Friday, 13 December 2013

MAC Blog Sale

Im back with  quick MAC blog sale. 
Apologies for the lack of "real posts" on here in 2013...its been a bit of a tough blogging year for me. All will be explaine and rectified come January. Ive got it all planned out.

But for now I thought I would let my lovely loyal (thankyou) readers in on a few MAC bargains which are currently going unloved in my collection, and MAC should never be unlved, lets be honest.

So heres all the details and the products Ive got for you


- UK only as international shipping gets expensive and Ive had problems with it in the past I would like to avoid.
- Please leave me a comment or send me an email at of which products you would like. 
- Postage & packaging will be £2 per order, so ordering more than one product wont increase the postage
- In your message please leave your paypal email address so I can send an invoice for the payment, Paypal is the only method of payment I will take...its just easiest!
- First come first served, I should be pretty quick marking them as sold so you wont be misled.
- If I dont hear back from you with payment within 24 hours of enquiry I will open it up again for new buyers. 

In terms of colour swatches youre probably best searching google images for the best idea of what these look like, even though the colours in these pictures are pretty accurate. The images are mainly to show the condition it the products are in and how much theyve been used.

To The Beach Body Oil in Seaside
Used twice
Price - £8

All eyeshadows were de-potted by me, with label stuck back in to bottom and magnet attached to fit in a MAC palette. 
Blanc Type
Slight dip as shown, moderate usage
Price - £5 

 Swiss Chocolate
Used less than 10 times, small chunk taken out with my nail by accident
Price - £5

Knight Devine
Used four times at most
Price - £8 

Mineralize Skinfinish in Petticoat
Useage shown - Still has its dome shape to it. 
Limited edition and currently unavailable from MAC, I found it difficult to find
Price - £20 

Dollymix Blush
Used half a dozen times at most
Price - £10

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Four Favourite Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses have been my obsession lately. Theyve been popular for years but Ive only just came round to the idea of them, mainly because I thought most of them would be miles too long for my lil' stumpy body! However Ive fallen in love with their flowy, elegant but still somewhat sexy ways and these are my favourites at the moment!

1. This khaki tie back dress is all about the detail in the back, which is what is shown here. The front is rather plain and scoop neck, which could quickly be spiced up with a statement necklace. I just love the back detail of this, its a really pretty way of showing some skin in an otherwise rather covered up outfit. £35 - Miss Selfridge.

2. Ive actually already bought this paisley strapless dress as I loved it at first sight. I love the print and like how it ties in at my smallest point, accentuating my figure so I dont look swamped in a load of printed material, fantastic! Its a really nice one r sitting out in the sun, no straps = good tanning dress! It is from the petite section so not for everyone but great to find a pretty maxi that will fit us shorter girls nicely. £33 - Miss Selfridge

3. Another one Ive already purchased and must do and OOTD with this one as its my new favourite. I find this to be a great day-night option with the darker print and thigh high split. its also rouched at the hip which is very flattering. I wear this with black sandals and my leather jacket in the daytime, and its long enough to wear with heels for the night. £35 - River Island

4. I could imagine wearing this orange ombre dress to a beautiful summer wedding (someone have one so I have a reason to buy it!). Its chiffon so would be very floaty and would feel very feminine to wear. Id love to air it with gold jewellery and a nice coral lipstick. £35 - River Island

So Ive already bought 2 out of 4, lets see how long I hold out before grabbing the others!

Goodbye Google Reader

Hey Everyone!

As youre all probably aware, Google Reader is soon to be destroyed. For good. This of curse has been bad news for all of us bloggers and for the readers too. However, not all is lost as most blogs, including mine, can be followed over on bloglovin. The site looks something like this and is a really easy and userfriendly way of catching up on all of your favourite blogs.

All you have to do is set up an account, which will only take a few minutes, then it will ask you to import the blogs you already read and then its done. All of your blogs will now appear over on that site and you can carry on reading as usual.

For a more detailed and informative blog post on how to go about it Kimmie has a really helpful post here!

If you already have a bloglovin account please go and search for Dollymix962 over there and follow me via that account as I'd hate to lose you guys!

See you on the other side!

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Advice for my teenage self

I do realise its been almost a month since my last blog post and almost two weeks since my last video. Anyone who has ever been to university will know how hellish April and May are for essay deadline after essay deadline. This is what has been consuming all my time and will do so for the next 3 weeks. Hell.

However I fancied taking some time out to type up a really rambly post, just like the old days. Beth from Birds Words recently posted about advice she would give her teenage self. I've seen this in video form too and sure I did a post years ago on it but feel like doing it again! So here's the top 10 tips I would give my teenage self...

