Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Tag: Soundtrack To My Life

I may have done a post similar to this before, but never mind! I seen it as a guest post on Caz's blog. An thought it woul be a nice idea, bascially as the title says, the soundtrack to my life....lets hope its not too embarrassing. This is in no particular order, just what stood out to me on my iPod while I was searching for songs to put here...

Stomp - Steps
Me and my best friends when we were about 7 or 8 used to LOVE this song and had numerous dance routines learned to perfection for it. I still dont think its tha bad of a song if Im honest haha. We all loved Steps, and I can still remember every word to ever song, as well as the dance to 5,6,7,8. Cringe! Lisa was always my favourite.

Baby Baby - Sunblock
This reminds me of the summer I left school, spending every day with half of my year from school on the beach.

Miami 2 Ibiza - Tinie Tempah & SHM
This is one of those songs that me and my friens go wild at when it comes on when were out, massive fans!

Angels - Robbie Williams
Ive always love this, even when I was little and my Dad would play it in the car, now Im older I get the lyrics more and still just love it. Needless to say I cried when he played it at the Take That gig last night.

Colours of the Wind- Pocahontas
This is my favourite Disney song ever, and thats saying a lot cos Im a huge Disney freak, I just think its so beautiful, and I used to sing it constantly when I was little, good memories :)

Dreaming of You - The Coral
I couldnt leave this out! Its mine and Davids song, simply because when we first met we were iscussing our favourite episodes of Scrubs and both said our favourite was where this song is played where JD kisses Elliott, and he didnt know what the song was and I gave him to it, and we always say were like JD and Elliott, so its a kinda silly story, but there you have it.

Naive - The Kooks
For whatever reason, everyone whos known me a while says this song reminds them of me, my mam even calls it "hayleys song". But to be fair, I do love it so I dont really mind :)

Never Forget- Take That
Ive aaaaaaalways loved this and both times Ive seen Take That went wild like a crazy fan girl when they performed it, actually one of my favourite songs ever! Seeing the entire staium putting their arms up for it is possibly one of the greatest sights Ive seen.

Last Summer - Lostprophets
Reminds me so much of being about 14, and me an my friends ha a Lostprophets obsession. Me and Natalie even went to Wembley to see them for her 14th birthday, good times.

Rude Boy - Rihanna
My most played song on my iTunes, so I had to include it. This song is the height of my Rihanna obsession, such a good summer song.

Sexy Bitch - David Guetta and Akon
My favourite partying song ever, few drinks in a busy club with my friends and this song is perfection :)

Ridin Solo - Jason Derulo
Another song known as "my song" amongst my nearest an dearest, not for the best reasons somewhat relating to a signature dance move I made up for this song, yet again, cringe!

I could go on forever, but I'll stop now..pretty random list!

Sigma F80 vs. ELF Powder Brush

Ive been meaning to do this post for so long now, but Im glad Ive gave them both a really good try before I did this review.

Id heard that these brushes were very similar so decided to put it to the test, and to cut to the chase, they are ridiculously similar in almost every single way.

- Apply powder, cream blush and liquid founation immaculately. This is the only products Ive used them with but find they work very well with all of them, giving even coverage, no streaks at all and an almost airbrush finish, I will never ever use my average founation brush again after discovering these.

-Wash well, I find these suprisingly dry quite quickly after washing and come out lovely and fluffy.

- No shedding, which to me can be the end of a brush when they leave black hairs all over your nicely applied make-up when you then have to pick holes in it to get rid of the brush hairs. Neither of these have shed a single hair with me, big thumbs up!


- Density, yes they are both very dense brushes but to me the sigma is slighty more dense than the ELF brush. I think this may be just because the brush hairs on the elf brush are slightly longer than the sigma brush so they splay out a little more at the top and arent as tightly packed. Because of this I like the Sigma brush a little better as I feel it buffs in my foundation slgihtly better as the bristles are so tightly packed at the end. But this is nit picking, an only a tiny difference!

