Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Glam Glow...The Wonder Mask

Hello! I feel slightly odd typing up a blog post, its been so long. Ive always had a rule with blogging that I will never force myself to do it if I dont feel like it, and that is evidently what happened. However, Im back today to ramble on about my new favourite product....Glam Glow.

At first I was hesitant to splash the cash on this mask, which costs around the £50 mark for 50ml. It sounds insane but a little really goes a long way, and its the most effective product Ive ever used on my skin (bold statement). I compare it to buying those £1 one use face masks. It doesnt seem too bad shelling out £1 for one use of a face mask, but I think I would get at least 30 uses out of this pot fr the £50...which really doesnt make it too expensive per use considering its a million times more effective.

With that little rant over...what's so great about it anyway?

Basically it has a ton of amazing ingredients that work wonders. Im not going to go into depth about what it contains, I just know it has the same amazing acid that Alpha H Liquid Gold does that works to resurface you skin and make you look ten times healthier. 

The product itself as you can see is a thick greeny sludge which actually contains pieces of green tea leaves which can look quite strange once applied. I apply it with an old flat foundation brush to get it on evenly and thinly - I find I use less product this way rather than caking it on with my fingers. The mask has a strange but fresh scent, I cant put my finger on what it is but I dont think its an added perfume, just the smell of the ingredients. 

Once on the skin the mask is quite an experience. You have to leave it to set on your face for around 5/10 minutes. As it dries it tightens on your face and feels really wierd. It also tingles while its drying, which can get quite intense. Personally I found it stung a little but my Mam said she barely felt it so maybe it just depends on your skin type. Once it dries I scrub it off with a damp flannel cloth in a circular motion so the little grains within it really exfoliate as its removed which I find is really effective and makes a difference.

The result I get once my face is dry is without a doubt the smoothest my skin has ever felt. I was taken aback by how great the instant results were the first time I used it. Generally I find cheaper facemasks dont make a huge difference but this is amazing and worth every penny. My skin feels squeaky clean and my pores look way smaller. My skin does feel a little tight but not dried out - but a layer of moisturiser sorts that right out. I agree with almost everything the box says are the results of the mask. My face is glowing for days afterwards and is much brighter, clearer and softer. My pores are definitely minimised and are barely noticable compared to what they once were. As for wrinkles I cant really comment but even without that aspect I think its such a good product.

If you couldnt already tell Id highly recommend this mask to anyone as I think it would help with all manner of skin issues. Maybe stick it on your Christmas list - I know I'll be asking for another pot as I couldnt be without it now