1. The four girls in this photo will still be your very closest friends in five years time. There is really no need to cry that youll never see them again when you leave school. However, you should really cherish being able to spend every day of the week with them as once school finishes, you'll never get to do that any more.

2. Don't worry so much about what others think of you. Share your thoughts without thinking people wont like you. Raise your hand to answer the question that you know the answer to. Don't shy away from showing everyone who you are and hide in the background of everything. You don't need to feel like you deserve to be a nobody, and those people who are considered "somebodies", wont be a part of your life at all once you leave school.

3. Break up with that poisonous boyfriend in January when you feel like you want to, dont drag it out until June. All it does is make life a nightmare for everyone involved. You could be spending all the hours you spent with him with your girls!

4. You know you're not IN LOVE with your prom dress, so take it back. You'll only end up looking back at photos wishing you had worn a dress you liked better. Its a god job your hairdresser got the sack weeks later. Also, just because the dress is lilac does'nt mean your eyeshadow needs to match!

5. Try not to be resentful towards your parents, they're both going through a hard time and only want the best for you. They're human too and make mistakes like anyone else. There is light at the end of the tunnel and everything will be ok, and you and Mam will be best friends like you used to be.

6. Dream Matte Mousse does absolutely nothing for your spotty flaky skin!

7. I know it gets you down and its completely gross, but don't pick at the acne on your back and face, it will only leave you with scars you hate or years to come.

8. Enjoy the fun times you can have with Ben before he hits his teens himself and can no longer take a joke and wont be seen dead with you.

9. It isn't a crime to hate your A Levels, you'll start a new course next year that you love so quit before college have a go at you and your mam sends you to counselling, insisting you're depressed when really you just hate English Literature and Sociology.

10. Don't go on the sunbeds two days in a row, you end up having to stay of school with the most excruciating prickly heat from head to toe. In fact, just don't go on the sunbeds at all.

Love, your future, wiser self!

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Spending Ban/Project Pan

Anyone who has ever been a student and received student loans will know that March can be a tough month. In fact any of the months that come right before your loan arrives are difficult as funds are running low. With my bank balance looking a little unhealthy recently I thought a spending ban was in order to help me through until loan day, a day which feels almost as good as Christmas morning.

Ive set myself the challenge to use up or "hit pan" on the following products. Until I have completed every last one I hae banned myself from spending any more money on cosmetics. However I have hauled a few bits recently so if you see them pop up, I bought them before I started the ban!

I know it looks like a lot but a fair few of these are nearly finished so wont be too hard to complete. Ive put the details for everything below to help myself (and you guys if you wish) keep track of my progress.


 Mured Skin Perfecting Primer - Use up. Done!
Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream in Light - Use up. Done!
Jemma Kidd Light as Air Foundation in Light - Use up. Done!
Nars Mini Orgasm/Laguna Duo - Hit pan on Laguna. Done!
ELF Contouring Blush and Bronzing Duo - Use up.
Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner - Use up.
Soap and Glory Thick & Fast Mascara - Use up. Done!
ELF Hypershine Gloss in Vixen - Use up.
Avon Magix Illuminator - Use up. Done!
ELF Eyebrow Treat & Tame in Ash - Use up.
Avon Brow Pencil in Blonde - Use up. Done!
MAC Teddy Eye Kohl - Use up. Done!
Avon Supershock Gel Liner Pencil in Bronze - Use up.  Done!
Smashbox Double Exposure Cheek & Lip Colour in Speedracer - Hit pan. Done! 
Avon Pro to Go Lipstick in Provocative Plum - Use up.
Carmex Cherry Lip Balm - Use up. Done!


Naturals Almond & Milk Body Cream - Use up. Done!
Bumble & Bumble Styling Creme - Use up. Done!
Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub - Use up. Done!
Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter - Use up. Done!
Nivea Creme - Use up.
Schwarzkopf Gliss Shine Tonic - Use up. Done!
John Frieda Go Blonder Lightening Spray - Use up. Done!
Milk_Shake Conditioning Whipped Cream - Use up. Done!
Garnier Ambre Solaire Self Tanning Dry Body Mist - Use up. Done!

Samples & Sachets
Nail Rock Designer Nail Wraps - Use up.
Lady Gaga Fame Black Fluid Perfume - Use up. Done!
Juicy Couture Couture La La Perfume - Use up. Done!
Rodial 5 Minute Facial - Use up. Done!
Rodial Glamoxy Snake Serum - Use up. Done!
Monu Warming Aromatic Mask - Use up. Done!
Dermalogica Clean Start Welcome Matte SPF15 Moisturiser - Use up. Done!
Vanitas Versace Perfume - Use up. Done!

