Thursday, 31 March 2011

MAC Haul

Today David and I went for a run out to the Metrocentre, mainly to find some half decent Mothers Day gifts. I ended up buying my Mam two yankee candles (soft blanket and sandalwood vanilla) and these sandals from Zara.

But I also got a little treat from David which Im so happy with. He knows I love MAC so he took my to get a new foundation, and I ended up with Studio Fix Fluid in NW15, and on top of that the MAC 217 brush, so Im really happy with my shopping lent ban for make-up doesnt count if its a gift right?

Im so excited to try both of my new goodies out tomorrow, and after a few days Ill give a review to let you guys know what I think of them.

Hope you're all having a lovely day/evening!


Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Beautiful wall designs

I am IN LOVE with vinyl wall decorations from Willow Creek. When I get my own home I'll have to hold back from having these covering every wall, AND theyre removable so you could use them in rented apartments too to put your stamp on the place...

Heres some of my favourites...

11x30 Happy Girls are the prettiest girls Audrey Hepburn Vinyl Wall Lettering Words Quotes Decals Art Custom Willow Creek Signs

35x9 Living my Happily Ever After Love Door Decoration Vinyl Decor Wall Lettering Words Quotes Decals Art Custom Willow Creek Signs

Soak Bathroom Vinyl Wall Lettering Words Art Quotes Decals Stickers Tatoo Cares

Tree Branch Magnolia New Bathroom Custom Vinyl Decor Wall Lettering Words Quotes Decals Art Custom Willow Creek Signs
(I intend to buy this one)

Coco Chanel Vinyl Wall Lettering Art Love Happy Girls Quotes Words Classy Fabulous Bowties

30x12  Serenity Peace Calm Relax Tattoo Vinyl Decor Wall Lettering Words Quotes Decals Art Custom Willow Creek Signs

Theres literally so many to choose from and some amazing quotes that would make a good feature on a wall...heres the two Ive chosen for my bedroom at my Dads when its decorated...

20x8  Bird Birdies Family Children  Vinyl Decor Wall Lettering Words Quotes Decals Art Custom Willow Creek Signs

Winnie the Pooh Braver Smarter Stronger Vinyl Wall Lettering Art Decal Words Custom Sticker Willow Creek Signs

Is it wrong that Im really excited by words on walls? haha


My blog page looks all new!

I got a little help with my title, and its staying like this for now until I can figure out a prettier one, its the first time Ive changed my page since I started my blog, what do you think?


I need your help....

Just a quick question...
Im really bored with my banner at the top of my blog page, its jsut the boring font that came with blogger, and I really want a nice pretty heading to my page with pictures and stuff like I see on other pages, but theres one problem

How the heck do you go about doing it? Any help would be amazing thankyou :)


Tuesday, 29 March 2011

My Top 5 Lipsticks

I just felt like doing one of these favourites type posts, as you can probably tell because thats kind of all Ive been blogging about this past week, but hey ho! I havent got a huuuuge lipstick collection, maybe about 15ish, so this isnt like "the best MAC lipsticks EVER" or anything, but these are just my favourite lippies out of my collection....

L-R: Avon Pro To Go in Provocative Plum; MAC Shy Girl; MAC Bombshell; MAC Viva Glam Gaga; Rimmel Lasting Finish in Sugar Plum

Swatches below and lip swatches....

In the same order as above :) creepy does my hand look haha. These swatches are quite true to real life for once!

Please excuse the hideous lips below, I had no other makeup on my face, and I haaaate the shape of my lips, theyre kind fo wierdly scarred from when I was little and got coldsores a lot. But anyway...

Mac - Viva Glam Gaga
Everyone knows this one, it was my first ever MAC purchase because I loved Gaga and had to have it, I dont wear it often because I dont want to run out but I love this, and get compliments on it whenever I wear it.

Mac - Shy Girl
The colouring of this photo is so wierd, this lipstick is not orange at all in real life! Its more of a nice nudey peach, its a cremesheen so its really soft and moisturising and I love this for through the day, its probably my most used lipstick.

Mac - Bombshell
I loved the colour of this as soon as I seen it, and I love frost lipsticks so this was a good all rounder! This is bright enough for nights out but also not too in your face for through the day so I really get good use out of this, I think it suits my skin tone nicely.

Avon Pro To Go - Provocative Plum
These lipsticks are unbelievably smooth and glossy! I love the push up lid on it, so handy for nights out so you dont drop your lid, you can hold a drink and apply lippie all at once haha. This is much more plumy in real life but still has th nice pinky colour and gloss to it that shows in this picture, I want to get some more of these in more everyday shades because theyre so silky smooth and lovely.

Rimmel Lasting Finish - Sugar Plum
This is my favourite night time lipstick, this photo is really crappy its so gorgeous and this just doesnt do it justice but I took about 20 and my camera is just dying :(. Again its another plumy shade, but its more shimmery (in a nice way) and long lasting. Also these lipsticks are more affordable than the others and they smell amazing!!

Sorry for the rubbish photos! I want a new camera so badly.

Monday, 28 March 2011

March Favourites

MAC MSF Natural in Medium
I feel like I write something about this is almost every pos I do these days, and I'm sorry if its boring you guys, but I couldn't not have this in my monthly favourites. I can now see why everyone is hooked, its jsut the perfect setting powder, with enough coverage for those brave days without foundation just to brush a bit of this over my face and Im good to go. Also I think the shades are quite versatile because in the pan this looks darker than my skintone but compliments it perfectly.

