Saturday, 31 December 2011

Christmas Pressies!

I know, its a controversial one....But last year I did a blog post on my Christmas presents and only got good feedback, so this year Ive done a quick little video. I havent included every single little gift I got as I dotnw ant to be seen as bragging about the extent of my presents, Ive just shown some of my main things and the beauty related stuff I know you guys love!

Please go check it out and have a look at my other videos, a few more subscribers would absolutely make my 2011 for me too! ;)


December Favourites

Although Ill be posting a 2011 Favourites post very soon, I still wanted to do a December Favourites to show you specifically what I ahd been loving this month...and some things I havent owned long enough to include in the 2011 Favourites. I had intended on doing both of these as videos for my youtube channel but I really just feel like sitting down and typing away rather than talking to my camera today so youre getting this one in blog form :)

 This month Ive really been enjoying using these little beautys....

I know I only got my Clarisonic Mia for Christmas but already Im absolutely obsessed. I havent gone a day sice December 25th without using this and there is already a noticable difference in the condition of my skin. My pores already look noticably clearer and hence less noticable and my skin feel so much softer. Obviously Im not expecting instant miracles with it but I can tell this is going to be my favourite little gadget ever. Also I really love the lovely blue colour, its one of my favourite colours :)

Stella by Stella McCartney is another Christmas gift, but another one Ive used every day since. Iver eally wanted this fragrance for a long time, spritzing some on everytime Ive been  in a department store...and even venturing into Fenwicks JSUT to spray some on and then leave (I know Im cheeky). Ive worn it so much because of doing this it felt like I already owned it haha how bad is that. But I really really love it, its such a "Hayley Scent" which is exactly the words of my Mam and my best friend. Im hopeless at describing scents, but you must go sniff it out! It wont take the place of my signature scent Lady Million but its a beautiful addition to my collection, and the bottle is so stunning as well, simple but gorgeous.

I feel as though Ive mentioned this in a favourites before but I really do love my Maybelliene gel eyeliner I had to mention it this month as Ive used it so so much. Its so much easier to apply that liquid eyelier, which I always mess up. A lovely thin brush like this ELF one makes it a doddle to get a thin or thick line. However I really want to try the MAC eyeliner brush as it looks much thinner and more precise or perhaps the Sigma alternative. This liner lasts ages on the eyes and doesnt transfer (YEY!). My poor Mam actualyl got me it for Christmas without knowing I already had it so now I have one to keep at Davids too so I never miss out on it.

Now I have two blushes to mention, but Ill explain why for each one. Firstly MAC's Blushcreme in Ladyblush. Ive been using this as my daytime blush literally every single day on December. I find it looks so natural and perfect for pale skin in the winter to give a slightly flushed look that you geet in the winter time rather than a skinkissed glow which isnt what Im going for with my blush in December. I apply it with my ELF pwoder brush by stippling the brush in the pan and then swirling it onto my cheeks like a powder blush. I have the old formula but you can definately still get this in MAC in the new creme blush formula too! I literally wouldnt be without this, one of my all time favourite products.

The next lush is another from MAC and its Dollymix. This blush looks slightly scary in the pan. Its extremely shimmery looking and is hot pink in the pan which can really freak people out. Ive used this for evening wear every single time Ive went out for Christmas parties or any celebrations this month. I find with a light hand it rings life to my face, really brightens my complexion and doesnt look ridiculous at all. Once applied it does give a slight shimmer but nothing as heavy as it looks in the pan, but I quite like a little bit of shimmer anyway! Its great for nights out as you can easily build it up a bit for night times but can wear it lightly through the day as well. Its great on a paler complexion in winter as like Ladyblush, it gives a nice slightly rosey look to the cheek. I think itll also be great in the summer on tanned skin too as itll show up well. Love it!