Do you think Ill make it through all these before spending money? I think so, I find posts like this a real encouragement to cut down on my spending and use what I have first. 

Sunday, 17 March 2013

What's in a name?

One evening in November 2010 I was bored, discovered the beauty blogging world and decided to try my hand at it. "Dollymix962" was very randomly the first thing that popped into my head, and since then it stuck. My blog, youtube channel, twitter and instagram all run under the same Dollymix name. 

This was never my intention at the time and back then I probably should have given my blog name more thought. Then again I didnt expect to be sat here 2 and a half years later still pondering over blog posts. Ive never really loved my blog name, its meaningless and annoys me slightly. The numbers at the end actually get on my nerves...why did I even put them there?!

So heres my issue. Do I change my blog name to something more me, or do I stick with Dollymix962? I cant decide whether its a good idea or not to change my whole blogging/youtubing identity...after all Cheryl did keep the "Cole" for her stage name long after slimy old Ashley was gone, so maybe I should do the same with my far more modest "brand". 

Even if I was to change it Im seriously struggling on what I would change to. Perhaps something not too far different, "Hayley Dollymix" is my twitter name so I could stick with that. On the opposite side I could go completely different, but my imagination for thinking up something remotely individual and catchy just isn't working for me.

The few new ideas Ive had have been "Hayley's makeup mix-up" or "Hayley Talks Beauty". See, my imagination isnt the best!

So, Im aware this blog post is a load of ramble of my typing out my thoughts, but if anyone has an opinion on what I should do I would greatly appreciate any input or ideas.


Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Benefit Hervana

Ever since I saw Benefit's Hervana blush launch I knew I wanted it. All of the more muted tones swirled into it were right up my street, only Benefit's price points werent so I waited and asked for it for Christmas just gone. I always feel that if you have to wait a long time for something you want you really appreciate it more when you eventually get it, and that was the case with Hervana for me. 

Firstly, I adore the packaging and love the quirky, fun names and themes that Benefit always seem to get spot on. I think this box and product design are my favourite so far. 

As you can see Ive actually used the little brush that comes free in the box. Usually these brushes arent up to much but I really like tat this is a little angled one and actually works perfectly well and will be great for travel.

Now getting down to whats important, the product. Its a gorgeous swirled patterned blush of four different shades, a cream, a mid toned pink, a more rosey pink and a purpley fuschia shade. I find the best colour is given by swirling all the colours together to give a nice fresh pinky glow to the cheeks. It gives a slightly shimmery finish but nothing too full on as only the two lighter shades appear to be properly shimmery.

Im so glad to have this added to my collection, its a great every day blush and goes with just bout any mke-up look I want to do so great value for money. Hervana retails for around £24, which may seem steep but these Benefit boxed blushes seriously last ages as you get 8 grams of product. With the likes of MAC blushes you get 6 grams so the high price isnt too bad really, especially with colours like this that will get a lot of use.


Monday, 11 March 2013

My Skincare Basket

I like to keep a lot of my skincare in this handy little basket beside my bedroom mirror. Aside from bathroom related items (cleansers, masks, etc). I do most of my skincare in my bedroom so it makes sense to keep everything I use on hand. Here's a quick run down on each product and my thoughts. 

I have other toners that I prefer to The Body Shop Vitamin E Hydrating Toner, but I've had this bottle in my collection for a while now so want to get through it. Its nice as it doesn't strip your skin and feels hydrating without being greasy, just a nice little step between cleansing and moisturising.

I got the Mario Badescu Facial Spray with a Feel Unique order, and get the feeling its trying to be like the Caudalie Beauty Elixir, which Ive never tried so cant really compare. I just keep this here to use it up, its nice but I dont feel as though I ever need to reach for it.

I couldnt be without my Alpha H Liquid Gold, every blogger and their dog raves about this and for good reason. I use it every other night before bed as a treatment without moisturising after and the next morning my skin looks glowing and fresh. Magic.

The Anti-Blemish Skinetica is another sample product kept here to use up. I havent noticed any magical spot fighting results so use it as a toner when my face feels a little oily which it is alright at doing. Its nothing special to me though.

The Origins Super Spot Remover works like a dream at reducing redness and spot size, and fast. This iny bottle has lasted me forever, you only need a tiny bit. It gives that stinging feeling whic to me means its doing something and it quickly gives results, even reducing any soreness I may have from a spot.

