too as it helps make it more effective. Definately recommend this to my fellow dull blondes!

 This VO5 Miracle Concentrate has been constantly raved about by Beauty Bloggers and with good reason too. It smells unreal, is only abou a fiver and does a similar job to that of the very expensive Morrocan Oil, which not all of us can afford. Ok, Morrocan Oil may be better but this is certainly good enough for me! I smooth it through my hair before blowdrying, and again when Im completely finished styling my hair (only a teeny drop and just at the ends). It really seals in any split ends and makes my hair look shiny and in gereally better condition. Im pretty sure its packed with fab ingredients too so it is actually nourishing your hair too. If my thin greasy hair can even take it and benefit from it then it would work for anyone!

Ahh good old Batiste Dry Shampoo. I literally dont know how I would survive without this stuff. I use it on the mornings I dont wash my hair on the in between days and it is just really refreshing and makes my ahri full of volume and looks as if its clean and just much better. I always use the Tropical one because it smells like holidays haha. I go through can after can of this, couldnt be without it!

Last but not least I use TIGI Bed Head Headrush Shine Adrenaline to give my hair a lovely shine after using the dry shampoo, which often leaves my ahri looking quite dry and matte. By using this after it gives my hair its glossy sheen back which I love. It smells so amazing too, really fruity and this can has lastd me ages! I love a load of different shine sprays but this is the one I come back to time and time again. Lovely!

Also I forgot to photograph my hairsprays (of which their are many). I like some for different purposes and Ill do a separate post on them, but I ALWAYS have a huge can of Elnett in my haircare box, its a must have!

Thanks for reading if you got this far!
Love yas :)

Monday, 10 October 2011

Lip of the Day: Deep Red

Have I gone completely mental/ am I turning into a goth...or does this actually look quite nice?
Its Rimmel's Lasting Finish Lipstick in 124 Bourdeaux by the way.
It used to be my Mam's lipstick but she gave it to me with the words "Ibought this in a moment of madness and you like crazy lipsticks so you might wear it". Which leads me to believe I might possibly look like a nutter 99% of the time.

Honest opinions please girlies? :)


Ins and Outs

Its been forever since I did a post like this so I really feel like it. Im definately going to bring back my Five Good Things for Friday posts as Im really back into my blog right now (yey!) but Ill do one of these for now saying as it isnt Friday. 

 Autumn = Boots, tights, chunky knits, scarves, crumpets, the return of my electric blanket, slipper socks, hot chocolate, fresh days, dark lipstick and nail varnish. Delightful! 
 Making new friends at Uni. I fully expected to be a complete loner through my entire three years but a few weeks in and I would say Ive got some people I would now consider real friends, and other lovely people who have the potential to be as well :) Meeting nice new people is such a breath of fresh air.

Walking more. Yes, it is colder now so not as pleasant, but it means Im getting a little bit more exercise walking to the metro then walking to uni and back. Every little helps!

My new bedroom. Its still a work in progress, I have no furniture apart from my wardrobe, and my bed is currently my brothers old single bed until I get my new double bed. But its already my little haven so its going to be gorgeous and my favourite place when its completely done. 

My student loan. My make-up/shoe/clothing collection has been stocked up nicely because of it.


Having homework for Uni, struggling through it and doing it, and turning up with it completed pleased as punch to my seminar to find the tutor still hasnt bothered to turn up half an hour into it. The whole group just got up and left after that so I followed suit. Well done Northumbria Uni, you owe me an hours worth of stress and a good few quid Ive paid in fees to sit there and not be taught anything.
The cold weather. I lvoe everything else about Autumn, apart from the thing that dominates all the other pretty changes. The cold, the wind and the rain. Just no.

Washing my hair and doing it lovely only to be caught in a drizzly rain for the next 15 minutes after leaving the house. Waste of time doing your hair at this time of year!

6 Modules of different Uni work is too confusing for my little brain.

After spending £300 on textbooks and a similar amount on clothes etc that I dont really need, my student bank account is really suffering. Im going to be one uber skint student until January!