Last but not least I have been really enjoying a product I got in my December Glossybox and have used it in the shower ever since. It is of course the Rituals foaming shower gel. I got the scent Mandarin and Mint which is a lovely luxurious scent, very fresh and awakening but at the same time not too citrusy or minty, really nice. A little really goes a long way with this. The first time I used it I pressed the lid down farly hard and the gel went shooting out across my bathroom haha, so I now press lightly until a little goes onto my body scruber thingy (good technical words there) and it instantly starts turning from a gel to a foam. I think its activated by moisture, or maybe when you touch it, as it kind of generally starts foaming a lot more when you start washing yourself with it, then youre literally entirely covered in the stuff. Its really good in terms of making you feel super squeaky clean when youre all dried off, and Ill definately be repurchasing it!

So thats my final monthly favourites of 2011 (CRAZY)! This is likely to be my last blog post of the year as its now 5pm on NYE, so HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I wish every one of you a fabulous 2012! I cant wait to continue my blogging journey next year too, so excited!

December Empties

Not many products finished up this month, and Im not too sure wh its just how its gone this month. Im pretty excited to be trying out loads of new things in the next few months, things I got for Christmas and other things I intend to purchase very soon so Ill keep you updated on that too!

So this month I finished up the packet of bath salts from Dead Sea Spa Magik. I got these with my Glossybox one month and its the first thing Ive actually finished from the Glossybox products Ive received. However, that doesnt mean they were my favourite, I simply had to use them up quite quickly because of the awkward packaging. Once you cut open the packet there wasnt any real way of sealing it back up, which led to me spilling a load of it into one of my drawers, which I stil have to clean out! I was pleased with the size of this sample though, 250g of bath salts aint too bad, and I got about 4 or 5 baths out of this packet. The product itself isnt something I would repurchase, as I cant say I felt liek it did too much. It didnt have any scet at all which I found lsightly boring, and also I cant say I noticed any of the ski softening benefits it claims to provide. The packaging also says it relieves aching muscles, and I used this after a particularly strenuous day and didnt really find it did anything at all. Never mind, at least its used up and not spilling in my drawers now!

Im particularly sad to come to the end of my bottle of Kylie Minogues Darling perfume. This was once my every-day go to perfume that I would throw in my bag every single day, and that was around 2 years ago and this is still the same bottle that I owned then. Its really lasted me well. Im ont going to try and attempt to describe the scent because Im rubbish at it, but it smells quite unique...I would notice it a mile off as its not like anything else I own. I dont think Ill repurchase it as I generally dont buy myself perfume and only get it as gifts, and there are so many others I want to try and like much more than this one at the minute. But the secnt will always transport me straight back to 2009, and thts why I love it :)

Ive worked my way through yet another tub of The Body Shop's Body Butter, and this tim its the coconut of my personal favourites. I never actually buy myself these, but I love them and always somehow seem to aquire a few throughout the year. This one originally was in a gift set my Dad recieved amongst shaving stuff and aftershave and he gave it to me as he wasnt going to use it. These little 50ml pos last FOREVER ecause of the thick and rich consistency of the butter. For me this is defnately one I would put on at night before bed as I find it takes a while to sink in but you wake up with lovely silky smooth skin and the scent is amazing. I have a mango one sat waiting for me to break into, as well as my beloved Righteous Butter so Im all stocked up with butters for now so wont be repurcashing this for the time being. I would still definately recommend it to anyone though!


Friday, 30 December 2011

50 Things To Do in 2012

As some of you may already know, I make this list every year of 50 things I want to do throughout the year. Some may be huge, and others maybe not so big, but these are things I hope to do throughout the year to enhance my life and make the most of it (cheesy).

Heres what I wrote last year and how I thought I did with it at the end of 2011...LINK!

So this years list....