The Dermalogica Clean Start Dream Matte Moisturiser is yet another sample to be used up. Im not the biggest fan of it in terms of how little moisture it provides, but like the matte finish for days in the house when Im not putting on makeup. This would probably suit those with much oilier skin than mine better.

You've probably heard me raving on and on about the Origins Vitazing before, so Ill keep it brief. Its a fab base for summertime giving a nice tint to the skin, Im even breaking it out now on sunnier spring-time days.

The Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturiser is a staple for me, its fairly basic and kind for my skin and can always be relied upon to give a nice hydrated feeling to the skin. I dont really feel the need to try anything other than this.

Im coming to the end of my tub of Origins Ginzing Eye Cream and will certainly be repurchasing. Its a great eye cream for mornings with its brightening, light reflecting formula which I find really brightens up my under eye area. 

I just use this old Batiste lid to hold a few cotton buds, I use these for so many things when Im getting ready so its just really handy to have a few on hand to get rid of any mascara smudges or other "emergencies". I like to keep a little mascara wand there too for when I do my brows, just so I always know where it is. 

I love the feeling the Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub gives to my lips, leaving them super silky and soft. I rarely use this though as it can be a bit of a faff and the sugar gets everywhere (maybe Im just clumsy). It tastes amazing too.

I rely so much on my Johnsons Gentle Eye Makeup Remover Pads. I only need to use them on days where Ive worn heavier eye makeup but just find theyre so convenient, especially after a night out! The pre-soaked cotton pads work wonders at breaking down mascara and liner and dont sting my eyes at all, fantastic.

The Origins High-Potency Night-A-Mins is my absolute favourite night cream. It smells amazing and feels so nourishing when applied to the skin. Its a step I really enjoy before bed because it feels like Im doing my skin some good (wierd?). I always wake up with lump soft skin the next morning, another compete staple to my skincare routine. 

I keep this little tin of good old fashioned Nivea Creme handy as I sometimes use it as a moisture mask. I just whack a load of it on if my skins feeling dry if I have a few hours before going to bed and just let it soak in gradually. Goodbye pesky dry patches!

Another Origins product Im obsessed with comes in the form of Eye Doctor, my moisturising eye cream I use at night. I odnt need the brightening properties off Ginzing for bed so find this hydrating option more suitable. Another product where I feel Im being kind to my skin when applying it. 

I keep the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream For Face With SPF 50 (such a mouthful) n hand to encourage me to apply SPF. I must admit I often skip this step but do like the product when I remember to use it.

The Clarins Facial Self Tanner is amazing for giving your face a lovely healthy tanned glow. Its not scarily dark, never goes patchy and can e slotted nicely into your skincare routine after cleansing. Theres nothing I dont love about it.

Im in the process of trying to use up the Soap and Glory Bright Here Bright Now. Its basically a brightening light reflecting cream. It does brighten my complexion if its feeling a little dull but I never really reach for it so am just trying to use it up and wont repurchase it.

The Bare Minerals Pure Transformation Night Treatment is a strange product, like a mineral foundation but for going to bed. It actually gives a nice coverage too and doesnt transfer onto pillows which I find strange. That isnt really its main purpose though, it generally improves and brightens your skin in your sleep with its mineral content. I really loved this before I discovered the Liquid Gold and now that does a similar job but on a much more intense level, so I often forget to use this now. I will use it up though as it was stupidly expensive!

Last but not least I have the Mavala Double Lash, which promises to lengthen, strengthen and thicken lashes with nightly use in just 30 days. Im now on to day 28 of using it and ave noticed good results so a review will be coming on this soon.

What products do you think Im missing from my routine and need in my life? Im always open to recommendations of new things to try!


Monday, 18 February 2013

Sparkly Eyes and Pink Lip Date Night Look

On Friday I went with David to see This is 40 at our local cinema. I know its dark and nobody can see you in the cinema, but I always like to make a bit of an effort when we go out of an evening. I thought it was the perfect time to try out my new Illamasqua pigment in Beguile. Its amazing and Im going to try and get it to photograph properly in its own post.

Heres what I wore:

(Excuse the brows they really are a mess).

MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NW15
Benefit Erase Paste
ELF Blush/Bronzer Duo
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
Avon Brow Pencil in Blonde

MAC Vintage Selection Paint Pot
Illamasqua Beguile Pigment
L'Oreal Superliner Carbon Gloss
Avon Supershock Black Gel Liner Pencil
Benefit Theyre Real Mascara

Revlon Wild Orchid Lipstick

Ive tried to show the pigment better below...I think the slight blurriness actually shows the sparkle better somehow. Im actually in love with Beguile, so so pretty.


