Monday, 27 June 2011

FOTD,,,Strawberry Ice Cream

Firstly, totally off topic I wanna let you all know icase you hadnt already heard that ELF are currently running a 50% off code which I think is pretty cool, as if their products arent cheap enough already this is a huge bargain. Im trying to restrain myself saying as Ive broke the P10P twice already, I have some explaining to do! But I dont know if I can pass it up...we shall see!

Being the strange human I am, I matched my lipstick almost perfectly with the colours of the ice-cream on my top the other day....

Avon Instant Mocha Lipstick..sorry it doesnt say which range it is on the tube (yes, I know the pay off of this is nowhere near mocha)

Bourjois Helathy Mix Foundation in Vanilla 52
Rimmel Recover Anti-Fatigue Concealer (the shade rubbed off the packaging, sorry!)
ELF All Over Colour sitck in Persimmon (blush)
MAC MSF in Petticoat (blush/highlight)
Benefit Dallas (contour)
MAC MSF Natural in Medium

Mac Vintage Selection Paint Pot
MAC Blanc Type (all over)
MAC All That Glitters (crease)
Miss Sport Black Pencil Liner
Eyeko Big Eyes Mascara

Can you tell Im trying to use some products that I dont use very often?

Sunday, 26 June 2011

MIA...And a bit of a ramble

I know Ive barely been on here recently. I took a load of pictures over thursday/friday to do some posts that I was quite looking forward to, and I took the memory card out of my camera and its literally disappeared. I swear I have The Borrowers living in my room.

So Im not gone forever, I just hate doing posts to fill out my blog that Im not really loving, so I would rather wait a few days, have a few more rummages around to try and find my memory card before I have to go out and buy a new one!

I feel as though doing random posts jsut to keep you guys with something to read would get really boring, for me and for you as it wouldnt be posts Im really into so Im jsut going to do things I really wanna write about to keep me interested in my blog.

Also, I did a whole post the other day, and without warning blogger deleted it all, and hadnt saved it. SO annoying, and I havent had the heart yet to redo it, but must get round to that as it was a Blog Award and I really appreciated it so thanks Hnnah Michelle!!

On a brighter note, Im really impressed with the tan/burn Ive aquired this afternoon sitting in the sun, well done British weather Im proud of you for once! I actually had my first 99 Ice cream with Strawberry Sauce of 2011 today, yey!

Also, my lovely boyfriend RAN Mt Snowdon in Wales today, yes he is crazy. But he did it in 1 hour 20 minutes which is insane! Im so proud of my own little action man paha.

Ive been dreaming every. single. night. about kittens, and having them. I was at my friends house and her cat jsut had a kitten and I got to see it when its jsut 5 days old. I could have cried it was so cute, and now I have my heart set on one...anyone who wants to find me one just like this one Ill love you forever!

Love yous all!

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

6 Month Review of "Things to do in 2011"

I like to look at what I set myself to do through the year at the half way point, just to see how Im doing and refresh my memory as well. Ive got a page at the top of my blgo where you can find what I said I wanted to do at the start of the year, but I just wanna go through it now and see how Im doin :)

1. Take time out to read more.
Considering Ive read half a book since Christmas (Gok Wans autobiography) I would say I really need to work on this!

2. Exfoliate more often.
Definately improved on this, I used to exfoliate maybe twice a mnoth, if I remembered and could be I get my Breakfast Scrub out at least once a week.

3. Take breaks without nail varnish so my nails aren't so weak
Im doing well with this. My nails certainly arent really healthy like I would like, but theyre also not really orange and brittle like before, and when I take my anil polish off I try to give them a few days with nothing on before re-applying anything.

4. Drink water every day
Big fat fail. I never drink water unless Im coming in froma  night out, unless you include dilutey juice or tea? But thats just cheating so no, need to work on it!

5. Go to the gym at least once a week
Never been to the gym at all this year :(

6. Take fruit for breaks at college rather than spending a fortune in the vending machines
Well Im finished college now so I cant work on this until Uni, but at college I didnt do this, not once.

7. Get 3 stars on every angry birds level, dont judge!
Totally gave up on this one, and probably for the good of my health. Angry Birds gets me so stressed out. Probably shouldnt have this here, bit of a waste of time isnt it.
8. Finally pass my driving test
Nope :( But at least I havent failed any more either!

9. Get distinctions on my college courses
Yey, one Ive completeld completed! Really proud of this one :D

10. Get in to Northumbria Uni
Also done this one...and I cant wait! This was one of my biggest goals for the year and another one Im rather proud of.

11. Stop losing my phone charger
I can officially say I havent lost my phone charger once this year, which is an absolute miracle!

12.Travel somewhere Ive never been before
Hmm, not so far. Ive travelled but to places I had already been to. I have a hliday booked to Lanzarote for October and Ive never been there so that counts right?

13. See Legally Blonde in London
Not done this yet, but I intend to go to London in the winter with David, and then again with my friend Jen so hopefully Ill get to see it :) Actually as it stands now I really wanna see Wicked over Legally Blonde.

14. Get a good camera
Still not got one! Mines ok for quick snapshots but for swatches, FOTDs and reviews its not up to scratch :(

15. Stop burning my fingers when I light candles
Why the hell is this even here? I can safely say Ive probably only burned my fingers twice on candles, ever. Wierd one Hayley.

16. Persevere with sales rails rather than being put off by them
Ive got quite a few bargains in the sales. Not jsut the January sales but bargains in general rather than paying full price for items, so I think Ive done quite well with this. Although I dont think Ill ever enjoy looking through sales rails in stores, not nice at all.