- Overall quality, the sigma brush overall feels like a better brush. It just looks better to me, the lettering on the handle is more professional looking, and I like the thicker handle. Also, this week the handle on the ELF power brush has become very loose, and wiggles around a lot which leads me to think it might come out pretty soon and break, which is a huge thumbs down!

-Price, of course the ELF powder brush wins hands down at under £5, and the Sigma brush is $16. Im not quite sure exactly how much this is in pounds, but obviously quite a bit more than the ELF brush. Because of this, on a budget I woul go for buying the ELF brush as it is pretty much the same an still amazing, but if you have the spare cash I would recommend the Sigma brush, I just prefer it!

The Winner....Sigma F80!

I currently have a giveaway running to win a Sigma F80, enter here!


May in Pictures

Me and David chillin' in the Lakes....I know my clothing choice is questionable but it was a spur of the moment decision to go and I was already at my Dads with no other clothes haha.

Me and David at Take That..it ha rained on my hair...rats tails! But the sun came out :)

Take That again...amazing!

Robbie Williams being mauled by an over-enthusiastic fan

"Today this could be the greatest day of our lives..."

Before Mr Williams appeared, my boysss :)

I just want you back for gooood

Well as you can see my month of May consisted of finishing college, and a pre-stress trip to the Lakes, and a post-stress treat to see Take That, even better than last time I seen them, I want tickets to see it again, such a good night!



My high from Take That last night is still in full flow

Actually in love with each an every one of them, especially when Robbie sang Angels, the tears were flowing!

I strongly advise paying over the odds for tickets from touts, SO worth it!

Sorry Ive been away, Im back now though!

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Haul: Republic and Missguided

Ive been on the hunt for a new outfit for Davids birthday night out, and I made a few purchases that arrived in the post yesterday, some huge successes, some not so much...

Firstly from Missguided I saw these wedges and had to have them. Although I was a little nervous of how large they were, especially the platform. But once I tried them on they are honestl the most comfortable heels EVER, like even more comfy than some flats I own. Theyre realyl cushioned on the heels and balls of the feet, and I think jsut the angle the foot is at is really comfy too. I know Ill be ale to dance all night in these :), and theyre only £30 from mussguided.com

 I bought this dress in the sale, as it looked pretty on the model and was only £13, however its so tacky and cheap looking in real life, dead comfortable and flattering but it jsut doesnt suit me, and its really my kind of thing so its gonig back!

 I found it practically impossible to take a remotely nice photo of this dress, its just a plain black maxi dress, but its really nice on and will go with a million accessories and shoes, it was only about £12, and I think Im gunna bu it in the other colours too.

 This playsuit was the item I ordered from Republic from their sale for £10. It looks rubbish in the photo but its so comfortable and flattering, and I love the print of it. I think this is something Ill wear again and again, and your bound to see and oufit post with this.


NOTD...Pink Flamingo

This nail polish had been on a few days when I finally got round to taking a picture which is why my index finger is a little chipped, but lets just pretend its not. No amazing nail art or anything, just love the colour.

I love this polish, fab Barry M polish as always, and the colour is so bright and summery its amaaaazing. Im going through a miassive nail polish obsession right now, particularly on the hunt of the perfect summer polish. Right now this is up there with the best for me!

Its kinda strange as it looks really corally at night, but in daylight its such a pretty pink...so I guess its like wearing two nail colours at once if its coral at night and pink in the day? No? Just me then.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

FOTD...Half Baked

This is froma few days ago, but I thought you amy still like to see? I really liked how my Naked palette shadows looked when I had applied them, even though they went really badly creased thrugh the day, I liked the intial look...with otherwise very minimal make-up

Also ignore my hair, it was so annoying and wouldnt behave, so flat and just ergh =/

Nautral Collection Pink Cloud Blush
MAC MSF Natural in Medium
ELF Brow Tamer in Ash

Avon Luxe Lace Instant Mocha Lipstick

Miss Sporty Brown Liner Pencil
Eyeko Big Eyes Mascara
Elf Eyelid Primer
Naked palette: Half Baked all over, Smog outer corner


Monday, 23 May 2011

Its Late and Im Bored...TAG

I saw this post on Caz's blog, so I thought I could kill some time and do it also...


