Monday, 24 September 2012

Lustlist #21 Shoes Shoes Shoes!

Over the past week or so Ive been lusting after shoes...constantly. With the weather turning bad, boots have been on my radar so Ive been searching every website's shoes section...leading to looking at every type of footwear and wanting everything. Now Ive came across all of these shoes on ASOS (all of which are black, by accident) that I now think I must own...

Ive always enjoyed the western boot, but never owned a pair. These are subtle enough to not scream "cowboy", and give a nice little nod to the studded trend I love so much right now.

ASOS Deny Wedge High Top Trainers - £36
Im a little late to the party on this trend, but for ages I didnt really like high tops. For whatever reason Ive came round to the idea, and especially like the thought of a sneaky concealed wedge to make my legs look longer and nicer! I love these ones particularly because of the cute floral detail, someone treat me to these! :)

I think if I actually purchase any of these shoes, itll be these. Flat chelsea boots dont look great on me, so these heeled ones will be way more flattering and go with so many things over winter. I see them as more of an investment rather than a naughty purchase, maybe.

ASOS Little Miss Ballet Flats - £25
I know these are a bit of a rip off of the Marc Jacobs mouse flats, but in reality I can never afford the originals...and these are SO cute and way way cheaper.

Which of these do you think I should buy? I wish I could get them all!

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel (Chanel's cream bronzer)

The Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel is one of those products I lusted after for months and months. Blogs and videos constantly mentioned how unique this was and how perfectly natural it looked on the skin. One day, almost 4 months ago, I bit the bullet and paid out around £30 for what my brother describes as chocolate ice-cream in a tub that you put on your face. After using it none stop since I got it I thought it was about time I gave my two cents on this £30 tub of inedible chocolate ice-cream. 

I've never been one to wear bronzer on a daily basis, so purchasing this was a big deal for me. I thought it may be way too dark or orange for me, and might be so pigmented that I find it impossible to pull off on my pale skin.
Im so pleased to say I was very wrong in my presumptions.
For a start this smells amazing, along with the packaging the scent oozes luxury, and instantly makes me feel a little bit more special when doing my make-up with Chanel on a morning (Im easily pleased).
The product itself is perfectly pigmented, not too strong but plenty colour so you dont spend ages building it up. A few light swirls of my Real Techniques Contour Brush in the bronzer is the perfect amount for contouring one side of my face for the day time. This can be built up to however dark you wish to go, and I do tend to apply a little more for an evening look.
I find myself reaching for this every single time I do my makeup, and cant imagine my routine without it now. Its so quick and easy to create a natural sculpted look whilst adding warmth to your face.
Its worth every single penny to me, as you can see Ive barely made a dent in it after 4 months of day to day use...This will last me forever.
If youve been debating over whether to buy this or not, do it!

Saturday, 15 September 2012

To Do in 2012: How Ive Done So Far!

I was meant to do this 6 month into the year but totally forgot about it, so three months late I thought Id check it anyway and see how Im doing...

1. Pass 1st year of uni
Yep, I got  2:1 for my first year!

2. Finish decorating my bedroom
Almost...just need a nice chandelier and a big picture for one wall and its done

3. Learn how to make a Sunday dinner.
Not really

4. Give David an amazing surprise for his 21st
Yes! I took him to London for the Capital Summertime Ball!

5. Rejoin the gym and actually start going at least once a week.
Rejoined...went once. I need to stop making this a thing to do each year as I HATE the gym!

6. Get stuck in to uni work, stop being lazy and actually attend lectures!
Didnt do too well on this for first year but second year starts next week so who knows.

7. Find my driving theory pass certificate
Nope, its officially gone forever, give up on this one.

8. Pass my driving test!
Havent even had a lesson, also give up on this one!

9. Make cupcakes to fill my cupcake tree
Not yet

10. Visit Grandma much more often
I could really still improve on this...sorry Grandma

11. Do youtube videos more consistently
Yes! So far Ive been pretty good at uploading at least one a week.

12. Take more of an interest in fashion and accessorising my outfits
The interest is there, the funds to achieve it..not so much.