Friday, 25 January 2013

Make-up of the Week

I couldn't think up a better title for this post, if you have one feel free to leave a comment! I go through phases with my make-up, using the same few products for a week or two in a row before deciding I should switch it up a bit. This is mainly down to being a little lazy but at least it shows I really like the products I'm using. 

This week my face has looked a little like this, only less puffy with not so greasy hair and normally wearing clothes rather than pjs (Id just woken up).

Ive been working a lot and just started a new semester back at uni, so this week my make-up has been quick and easy. 

I start with Origins Vitazing for a quick light coverage to tidy up any little imperfections and give a little glow. The Natural Collection blush in Peach Melba is so natural and easy, I find it just the right amount of pigmentation so I dont have to worry about going overboard. I finished off my skin with a sweep of Rimmels Stay Matte powder over the T-Zone to prevent any shine, as you can see Ive used this to death!

 For the eyes Ive been lovingthe Nars eyeshadow duo in Kalahari, either colour or both swept across the lid is such an easy eyeshadow look and still looks really pretty. For brows I go through them with my Avon Blonde Brow Definer, which again is a perfect product for quick makeup in the mornings and is a great colour match for my brows. I finish off with a touch of MACs Teddy eyeliner in the tightline and two coats of Soap and Glorys Thick and Fast mascara which Ive been really enjoying using lately with its huge brush and volumising formula. 

So thats been my routine over the past few days!
Yey for finally doing a blog post, let me know if you would like to see these kinds of posts more frequently when I find new little routines Ive been loving


Wednesday, 2 January 2013

50 Things I Want To Do in 2013

To kick the year off in a positive way I always create a list of 50 things I want to do in the year. These can be one time things (a holiday), or a goal to be achieved across the entire year (drink more water). I love looking back on these throughout the year to see how I'm progressing. So without further ado, here's my list!

1.       Cleanse my skin every morning/night rather than using face wipes.
2.       Complete the 30 Day Shred all the way through to the end.
3.       Go back to Ibiza.
4.       Go somewhere new with David where we haven’t been before.
5.       Say “yes” more.
6.       Find 5 new foods that I like.
7.       Avoid fizzy drinks apart from nights out.
8.       Pass 2nd year uni.
9.       Get my ears pierced.
10.   Be more positive.
11.   Keep on top of keeping the house tidy
12.   Have one day a week completely laptop free.
13.   Do at least one blog post per week
14.   Clean up the back yard so it can be nice for summer.
15.   Learn how to cook more nice meals from scratch.
16.   Have a car boot sale of all my old things and put the money towards New York
17.   Keep on top of uni work and attend uni much more often
18.   Go to the races on a summers evening again
19.   Learn a new craft, maybe knitting.
20.   Get up earlier in the mornings.
21.   Drink water every day.
22.   Complete two project 10 pans throughout the year.
23.   Read 5 non uni related books.
24.   Find the perfect picture for my red bedroom wall.
25.   Have a girly day once a month with my Mam.
26.   Walk to work more often, especially as the weather gets better.
27.   Try my hardest to keep my job after the temporary contract, if not find a new job!
28.   Keep my eyebrows under control!
29.   Invest in some lovely bed sheets.
30.   Stop buying food from the uni vending machines and take healthier options.
31.   Use a face mask once a week
32.   Continue uploading one youtube video per week.
33.   Add at least two more Disney films to my collection.
34.   Make an effort to get into jogging properly.
35.   Go to at least two concerts/gigs.
36.   Have some nice days out with David in the spring/summer.
37.   Have a girly sleepover like its still 2004.
38.   Make an effort to be more sociable with my uni friends.
39.   Try three new restaurants that Ive never been to before.
40.   Order something off a menu that Ive never tried before.
41.   Take Molly (the dog) for walks whenever I get the chance.
42.   Try not to get as stressed over little things.
43.   Bake more often and more new things.
44.   Fill the last 3 spaces in my MAC palette.
45.   Take driving lessons again.
46.   Don’t eat McDonalds or takeaways more than once a week.
47.   Climb a mountain in Scotland or the Lakes.
48.   Go camping
49.   Feed the reindeer in Aviemore
50.   Take a city break again, London or Paris maybe.

i   If you set yourselves any similar goals Id love to hear what they are and maybe get some ideas for improving mine xx