1. Pass 1st year of uni
2. Finish decorating my bedroom
3. Learm how to make a Sunday dinner.
4. Give David an amazing suprise for his 21st
5. Rejoin the gym and actually start gonig at least once a week.
6. Get stuck in to uni work, stop being lazy and actually attend lectures!
7. Find my driving theory pass certificate
8. Pass my driving test!
9. Make cupcakes to fill my cupcake tree
10. Visit Grandma much more often
11. Do youtube videos more consistently
12. Take more of an interest in fashion and accessorising my outfits
13. Watch The Sopranos with David
14. Watch all of The OC again from beginning to end
15. Do something really good and memorable for my 21st
16. Go on holiday with the girls (eventually)
17. Finally watch the Bourne Trilogy
18. Go back to America
19. Get a job
20. Ride a rollercoaster
21. Read at least 10 books, preferably on my kindle or ones I already own
22. Grow my hair without caving in and getting loads chopped off
23. Learn how to do a fishtail braid
24. Watch The Godfather films
25. Drink more water, anything would be an improvement as I dont drink it at all now
26. Get dressed up and enjoy an evening on Newcastle Quayside with David
27. Learn how to make bread
28. Save up and make plans to go to New York
29. Meet a friend through blogging
30. Visit a city in the UK Ive never been to before
31. Get my ears pierced
32. Sleep earlier and get up earlier
33. Watch more Audrey Hepburn movies
34. Become less shy
35. Get my parents to meet Davids parents
36. Visit a new country
37. Buy a stranger a drink in a bar just to be nice
38. Make genuine friends with the people I know at Uni
39. Make a gingerbread house from scratch
40. Try every Lush Bubble Bar
41. Get my eyebrows threaded
42. Get a spray tan
43. Stay back in Room 105 of The Langdale Hotel again, best night ever
44. Buy my Mam flowers for no reason
45. Do one of Jamie's 30 Minute Meals
46. See a show in London
47. Visit my friend Amy at her house in London
48. Do one full review a week on my blog
49. Get a facial
50. Take my mam somewhere for a beauty treatment

So thats my 50 things to do this year, literally off the top of my head what Ive sat ehre and thought up right now.
Its a nice fun thing to write up and helps you to focus and think about what great things you want to do and acheieve in the comnig year.
Bring on 2012!


Wednesday, 28 December 2011

50 Things I Wanted to do in 2011...Did I do them?

 So every year in January I make a list of goals for the year ahead. A mixture of big things and little things, bad habits, and new good habits I want to start. Heres my list I wrote alomst a year ago (Cannot believe this was that long ago!!!)...Lets see how I did with it.

1. Take time out to read more. 
I guess Ive done this, Ive read two books this year, and got a new book for Christmas as well as a Kindle. I still want this as a goal for next year as I think Ill be encouraged to now I have the Kindle

2. Exfoliate more often.
Oui, I exfoliate more than I used to, still not as much as I should!

3. Take breaks without nail varnish so my nails aren't so weak
Ive been getting much better at this one, my nails are in much better condition that they were last year :)

4. Drink water every day
Ha, not a single bit of improviement on this one. Naughty.
5. Go to the gym at least once a week
Another laughable one, considering I didnt go near the gym once this year.
6. Take fruit for breaks at college rather than spending a fortune in the vending machines
Well I was only at college until May, but didnt do this, and still dont do it at uni, bad Hayley.

7. Get 3 stars on every angry birds level, dont judge!
Meh, I got bored with Angry Birds, its all about Tiny Tower now!

8. Finally pass my driving test
Big fat no :( Dont even talk about it!

9. Get distinctions on my college courses
YES! Distinction* on my courses I might add ;)

10. Get in to Northumbria Uni
11. Stop losing my phone charger
A bad habit broken :) Never lost it once this year

12.Travel somewhere Ive never been before
Lanzarote, check!

13. See Legally Blonde in London
I saw it at the Sunderland Empire on its tour of the country, so Ill say yeh I did it :)

14. Get a good camera
Still no :(

15. Stop burning my fingers when I light candles
Haha, this was a wierd one, but yeh I dont do this anymore.

16. Persevere with sales rails rather than being put off by them
Yep! Much better in sales now.
17. Make a good charity shop purchase
Nah sadly not.
18. Do a car boot sale of all my old stuff
Another one I havent done, but I have sold a lot on ebay!
19. Find new teas that I might like
I now like white tea as well as green tea. Tried some others and didnt like them.
20. Finally have my holiday with the girls
Ergh no :( NEEEEEED to this year!
21. Teach my little cousin not to be afraid of the water and maybe even teach her to swim
Haha no, this one was a long shot.

