Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Lush Haul

Its been ages since I treated myself to some Lush goodies....Christmas was the last time I got anything from there! So once I finished project 20 pan I popped in and picked up a few of my all time favourites along with some products Ive been dying to try for ages....

Dorothy Bubble bar was the first thing I ever ever bought from Lush, and it was love. This is my all time favourite bubble bar and even featured in my first ever blog post, which explains all the scents and everything I like about it (link!).  I love that it turns the bath turquoise blue!

Pop in the Bath is another oldie but goodie for me. I cant help but pick on of these up everytime Im in there. Ive also feautred this one in the post I linked earlier. It smells so fresh and floral but not in an overpowering or old-lady-ish way. Its so cute too, I prefer the pink or blue ones but I got green for a change.

 Rockstar soap is a new discovery for me. Id been hearing loads of good things about it, and I know itsone of their more popular products. Ive never had one of their soaps before so I hope I like it. This smells amazing, kind of like Snow Fairy, so its already off to a good start.

Happy Blooming bath melt is something Ive always picked up and smelt and loved but never bought, until now. I love that it is split into three for three baths. It smells like a mix between cherries and playdoh, strange but quite nostalgic I think. I dont even know what to expect when I put this in the bath so it could be interesting :)


Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Boots Advantage Points Haul

 Like a lot of girls who buy their products from Boots regularly, I own an Advantage Points card. Incase anybody doesnt know, its a points system where you are awarded points for your purchases which can then be redeemed instore. Ive been saving up my points for a few years and have never even looked to see how many points I had, turns out I have about £50.00 worth of points there! I needed to stock up on some products and heres what I got with some of my points...In effect I got these for FREE!

VO5 Miracle Concentrate

Ive wanted to try Moroccan Oil for ages but didnt want to fork out all that cash. Id heard good things about this little guy and so I picked it up. I only just a teeny amount as my hair is really fine but it makes the ends of my hair look like theyve just been cut and hides my split ends. This smells amazing, kind of like suncream and tropical fruit, and I catcha whiff of it every now and again when its in my hair. I dont know if this has improved the condition of my hair in any way, but I like the idea of it so Ill keep using it!

Radox Moisturise Shower Cream

I only picked this up because I had ran out of S&G Clean On Me, and this was only 85p on special offer. It smells nice and does the job, but it only lasted me a few weeks! Not much else to say about a pretty basic shower cream really.

 Boots 17 Mirror Shine Lipstick in Beehive

Ok, this is one time when the blogger hype got to me. I lvoed what everyone had been saying about this, all the rave reviews, and I should have known better. On me, this does NOTHING. It looks like I have a clear lipgloss on, or a peachy one at most. Maybe its because I have really pigmented lips, but this doesnt transfer any real colour to my lips at all, I realyl dont get the hype?! There is a picture at the end of the psot showing exactly what I mean..oh well!

Goody Hair Rollers

I was watching a tutorial be Sara Walker, of SWalkerMakeUp on Youtube on how to get great volume and body with rollers just like these. She made it look SO easy and her hair looked amazing afterwards, jsut how I want mine to look.
I saw these in Boots and picked them up straight away, the blue ones being the Jumbo ones and the yellow ones slightly smaller in Large. I thought saying as I have fine hair this would be enough for my whole head. Turns out, this only does half my head as I found out when I tried them out. Also turns out it aint as easy as I thought it would be, and my hair looked a mess! But practice makes perfect and Ill buy some more and get that gorgeous look that Sara got from hers!

VO5 Ultimate Hold Weather Resistant Hairspray

For once my inspiation for this purchase wasnt from a "Beauty Guru" but rather my own mother. She had this in her handbag and I borrowed it and truely loved it. Although nothing will replace my beloved Elnett as my all time favourite, this puts up a good competition. It smells delightful, and gives out a lovely fine mist so its easy to get a really light finish or yu can build it up if you require it. I love the handy size of it to, perfect hand-bag size. Im very impressed with the new VO5 line so far.