13. Watch The Sopranos with David
Weve watched two episodes...think this will be one for the winter.

14. Watch all of The OC again from beginning to end
Nope Ive been too hooked on Gossip Girl!

15. Do something really good and memorable for my 21st
I had a lovely night out with my friends, nothing crazy or out of the ordinary, but memorable because it was such a good night anyway.

16. Go on holiday with the girls (eventually)
Yep, I miss Ibiza so much!

17. Finally watch the Bourne Trilogy
Watched the first one...its a start.

18. Go back to America
Sadly not this year, each year I hope to go back but it doesnt happen :(

19. Get a job
Not yet, applied for three yesterday so fingers crossed!

20. Ride a rollercoaster
Not a rollercoaster, but a ride at the fairground that made me feel sick, so this can count!

21. Read at least 10 books, preferably on my kindle or ones I already own.
Ive read three so far...only seven to go!

22. Grow my hair without caving in and getting loads chopped off
Yes! My hair is the longest its ever been, ever! I dont plan on cutting lots off anytime soon.

23. Learn how to do a fishtail braid
Mastered this one in the summer, constantly braided all my friends hair on holiday.

24. Watch The Godfather films
Not yet...

25. Drink more water, anything would be an improvement as I dont drink it at all now
Big failure at this one, oops.

26. Get dressed up and enjoy an evening on Newcastle Quayside with David
Still need to do this but think we will soon.

27. Learn how to make bread

28. Save up and make plans to go to New York
The plans are there...the savings are a different story.

29. Meet a friend through blogging
Not yet, would love to though!

30. Visit a city in the UK Ive never been to before
I visited Manchester for the first time and loved it!

31. Get my ears pierced
Still too scared to do this haha

32. Sleep earlier and get up earlier
Failed at this most the year but have been getting up slightly earlier recently, hope it lasts.

33. Watch more Audrey Hepburn movies
Still need to buy some!

34. Become less shy
Sort of, I guess youtube is helping with this a little.

35. Get my parents to meet Davids parents
Shockingly no, after a 4 year relationship this is slightly mental.

36. Visit a new country
Yep, Ibiza!

37. Buy a stranger a drink in a bar just to be nice
Haha, god no. I dont know why I put this, its a bit strange.

38. Make genuine friends with the people I know at Uni
Hmm nah, maybe this year!

39. Make a gingerbread house from scratch
No, but I must do this at Christmas

40. Try every Lush Bubble Bar
Im getting there, but not tried them all just yet.

41. Get my eyebrows threaded
Nah I want to stay in control of my own brows I think.

42. Get a spray tan
Also decided against this one, dont wanna be like a TOWIE extra.

43. Stay back in Room 105 of The Langdale Hotel again, best night ever
I would love to do this, but cant afford too, boo!

44. Buy my Mam flowers for no reason
Havent done this either...

45. Do one of Jamie's 30 Minute Meals
...Or this.

46. See a show in London
Yes, Wicked!

47. Visit my friend Amy in London
I visited London, but not her home...shes returning to our home town now anyway so this is kind of void!

48. Do one full review a week on my blog
Definitely failed at this

49. Get a facial

50. Take my mam somewhere for a beauty treatment
Not yet, need to though!

Dear me I havent done very well with my aims for the first 3/4 of the year have I! Ive only really done 11/50...Must at least try to do half in the next 3 months. 
Do any of you keep lists like this?

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Im officially in my 20s!

Hello! Long time no blog...Theres a valid reason I promise. On Monday I turned 21. This not only terrifies me, but also took up a lot of my time recently in being truely spoilt rotten by my amazing boyfriend, friends and family. Ive spent the past few weeks shopping, going for lovely meals and drinks, and partying pretty damn hard...(Sorry liver!). So Im back and ready to blog after a nice few weeks of spending lots of time with loved ones, and Im ready to blog away! So with that out the way Ill leave you with a few random photos of my main birthday night...

My favourites 

My lovely mam :) 

Thinking were all Beyonce 

Several shots too many... 

Love him 

My expression is hilarious, some of my best boys 

Got out the bath to find this!  

...and this. Probably the yummiest cake Ive ever tasted!