22. Learn a new craft
Hmm, nope...too busy busy busy!

23. Work my way through every recipe in a cookbook(yet to purchase one)
Still yet to purchase one...oops. 

24. Stay awake through films my boyfriend wants me to watch rather than falling asleep
Im so much better at this now :) In fact were going to see the new Mission Impossible toight and i havent moaned once!

25. Train myself to like nachos so the smell of them in the cinema isnt so bad
Hmm...getting there.
26. Order something Ive never thought of trying in a restaurant (Im a picky eater)
Yes! Only once though.
27. Get into a proper sleeping routine
Ah no, my sleeping is all over the place!
28. Actually start saving up for New York
Nope not yet! :(
29. Spend less money on junk food and actually cook stuff, stop being lazy with my food!
Ive had McDonalds twice this week...big fat fail.
30. Start watchig Gossip Girl because every says I would love it
Nah still need to!
31. Decorate my room at dads new house and generally help him with "Project Oxford Ave."
Yes, I live here now and my room is almost finished! 
32. Try every Lush Bubble Bar that there is
Haha, ambitious wasnt I! But Im getting there.
33. Finally get skin matched for MAC foundation
Oui, NW15
34. By September have somewhere stable to live, possibly my own flat, and definately only live in one house rather than having all of my belongings split three ways.
Live in one place now, all my stuff in one place, sounds pathetic but I couldnt be happier.
35. Make a genuine friend out of blogging, why not :)
Hmm, still havent met anyone so cant really say yes to this :(
36. Help out a friend in need, because they've done it all for me
I guess so, nothing in particular springs to mind though.
37. Start training to do a marathon for MacMillan Cancer Care in 2012
Not one tiny bit, Im awful
38. Get my ears pierced
This has been on my list for years, still not done. 

39. See those friends who I miss loads more
Definately a lot better with one of them, the other friend is still just as distant :( 
40. Treat my hair better and get it trimmed more often 
Had three trims this year (as apposed to none the year before) and now use heat protectant before straightening/curling :) get me!
41. Be a tidyer and more organised person in general
Tidyer...yes, More!
42. Get a good job
Nah :(

43. Continue on my blogging journey throughout the whole year
Still here! :D 
44. Do something memorable for my nana, I dont know what yet, but she deserves something good to come her way.
Not yet, havent thought of something good yet.
45. Take Molly out on the fields. Yes my dog has never been let off her lead on a field, she needs to get over her fear of dogs first. Im determined to get her over it.
Nah too scared too since a dog bit her :(
46. Watch a horror film, this is a big ask for me.
47. Go camping
Sadly not :( want to next year!
48. Eat at Romanos again (last time our meal for two was £100, and was worth every penny)
Ahh been so skint all year this one has been a no go!
49. See Rihanna live again
50. Take my boyfriend to feed the lambs at Whitehouse farm, hes never fed a lamb, I consider this as something that has to be done.
Nah he wont bloody go :(
I seem like a complete failure, but this year has been very hectic, and the most important ones I got right! No excuses for 2012, gunna make an awesome list!

Monday, 19 December 2011

Review: Soap and Glory's The Breakfast Scrub

 Whilst using this product earlier today I was thinking of how much I bloody love it, and checked my blog to see how much I'd mentioned it..thinking there would be Breakfast Scrub overload. Turns out, it hasnt featured much, and certainly not in great detail. So heres my review....

Just to get it out the way with, The Breakfast Scrub by Soap and Glory is by a million miles the BEST body scrub I have ever came across. Many others are just like shower gels with a few scratchy particles floating around inside of it, some leave a greasy residue (Flake Away, Im looking at you), and many of them just dont do very much.

This is where The Breakfast Scrub comes in. For some reason, particularly in the cold winter months, I get very dry legs, and little hard bumps on the backs of my arms which I hate with a passion. In all honestly, recently Ive been neglecting my routine and my skin on my body was a little worse for wear with the aforementioned issues. So I whipped out my tub of The Breakfast Scrub, took it to the bath with me and left the bathroom a much smoother and silkier Hayley, free from scaley legs and little hard lumpy bumpys.

It has a lovely thick consistency as you can see above, but is still very easy to distribute over your skin and spreads around easily. A little goes a long way so this tub will last me ages, I had my last tub around 6 months and used it every week.