Batiste Big and Bouncy XXL Volume Dry Shampoo

Ill just go ahead and say, I really hate this. I find I get better volume from their regular line, which I love. This doesnt leave my hair feeling fresh, it feels packed with horrible grainy product which just feels and look bloody awful to be honest. Ive tried all different ways of using this, close and far away, in layers or just one spritz, and its always horrible. Sometimes I wonder if theres something wrong with me as a lot of the products that are raved about on here really dont live up to what people say they are for me.

Jergens Naturals Skin Firming Body Lotion

This may or may not firm my skin, I havent noticed a difference at all, but it has quite a nice but strong smell and moisturises nicely so I dont really mind. I wasnt expecting some cellulite and fat busting miracle to come out of this tube so Im happy with how this is going for me.

Heres what 17's Beehive lipstick looks on me, yep, bloody awful! This is literally how my lips look on their own so I think Ill just use this when I dont really want any colour on my lips and just a nice sheen.


Ive Finished Project 10 Pan...Twice!

I realise that title sounds like Im boasting, but Im actually proud to have finished what is really a Project 20 Pan. I realise Ive barely been posting at all recently, but I put a lot of it down to P10P doing my head in haha. But I actually finished this a few weeks ago so I have a few haul posts to show you too!

 I have to be honest, its been completely crap trying not to buy things until I finished 20 products and I know itll be a loooong time before I do it again! Heres the last 4 products it took to finish it once and for all...

The Body Shop Vitamin E Body Lotion

I looooooove this stuff! It smells like a baby product if you know what I mean, and it soaks in beautifully. I find that a lot of body lotions or butters take ages to sink in or leave an annoying sheen on my skin. This sinks in really quickly and leaves me feeling moisturised and soft rather than sticky. Ill definately buy this again.


Lacoste Touch of Pink Pefume

This has been my favourite summer daytime frangrance for YEARS. Ive constantly had a bottle of this going for at least 5 years now. So I feel kind of sad that this one has ran out and I dont have any more. Its so light and fresh and will just always smell great, I miss it already.

Soap and Glory Flake Away

This is one of my favourite body scrubs, it does such a good job at getting rid of dead skin and leaves a kind of oily sheen. Which i guess coudl be moisturising, but the thought of getting out of the shower feeling greasy is gross, so I always use a shower gel after this. I dont mind at all because it gives a really nice feel to the skin and I love it!

Soap and Glory Hand Food

I use hand cream A LOT. Im kind of addicted to it. Its taken me month and months to finish this tube so a little really goes a long way. It smells very soap-and-glory-ish, and is really the best hand cream Ive ever used. Since I finished P10P Ive had to buy myself a new tube of this, and I need to find the mini version to stick in my handbag as this takes up loads of space!

Yey for being able to buy new stuff!!


Thursday, 11 August 2011

Project 10 Pan Progress...#4

First things first, I owe you all an explanation. Once upon a time I used to blog almost everyday, sometimes twice a day, now Im lucky if I post twice a week! Ive been rather busy as Im decorating/moving house at the minute, and quite frankly its left me tired and worn out so I cant be bothered to write. Also with the P10P Ive not been trying new things so Ive been rather uninspired, but Ive missed it so here I am!

If youve been reading my P10P posts you will know that I extended it to 20 products, and I have to say Ive been getting through things quite quickly, Im actually running low on a lot of things now, so Ill have to do a lot of stocking up when its over. So before this post I had used up 12 products, heres what Ive used up in the past few weeks.

I dont know why, but I love seeing a load of used up products, means I got my moneys worth I guess!

The Body Shop Peppermint Cooling Foot Lotion
This basically does exactly what it says, it smells really fresh and is extremely cooling so I guess this would be good if you had an issue with hot and sweaty feet (yes, lovely topic of conversation). I used to slather this on thick and put socks on and leave it on overnight. I know socks in bed is bloody horrible, but because this is so cooling your feet dont get hot with them on. Ive had this bottle for literally years so I dont know if they even make it anymore!