Age: 19  
Bed size: 3/4

Chores you hate: Washing horrible dirty dishes

Dogs: I have Molly shes nearly 1 year old, shes a Collie/Staffy cross and shes a big fat softy! Excuse my just woken up appearance Sunday mornings are for looking like crap and feeling fine about it, at least my puppy is smiling for the camera :)

Essential Start to your day: Weetabix or Special K, a piece of fruit, usually apple or banana and a cup of green tea...Ill steal my brothers Weetos is Im feeling like eating crap :)

Favourite colour: Electric blue and coral, as a colour combo, beautiful!

Gold or Silver: Gold, I think it looks warmer, if that makes sense?

Height: 5' 6" Im exactly the same height as my Mam.
Instruments I play: I dont, I own a guitar but can't play it

Job Title: I dont have one at the minute, "student" doesnt count does it?

Kids: I always say I dont want kids, but I know I'll get broody at some point and end up with one or  two, but that wont be for a looooooong time yet.

Live: South Shields always have to say "near Newcastle" because nobody has ever heard of it....I hate saying Im from Newcastle though, because Im not. 
Mum's Name: Sue
 Nickname: I dont really have one. Davids friends call me Hazza to annoy me on purpose, and my Mam sometimes calls me Hayls, but no real nickname

One wish: By some miracle me and my family get a free holiday to Florida in the summer. Ive been needing it really bad after looking through the photos of last time, cant believe its nearly 3 year ago now!

Pet Peeve: Being told Im in a mood when Im not, because then that makes me in a mood.

Quote from a Movie: I have to agree with Caz and say practically every line thats spoken from The Hangover, I think everyone quotes that movie!

Right or Left handed: Left

Siblings: One Brother, Ben, 13, Rugby player, and drummer in a band...yeh hes the cooler sibling.

Time you wake up: Somewhere between 7 and 8, but then I can fall back asleep until around half 9 if Im allowed a lie in, but I cant stay in bed longer than that because it ameks me feel crapy and lazy for the rest of the day.

Underwear: Something from La Senza or the Knickerbox section of Ann Summers....Something pretty but comfy, dont wanna feel frumpy, dont wanna be uncomfortable.

Vegetables you dislike: Parsnip, green beans, and sprouts...Ill eat pretty much any other vegetable, yes my parents are very proud.

What makes you run late: Reading blogs or watching videos thinking I have loads of time, then the time is gone and Im still sat there not ready.

X-Rays you've had done: Just my teeth twice.

Yummy food you make: I make the home made yorkshire puddings for sunday dinner every week....and Im always complimented on my cake making abilities. Oh, and Im quite good at timing steak well somehow :)

Zoo Animals: Always the meerkat, I was their biggest fan before Alexsander came along!
Bit pointless but does my blog really have any set direction anymore?

Review: Urban Decay Naked Palette

I know I know, not ANOTHER Naked palette review. But, I feel as though I have some differing opinions to most the rave reviews Ive read before so I thought I would give my two cents worth.

When the Naked palette arrived at my house I literally had butterflies in my stomach as I unwrapped the parcel I was literally THAT excited. It definately lived up to my expectations in that the packaging is gorgeous, its beautifully presented and the range of colours and finishes of the shadows was outstanding.

 I instantly swatched them all on my hand with the brush that came with it (which, might I add is a very lovely brush), and knew I would use this palette to death, I never needed to purchase another eyeshadow as long as I live. I think you will agree these swatches are beautiful, yes?