When I apply it I use it instead of shower gel when I bathe. When Im in a fake tanning routine I use this religiously on my whole body a few times a week, something Ive been slacking with recently but am back into now. It gives the perfect base for tanning as it removes every little bit of dead skin. All I do with it is take a tiny amount for sections of my body, arms, legs, torso etc and rub its all over the area in a circular motion for a while. You dont need to do it too hard, or for too long for it to have a great effect. Just rinse off in the bath or shower and youre good to go. I can catch a whiff of this for hours after using this on my skin. The smell was literally the selling point of this for me the first time I bought it. I cant really describe the scent, other than they definately got the breakfast thing right, it kind of smells like pancakes and maple syrup or honey type affair.

One thing I would say is to use a good moisturiser after this to make sure your skin is extra hydrated and smooth. I still do this even though it contains shea butter so it isnt too drying anyway.

For all of you ingredients buffs out there it is a sugar scrub, and contains oats and shea butter, along with organis cupuacu (what?!), bio scrubs, bananas, almond and honey extracts. Hence the amazing smell.

Ive rambled on WAY too much but basically, everyone needs to try this. I cant say a bad word about it, and I doubt Ill be buying any different scrubs anytime soon, they would have to be something ridiculously amazing to live up to this one.


Thursday, 15 December 2011

Love for La Voix!

Some of my very close friends have made their own singing group called La Voix, and I think theyre so so good! I may be a tad biased because I absolutely love these girls...but have a listen to their video theyve recently won a competition to perform at the 02 Arena, to the finals of a singing competition!

Click here!!

Thanks my lovelies :)
P.s 10 DAYS....

12 Days of Christmas Giveaway Winner

So the winner will perhaps already know who they are if they checked their e-mail before reading this, but Ill announce it anyway!

So sorry I forgot to printscreen the result from so I cant show you guys, but I promise to you all I found the result fairly by adding up all your entries for each of you and putting them into the random number generator!

So the winner is.....

Congrats Abby if you could e-mail me your address Ill get the gift out to you straight away.

Merry Christmas All

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Santa Baby #2

Im sat in uni, having just finished doing a presentation, which I completely ruined. I had everything planned out in my head, my speech would be awesome and would get my group really good marks. Quite the opposite actually happened. My hearing problem means I cant tell how loud Im talking, so the lecturer proceeded to tell me nobody could hear me after one sentence. That made me panic, and then I was thinking too much about shouting what I was saying, so forgot what it was I was actually meant to say, and it jsut all went downhill from there. My team mates followed up with a brilliant performance which is literally the only reason I passed it. I knwo theyre raging with me for clearly dragging down our group mark though. I feel so shit. Ergh, bad day.

Anyway, massive needless rant over with, I thought I would just sit myself down at a computer in my break and do a blog post. Obvs I dont have any pictures or anything as Im in Uni, so a Santa wishlist post seemed most appropriate, and something that could cheer me up after my lousy morning!

Firstly heres something I reeeeally want for Christmas, and happen to know my Mam has bought for me saying as she made me go online and order it as she had no idea what to do.

The Liz Earle Skin Essentials Kit
Ive been dying to try Liz Earle products for so long and really want to get into a better skincare routine, and Christmas seemed lke the perfect oppourtunity to ask for these to start me off!
The set comes with Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser (100ml) Instant Boost Skin Tonic (200ml) Skin Repair Moisturiser (50ml) and the Superskin Concentrate (10ml). I think this is a really good deal for £41 as the website says the Superskin Concentrate is a free extra gift which is wortgh £19 on its own! Also if you bought all of these products separately it woudl cost you £63.25. So this is a huge saving!
I cant wait to get started using these, I really hope I see a nice improvement in my skin.
Another gift Im hoping to recieve is Bridesmaids on DVD. I could easily have went out and got this myself, its not that expensive...Ive seen it in ASDA for £10. But my family like to have present ideas so I ususally put off buying this kind of thing and let them get it for me so theyre getting me something I want. This is seriously the funniest film Ive seen all year, my favourite of 2011 and I went to see it in the cinema 3 times with different people. Me and my friend Amy were literally howling in the cinema at the plane scene. Comedy gold!