Soap and Glory Off Your Face Cleansing Cloths
These are by a mile the best face wipes Ive ever used, and also the most expensive (I think one packet like this is usually around £5). I got this packet in a set at Christmas so I thought it was high time I used them up. They actually feel quite luxurious for a face wipe, the wipe itself has a nice texture to it, kind of bumpy, and some ingrdient in it means that if you scrub well enough it exfoliates as well as removing make-up. It also does a fantastic job of getting rid of waterproof mascara, which I dont find many wipes can get through painlessly. If I had plenty of spare cash I would buy these, but until then theyll have to stay as a treat for me!

Inecto Pure Coconut Hand and Nail Cream

I bought this on a whim for £1 in SemiChem thinking it would probably be rubbish. I had never heard of the brand, but as it happens Ive recently seen some hair treatments and masks from them in Superdrug now so maybe theyre becoming a more recognised brand? Anyway, coconut is my favourite smell so this instantly was a winner for me. I would switch this up with my S&G Hand Food and get similar results from it so that says how nice it is. Ill definately buy this again.

Anne Semonin Shower Gel
This was a random hotel shower gel from the Raddison in Edinburgh, but I thought I would start using up the millions of little bottles I have. This was pretty average as you would expect, nothing special and I dont even think you oculd buy it anywhere anyway.

So now Ive used up16/20 products...Cant wait for this to be done with now!


Monday, 1 August 2011

July Favourites

So its already August...were closer to Christmas 2011 than Christmas 2010, WIERD. As usual heres my favourite products for the month....

St Moriz Dark
The Body Shop Vitamin E Night Cream
Mac Springsheen Blush
Barry M Bronze Dazzle Dust
 Barry M Pink Flamingo Nail Polish
Avon Pink Watermelon Glazewear Shine Lipgloss

Barry M Dazzle Dust in Bronze(swatch at end of post)Ive been forcing myself to get more use out of my dazzle dusts as Ive always been lazy and put off using them because they can get a bit messy. However I think if youre careful and take your time they dont get everywhere as much as you would think, and the look it gives can really be worth it. Im not really into the crazy bright colours but this bronze colour gives a lovely extra something to my eye make-up and Ive been using it for nights out. Ive just been using my regular neutrals and browns and then putting this lightly over my whole eye look and it really gives it dimension and brightens it up. Im such a magpie for sparkle so Ive really been loving this recently.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Night CreamIve only had this for a few weeks but tis quickly became a favourite for me. Night creams Ive had in the pasthave felt thick and heavy and havent sunk in nicely. This is the opposite. It sinks in lovely but is still packed with moisture and I wake up in the morning with really soft skin. It smells realyl clean and fresh too, a must have for me now!

Barry M Nail Paint in Pink FlamingoEveryone knows by now how good Barry M nail polishes are so I neednt bang on about that, but Ive been wearing this colour literally all month on my fingers. I just love it. Sorry for how chipped my nails are in the photo!

ST Moriz Tanning Mousse in DarkFirstly, I dont get whats going on with the picture, because it came out fine until I put it on here? =/
This has now replaced my love of the original St Moriz. At first I was nervous to use it but I just went for it and loved it. I only have to do one coat of this rather than the 3 of the original to get my desired colour, which means it dries more evenly and quickly, looks way more natural with less chance of streaking and smudging, doesnt smell as strong and fades more evenly as it isnt such a thick coating. Over all a complete winner for me, Ill never go back to the original after using this

Avon Glazewear Shine lipgloss in Pink Watermelon(swatch at end of post)
These lipglosses are one of my favourites ever, they smell and taste lovely, last a while and arent gloopy. This colour in particular has bene one of my favourites over the summer, lovely an fresh and bright, gorgeous!

Mac Springsheen Blush(swatch at end of post)
This was possibly feautred in last months favourites post but it deserves its place this month too! Its a perfect peachy coral for summer, has a sheen to it similar to an MSF but not too glittery and Ive used it probably about 5 days of the week for the last month. I dont think this will change through August either, its just beautiful. I think blush may be one of my biggest weaknesses!

Top to Bottom:
Barry M Dazzle Dust in Bronze
Avon Glazewear Shine in Pink Watermelon
Mac Blush in Springsheen (heavier than I would normaly wear it)