Now, its not that I dont like the palette, I just think the hype of it is has been a bit of an overkill for me, and now I have it, Im not blown away by it like I was expecting from all these crazy reviews going around. The first mistake I made with them, which I quickly learnt from, is that less is more. Somehow for me its very easy to get a lot of product on your brush, and once its on your eye and it looks ridiculous you have to start all over again. Three times now Ive had to completely wipe all the eyeshadow off my eyes and start from scratch.  So just a tip, use tiny tiny amounts at a time when applying, as I find with these shadows, more so than others its easy to make mistakes...somehow!

Seocndly, Sidecar is REALLY shimmery. Yes, I love shimmery shadows, but this one is verging on glitter in it. And I found through the day this transfered round on to my temples and on to my cheeks which I really didnt like...so again go in with a light hand especially with Sidecar!

My last grumble is my main disappointment. I applied my ELF Primer before these shadows as I do every day before I put on my eyeshadow. With any other eyeshadow it stays on perfect all day completely creaseless until I take it off for bed, whether they be MAC, ELF, or even Natural Collection shadows, they dont budge. When Ive used the Naked palette shadows they crease really badly, and I mean like the eyeshadow has practically all disappeared into a creasy line in my crease, and its not even there at all anymore on my lids. Ive tried using the UDPP instead, or MAC paintpots but for me, nothing will get these eyeshadows to stay put properly. Has anyone else had this problem?

When I first applied the shadows (Half Baked all over and Smog in outer corner)

After around 4 hours of normal wear when most shadows woudl still be perfect...

I really love the colours and its a fabulous palette once you learn to use a light hand...its just I find it rather disappointing that they really dont stay well on me...anything Im missing or any tips to stop this from happening? I really want to fall in love with my Naked palette!


I miss being a little kid...

I was just sat reminiscing about the good old days and thought I could make a little post, feel free to do it too, I thought it might make some of you  guys remember some of them too...Nothing at all beauty related but Im not at home so cant use pictures, so why ever not :)

I miss....

Betty Spaghetti's ....I was actually obsessed, I remember having these sleepover ones:

Jelly Shoes...These were the exact ones I had, absolutely gross haha!

Brushing my Barbie's hair and placing them neatly in rows in my Barbie toy box, yes I was a neat freak at 6 years old...Bedtime Barbie was my favourite, she was all soft apart from her head and the heat off your fingers could make her eyes look closed, I used to have to have her in bed with me, really weird looking at it now...

FunHouse with Pat Sharp, I LOVED this show...Always wanted to go on it...

Trollz, I had a strangely large collection of these....

Waiting excitedly for the new Harry Potter book coming out and reading all of the ones before it over and over and over until the new one came out. Ah, I miss being a little child nerd...

Rosie and Jim...absolute heroes!...Looking at them now theyre absolutely terrifying haha

Biff and Chip books...I read these for the fun of it not just 'cos it was my school reading book, bless
Turkey Twizzlers, I curse the day Jamie Oliver had them taken off the school menu and I cant even get them in Iceland now....I know theyre full of everything thats bad in the world but nothing tasted better than a good Turkey Twizzler for school dinners...I jsut looked for a picture to put up and I wont because they look so gross lmao.

Playdays, so much better than Dora the Bloody Explorer...who can forget little Peggy Patch, aww

Old Bear...Love the books, and the TV show was actually the cutest thing ever, I cried at it when I watched an episode on youttube a few weeks ago...silly hormones! Im going to force my kids to read the books and watch the show because its just the nicest most wholesome, and typically british thing ever, I even have a picture of it on my sidebar of my blog that how much I adore Old Bear...

Sabrina the Teenage Witch, I dont think my obsession wen taway until I was about 16...Id probably sit down and watch it now if it was still on, I collected all the Sabrina Secrets magazine with the trainmcase of make-up and the huge Salem cuddly toy, actually obsessed.

My PS1 and Game Boy Advance, I even had a Sabrina game on that too, but Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the dragon were my main obsessions...

Sorry its the most silly and pointless post ever, I just felt like it! Cant talk about make-up 24 hours a day really :) If Ive missed any amazing things off let me know haha