Monday, 12 December 2011

12 Days of Christmas, Days 11 and Day 12!!

Once again, I failed to get yesterdays post up for yesterdays prize. Trust me to be a bad blogger when I have this giveaway running! So today I have yesterdays and todays in one. These are the last of the prizes, but the winner will win the whole lot from the past 12 days and Ill be drawing the winner on the 15th at random

Click here to go to my first post to enter to win everything! xxx

So what are the last two gifts?

Here we have an ELF Mineral Lipstick in Runway Pink. The one opened is actually mine, the one in the box is for the winner and I havent even opened the box :) I love the colour of this, a perfect mid toned pink, perfect for daytime wear. Im really glad I own this and think whoever wins this will love it.

You may wonder what is in these pretty little bags. They arrived like this and I didnt want to tamper with them so have left them in there. But what its in them is a necklace and bracelet from You may recognise that as bein the website from the lovely Kate off youtube. I love the jewellery on her site and she now has some gorgeous clothes on there too, shes doing very well for herself. I decided to order a few bits for my final prize in my giveaway so I bought these two...

I got you the Swooping Swallow Bracelet...

...and the matching Swooping Swallow Necklace.

(Images from
I thought these were lovely dainty little pieces that nearly everyone will love. They would look so pretty alone or perfect for layerin with other pieces too!

I hope you like all of the gifts I picked out. I tried hard to find things I thought a range of people would like, and also some things that I have tried and loved myself that I want to share with other people. I know you cant please everyone but I have tried :)

Please enter I'd love it
Thanks for reading!

Saturday, 10 December 2011

12 Days of Christmas Giveaway Days 7, 8, 9 and 10

Wow I didnt even realise I had gone 4 days without updating you on my giveaway. I apologise, but as you may know from my twitter the past few days have been very sad and traumatic for me and my friends, so the blog went on the backburner. Also a package didnt arrive when it should have which held me up a bit too! So heres four days worth of ifts in one for you!...

As Ive said before its so easy to enter (and free of course) just go to my first post here to enter!

So on with the gifts...

Day 7...Two of my favourite face masks. I use these ALL the time in the bath theyre so nice. One is kind of fruity and heats up to an impressively warm temperature which opens your pores and helps the product get to work cleaning your skin. The other one is a chocolate face mask, and sadly you cant eat it, even though the smell of it is delicious. I find this one leaves my skin feelin clear and soft and I love it. Both of these are suitable for most skin types I think, and I think theyre a nice treat on a weekend to pamper yourself a little bit!

 Day 8...The ELF Powder Brush. I swear by this brush and use it everyday. It has been compared endlessly to the Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki, including a comparison post from me earlier in the year. I do think theyre very similar. I have three of these, one of my boyfriends to apply my foundation, one I have at home for cream blush and another one for my setting powder. It really is amazing at so many things and I think everyone needs one in their collection!

Day 9... The ELF Eyelid Primer in Champagne. I love ELF eyeshadow primers, Ive got a few already and have gone through a few tubes and always repurchased. This one is a gorgeous shimmery one, perfect for christmas parties. It is really rathershimmery alone but with eyeshaodw on top it tones it down a bit which I like. This will keep your eyeshadow on so well to stop it creasing, couldnt be without it!

Day 10...ELF Smoky Eyeshadow Palette. I thought this would be a perfect gift to ive to my winner as they shades in it are perfect for creating smoky party looks, and is perfect for the party season. I like how there are a few neutrals, a grey and a black, as well as a lovely purpley shade to mix things up a bit. I have a100 eyeshadow palette from ELF and find them to be great quality so I have a feeling the winner will love this :)

Dont forget to enter!

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

12 Days of Christmas Giveaway! Day 6!

 Wow wheres this month going, nearly a week into December already, before we know it Chrismtas Day will be upon us!

Click here to go to my first post to find out what this giveaway is all about and how to enter, its really easy!

Todays prize is....

