Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Four Favourite Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses have been my obsession lately. Theyve been popular for years but Ive only just came round to the idea of them, mainly because I thought most of them would be miles too long for my lil' stumpy body! However Ive fallen in love with their flowy, elegant but still somewhat sexy ways and these are my favourites at the moment!

1. This khaki tie back dress is all about the detail in the back, which is what is shown here. The front is rather plain and scoop neck, which could quickly be spiced up with a statement necklace. I just love the back detail of this, its a really pretty way of showing some skin in an otherwise rather covered up outfit. £35 - Miss Selfridge.

2. Ive actually already bought this paisley strapless dress as I loved it at first sight. I love the print and like how it ties in at my smallest point, accentuating my figure so I dont look swamped in a load of printed material, fantastic! Its a really nice one r sitting out in the sun, no straps = good tanning dress! It is from the petite section so not for everyone but great to find a pretty maxi that will fit us shorter girls nicely. £33 - Miss Selfridge

3. Another one Ive already purchased and must do and OOTD with this one as its my new favourite. I find this to be a great day-night option with the darker print and thigh high split. its also rouched at the hip which is very flattering. I wear this with black sandals and my leather jacket in the daytime, and its long enough to wear with heels for the night. £35 - River Island

4. I could imagine wearing this orange ombre dress to a beautiful summer wedding (someone have one so I have a reason to buy it!). Its chiffon so would be very floaty and would feel very feminine to wear. Id love to air it with gold jewellery and a nice coral lipstick. £35 - River Island

So Ive already bought 2 out of 4, lets see how long I hold out before grabbing the others!

Goodbye Google Reader

Hey Everyone!

As youre all probably aware, Google Reader is soon to be destroyed. For good. This of curse has been bad news for all of us bloggers and for the readers too. However, not all is lost as most blogs, including mine, can be followed over on bloglovin. The site looks something like this and is a really easy and userfriendly way of catching up on all of your favourite blogs.

All you have to do is set up an account, which will only take a few minutes, then it will ask you to import the blogs you already read and then its done. All of your blogs will now appear over on that site and you can carry on reading as usual.

For a more detailed and informative blog post on how to go about it Kimmie has a really helpful post here!

If you already have a bloglovin account please go and search for Dollymix962 over there and follow me via that account as I'd hate to lose you guys!

See you on the other side!