17. Make a good charity shop purchase
Ive still got to make my first ever charity shop debut to be honest.

18. Do a car boot sale of all my old stuff
I havent done this but Ive been putting my stuff up on eBay over time so I count this as achieved!

19. Find new teas that I might like
Another one Ive got to do more of. I already loveeeee my green tea, but this meant expanding on that, and I havent as of yet. I know, Im such an old lady.

20. Finally have my holiday with the girls
Big fat FAIL. This ones a bit of a touchy subject for me, but yes, never the less, a failure.

21. Teach my little cousin not to be afraid of the water and maybe even teach her to swim
Still building up the courage to attempt this, as she has a temper on her like Ive never witnessed on a person so small.

22. Learn a new craft
Still deciding what I want to try my hand at to be honest. Any ideas?

23. Work my way through every recipe in a cookbook(yet to purchase one)
Another one I havent even started. Oooops!

24. Stay awake through films my boyfriend wants me to watch rather than falling asleep
Finally, a success! Im really good at this now, and find most the time, his macho man films are actually quite gripping.

25. Train myself to like nachos so the smell of them in the cinema isnt so bad
So, I dont mind the smell anymore when David has them, but I still bloody hate them. Never mind.

26. Order something Ive never thought of trying in a restaurant (Im a picky eater)
Nope, Im still a wimp on this one!

27. Get into a proper sleeping routine
Another failure, well..I do have a routine but not one I like. It consists of staying up till about 1AM and getting up at about half 10 in the morning....lazy student.

28. Actually start saving up for New York
I dedicated my savings account to this, but changed my mind and dedicated it to saving for a car for when I eventually pass my test. I feel its a more important cause!

29. Spend less money on junk food and actually cook stuff, stop being lazy with my food!
Fail Fail Fail Fail. Its so hard to eat how you would like to though when you live with your boyfriends family and theyre kind enough to do all the shopping and say you dont have to contribute any money. I cant very well start putting in the demands, so for now its what they eat, which isnt what I want...but Ill have to just change this when I move out :)

30. Start watchig Gossip Girl because every says I would love it
:( I still need to do this, but it would mean buying the boxsets and thats out of my price range at the minute. Id rather buy make-up.

31. Decorate my room at dads new house and generally help him with "Project Oxford Ave."
Ive bought accessories for my room, and weve decided on the paint we want...but thats about it!

32. Try every Lush Bubble Bar/Bath Ballistic that there is
Another failure, Ive tried like 3 new ones I think since Christmas which is at least an improvement.

33. Finally get skin matched for MAC foundation
Yey! Im an NW15...But personally I think I would liek to see how NC15 looked on me.
34. By September have somewhere stable to live, possibly my own flat, and definately only live in one house rather than having all of my belongings split three ways.
Im meant to be moving in to my Dads house as soon as all the decorating is finished. So this should be achieved by September :)

35. Make a genuine friend out of blogging, why not :)
Still not there yet. Theres some lovely girls who I think are genuinely nice people and I like talking to on twitter and stuff, but nobody I know I could have a chat to on the phone or meet up with and go shopping. As much as I would like to I wouldnt want to see pushy or wierd to anyone.
36. Help out a friend in need, because they've done it all for me
Yeh, nothing major thank go dthough, just little stuff

37. Start training to do a marathon for MacMillan Cancer Care in 2012
Sadly, a huge fail. I hate running if Im to tell the truth.

38. Get my ears pierced
Still too scared!

39. See those friends who I miss loads more
I see my friends Jen and Tabitha LOADS more than I was a year ago :) which is fantastic.

40. Treat my hair better and get it trimmed more often
Ive had it trimmed twice this year so far, which still isnt good, but better than last year. I do treat it better though, I used to straighten it every day, and I dont now. I use treatments and masks occasionally where as I never had before about March, and I was my hair every other day now as apposed to every day like I used to.

41. Be a tidyer and more organised person in general

42. Get a good job
Ha, no. :(

43. Continue on my blogging journey throughout the whole year
Yesyesyes :) as long as I have readers I will try my best!

44. Do something memorable for my nana, I dont know what yet, but she deserves something good to come her way.
Still figuring this out. Shes a rather simple woman, cant travel due to illness, and doesnt really appreciate anything expensive. Say I bought my Mam a Chanel foundation, she would love it, I oucd give it to my Nana and she would tell em off for wasting my money, and wouldnt know what to do with it haha. Hmm I dunno!

45. Take Molly out on the fields. Yes my dog has never been let off her lead on a field, she needs to get over her fear of dogs first. Im determined to get her over it.
Out on the field yes...but on a long lead, not off it! Im too scared of her trying to run after another do got play and it getting angry at her over-friendly nature.

46. Watch a horror film, this is a big ask for me.
Nope, dont even want to though, I hateeeee being scared.

47. Go camping
Not yet, still want to though, I love camping.

48. Eat at Romanos again (last time our meal for two was £100, and was worth every penny)
Nope, but Ive told David all I want for my birthday is a lovely night in Romanos haha, no presents!

49. See Rihanna live again
YES! I have tickets to see her in November :) :) :)  !!!

50. Take my boyfriend to feed the lambs at Whitehouse farm, hes never fed a lamb, I consider this as something that has to be done.
Another failure, two years in a row. Never mind, it may never happen.


Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Weekly Summary #11

Wow it has been forever since I did one of these posts, my life got so boring for a while and was filled with college college and more college that I felt they were pointless. However I had a lovely week last week so here goes :)

I went to see Kings of Leon on Friday, which was actually phenominal. I used to love them years ago, and hadnt really listneed to them for a while, but unlike everyone else I LOVE their newest album so was so excied to be going to see them. They lived up to my expectations 100%. The atmosphere was amazing, 50,000 people singing Use Somebody is definately a moment to remember.