Barry M Nail Paint in 264 Pink Iridescent

I know I already have other Barry M polishes in this giveaway, but they were for the neutral lovers. This is full on sparkle for anyone whos a bit of a magpie for glitter like I am! I have this polish myself and really love it for layering over colours, the options really are endless and it can really bring new life to colours you may not have reached for in a while!

I know it says its pink but theres really very little colour to the polish so it can be used over any colour really and look good. Sorry the photo is shoddy, its so hard getting decent photos in the winter I find


November In Pictures

Ahh were rather a good month. I must admit it contained WAY too much alcohol consumption on my part, but what an you do when you have this many parties to go to....

 My Uncles Bonfire Party...He has a field so he can set off like full scale display long as he informs the fire brigade first haha. Amazing though!

Still at my uncles party, me and my family all a little inotxicated in the kitchen. Spy the 3 LITRE bottle of Smirnoff in the corner there....yeh. That actually makes me feel sick a bit. The night ended up in dancing on the giant coffee table to Better Best Forgotten by Steps and doing the conga round the house to the Vangabus by the Vengaboys. Jesus.

Me and David at my friend Saras 21st.

Me with the Birthday Girl and my best mate Natalie. Wish I had that perma tan! And those contacts!

Aw, one of my best and oldest friends Amy is also very close to Sara...She lives in London now so couldnt get up here for the celebrations. We had this of her head instead so she was still in photos haha. Loves ya Ames!

I actually love this photo from the night! My two best friends and David with me :)

Me and David in Shields after his brothers engagement party. After this way too many shots happened, David fell over twice resulting in bleeding, and Arctic Monkeys came on and I nearly exploded in excitement. Oh and my ex-boyfriend was there, excellent.

Joe's 21st in Dirty and the birthday boy!

A group photo with some of the funniest people Ive ever met, love them lots! It took so lon to take this as drunk people kept stumbling in front of the camera. Wish I didnt look naked!

Me and Stacey waiting for Rihanna to come on stage!

The Lady herself! Amaaaaaaazing!

I love doing these posts, even if nobody else looks at it, it reminds me what a good time Ive had over the past few weeks.

Monday, 5 December 2011

12 Days of Christmas Giveaway Day 5!

Today I decided that although this giveaway is the "12 Days of Christmas" I will be adding a further ift each day until the 12th, but the giveaway will run until the 15th when Ill draw a winner at random.

Its so so easy to enter just subscribe to my blog and leave a comment on my first post here with your email address. You can look back over the past few dys to see the prizes you will win and more prizes will be added to the gift box until the 12th!

Todays prize is a mini Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor Deep Conditioner.
This is so well known for being a great deep conditioner to give your hair a little treat, especially in the winter months when its so cold out, and its so nice to pamper yourslef in a nice hot bath. Your hair will really need it too after all teh styling its gunna go through for Christmas and New Years parties!

Dont forget to enter!!

Sunday, 4 December 2011

12 Days of Christmas Giveaway, Day 4!

As promised, heres the fourth little gift to be added to my giveawy for a luck winner in the 13th!

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Todays addition is one for the nude lovers....

 Barry M Nail Paints in "Mushroom" and Grey"
I thought these would be nice to put in my giveaway as Barry M polishes are my absolute favourite, and these colours are reat neutrals for winter. Its hard to try and find products that a lot of people would like, especially with bright colours, so Im trying to incorporate a lot of things that would please most people.

With flash...

Without flash...

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Saturday, 3 December 2011

November Empties!

 Here we have the products I finished up in November, some of which I was a little sad about, and some of which I have already replaced....

 Firstly we have the Eyeko Big Eyes mascara, which when I bought it (around a year ago) was retailing at £8. Eyeko have now totally chaned their branding and most of their products, so now they have a "masacara wardrobe" of a number of types of mascaras with differing wands claiming to do different things to your lashes. Now from the looks of things, this mascara is now retailed as the "Skinny mascara" for lengthening lashes at £15 a pop! What?! Really?! As it so happens, I think I would possibly pay that rpice for this mascara, in the hope that its basically the same as the Big Eyes one. I have to say I fell absolutely in love with this mascara. It is extremely good at lengthening your lashes, and the thin brush means you can get the smaller ones nicely too. I used to use it over my regular mascara to give a more lngethened and dramatic look, and it came to be that I was doing this on a daily basis. Sadly this has completely ran out now (I know, I know youre only meant to use them for a few month...but seriously who really does that when its stil working well for you?). The good thing was because of the squeezy tube I could squeeze it around a bit to get the product that was on the edges to get more use out of it, lovely :)

