Sunday, 17 March 2013

What's in a name?

One evening in November 2010 I was bored, discovered the beauty blogging world and decided to try my hand at it. "Dollymix962" was very randomly the first thing that popped into my head, and since then it stuck. My blog, youtube channel, twitter and instagram all run under the same Dollymix name. 

This was never my intention at the time and back then I probably should have given my blog name more thought. Then again I didnt expect to be sat here 2 and a half years later still pondering over blog posts. Ive never really loved my blog name, its meaningless and annoys me slightly. The numbers at the end actually get on my nerves...why did I even put them there?!

So heres my issue. Do I change my blog name to something more me, or do I stick with Dollymix962? I cant decide whether its a good idea or not to change my whole blogging/youtubing identity...after all Cheryl did keep the "Cole" for her stage name long after slimy old Ashley was gone, so maybe I should do the same with my far more modest "brand". 

Even if I was to change it Im seriously struggling on what I would change to. Perhaps something not too far different, "Hayley Dollymix" is my twitter name so I could stick with that. On the opposite side I could go completely different, but my imagination for thinking up something remotely individual and catchy just isn't working for me.

The few new ideas Ive had have been "Hayley's makeup mix-up" or "Hayley Talks Beauty". See, my imagination isnt the best!

So, Im aware this blog post is a load of ramble of my typing out my thoughts, but if anyone has an opinion on what I should do I would greatly appreciate any input or ideas.



  1. Ooh it's a tough one, I guess if you change it people who aren't subscribed but check out your blog/yt ocasionally might find it harder to find you. I like the Dollymix name, I think it's pretty cute! I used to have a different name though and I used to hate it, so glad that I changed it but I lost a lot of followers in the process xx

    1. It is a hard decision. I think Im going to leave it as it is for the mean time! x

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