After that extremely long ramble about the mascara, I hope to keep this one short and ever so sweet. This eyeliner was one the Avon Supershock one. As you can se I used it until I literally could no longer sharpen it, the lid is now longer than the pencil. This is my favourite eyeliner EVER EVER EVER. Its so creamy soft, incredibly easy and quick to apply, and suprisingly long lasting I find considering its consistency. Many people complain about its tendancy to smudge, but really I dont find this a problem what so ever. Im already using what was my back-up of this, and loving having a full length pencil to use again rather than this stump! Although it was very travel friendly for when I went on holiday haha.

 Soap and Glory never fail to disappoint me. This is no exception. Hand Food is my all time favourite hand cream. Ive gone through a fair few small tubes, which I keep in my handbag for use on the go, but this is the first time Ive ran out of a big tube, as I keep this in the house in my bedside table. This squirts out a far larger amount than the small tubs in one go, so you have to be more careful when squeexing it out, and a little really goes a long way so this will last you forever. I got this through the summer and have only just ran out and I use it a lot. Im a hand cream freak. Love this, always.

Now heres a product that you wont find me raving about. Quickies Nail varnish remover pads....good idea in theory, and perfect for travelling. I bought these for when I was on holiday, and I think Ive been spoilt with my Sally Hansen nail varnish remover as I HATED these. I found they took forever and a day to get my polish off, and lfet a wierd feeling to my hands which I couldnt stand. I used half a tub trying to get just one lot of nail varnish off my fingers! I used them up last time I took nail varnish off just to get rid of them. Some people swear by them but I dont understant why really. Maybe, and thats a big maybe, I would use them if I was travelling again, but I think a bottle of my favourite nail varnish remover wouldnt be such a big burden to carry with me as it actually works wonders compared to these. Bummer.

This unidentifiable bottle used to contain Elf Make Up Mist and Set. This is basically the Elf equivalent of MAC Fix+, sort of. It definately isnt as luxurious feeling as Fix+, but for a girl on a budget, I like! I use this to set my make-up, especialyl when it has gone sort of cakey and overdone looking, a few sprays of this over my face and it looks so much more natural. Ive ordered another one of these and cant wait to have a pretty bottle of it again rather than this one where the print has rubbed away. Definately would recommend this!

Those of you who have read my blog for the past year will have seen this a million times, and for that, I apologise. This has been in so many empties posts I cant even imagine. This is he Neutrogena Visibly Clear Oil Free Moisturiser. It claims to help clear spots, that Im not sure of, but what I will say it is a lovely, light moisturiser. It gives a lovely amount of moisture to my face without being like a slick on my skin, and sinks in very nicely and quickly so I dont have to wait around for ages before putting on my foundation. Its pretty basic, but it seems to agree with me so I will continue to repurchase what I know works until some miracle moisturiser comes along.

Here lies a product that Im sad to have come to the end of. As I said before, Soap and Glory are always a winner for me, and Scrub Your Nose In  It is one of my favourite products Ive tried from them. This tube has lasted me since last Christmas, (!!) and Ive used it loads too so its well worth it. It is essentially a face scrub/mask. So how I used it was to smooth it over my face, leave it for a few minutes, then when getting it off I would scrub it like a scrub to get the best of both worlds. This does tingle/sting a bit, but this really doesnt bother me as my skin isnt at all sensitive, and I quite like that as I feel like its "working". Ill definately repurchase this soon as the only other products liek this I have are from Dermalogica (Glossybox samples) and Elemis, which I use sparignly as I was vair expensive! To be honest I actually liek this S&G one more anyway, it leaves my skin feeling very very clean and smooth, just lovely!

So thats what I finished up this month, that was a mammoth post, my fingers are numb from typing now!
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