Eyeko London Lips Lipgloss in Primrose Hill
This has been my lipgloss of choice recently. It may not be to some peoples tastes as it definately has a thick and sticky feel to it, but personally I quite like it, and it means it stays put for ages. It smells and tastes like sweets and its got a lovely shimmer to it, which looks like scary glitter in the tube but dosnt pay off that way on the lips. Yumm :)

Garnier Simply Essentials Comforting Cleansing Milk
I bought this last week when I was skint but had ran out of my current cleanser. In recent years Ive jsut been using cleansers which I can use in the shower, which has meant Ive been lazy with my cleansing as I can never be bothered to go into the bathroom on a nighttime jsut to cleanse my face. So with m tiny budget I found this in Boots at £2.99. I just use it with a cotton wool pad and it takes my make-up off brilliantly, even waterproof mascara with ease. It doesnt sting at all it does actually feel comforting to the skin, and leaves my face feeling clean and soft. Its actually encouraged me into a proper cleansing rountine day and night whereas I used to just lazily rely on face wipes. Love this!

E.L.F Makeup Mist & Set
I got this with a promo code on the E.L.F website a few months ago when they were giving it away free with your purchase. I must say I would never have purchased this normally as I would only have thought it would be a gimmicky product that did nothing. Im not sure if it actually makes your make-up stay on longer, but I like to think it does. I always spray it on my face after Im done my make-up, I feel it heps my foundation and powders merge well with the skin and each other, so they dont look powdery or cakey and it gives a more natural look overall. Its also amazingly refreshing after the gym!

MAC Blushcreme in Ladyblush
I bought this is a hurry as I seen it in the Goodbyes sction of the MAC website and had been wanting it for ages so I bit the bulet and went for it. I used to only use creme blushes but had been using powders a lot the past few years so I thought it was high time I gave the cremes another shot. This certainly lived up to my hopes. It gives a gorgeous colour and a healthy sheen to the apples of my cheeks and I just can't praise it enough. 

Royal Brushes Blending Brush
I bought this randomly for around £2 with one of m fragrance direct orders a few month ago. Its not by any means a round brush its more long and thin, and its not dense at all either. I cant even say its really a soft brush, and it sheds a lot. But for some wierd reason I love it and use it every day. Its probably because Im not used to high end brushes so Im alright with it being the way it is, but I find it so versatile. I can easily contour and apply blush with it, but mos recently Ive been using it with my MSF Natural instead of my kabuki brush, I just like it better.

Soap and Glory's Hand Food
I am a hand cream addict, I apply it a millino times a day, sometimes twice in ten minutes Ill reach for it from my bag without even realising Ive just applied it, and Ill do it all over again, I just like the feel of it. This is by far the best hand cream Ive came across. The packaging is really cute, it smells amazing, its lovely and thick but it sinks in quick enough and doesnt leave a really greasy feel to your hands, but leaves them feeling well moisturised. Love it so much!

Swatches of Eyeko Lipgloss and MAC Ladyblush


Sunday, 27 March 2011

Tag: Top 10 Most Used Products

Ive seen a number of variations of this tag flying aroudn youtube and blogger so I thought I would give mine a go. However I have a thing about odd numbers (wierdo) so mine's gunna be 10 products, not 11 :) enjoy!

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in 52 Vanilla
I cannot say enough good things about this foundation. It lasts ages, its not too thick and cakey, and it just makes your skin look healthy and glowing, but not shimmery or greasy. I would say its a medium coverage as it does give good coverage but doesnt look like youre covered in a foundation mask. Im hooked, and for me its my favourite foundation by miles.

Vaseline Lip Therapy in Cocoa Butter
This smells amazing and is a really good, thick lip balm. I apply this every night before I go to sleep and again in the mornings before I do my make-up and it leaves my lips feeling so soft, and it smells lush! Also its only £1.09 so its a steal.

Benefit Powder Time Lover
This is one of my most loved Christmas presents from this year. I had never had any Benefit boxed powders but I was dying to try them. My mam cam eup trumps with this in my stocking! They are of course all amazing quality and although theyre small I think these are going to last me ages. I use either Dallas or Coralista most days, and occasionally use Dandelion as an all over face powder, but as you'll see I have other favourites for that. Dallas is by a million miles my favourite blush these days, which I was shocked at as I though I would favour Coralista, which is also nice, but Dallas is perfect for my skintone.

Avon Supershock Mascara
You can tell I use this often because of the back-up Ive got there still in its plastic packaging. I couldnt be without this mascara. I use it every single day, its great for building volume and length in one, and Im a fan of big chunky plastic brushes which this provides. Two layers give my desired everyday effect. I apply Eyekos Big Eyes afterward for more dramatic eyes, but for everyday I always go to this, and have for years.

Avon Supershock Gel Liner Pencil
Not quite sure of the name of this, it sounds a little confusing. But basically it comes of fliek gel liner, but its in a pencil. Seriously the best liner Ive ever had and I use it every day, all my others lie unused in my drawer. Its soooo creamy and a true black, you dont need to tug at your eyes and its not sharp or scratchy in the slightest. Also it lasts ages in the waterline, a good few hours longer than your average pencil liner. Loooove it, I feared running out so Ive got my back-up ready, and I NEVER buy back-ups, which shows just how much I feel I need my Supershock products.

Barry M Nail Paint in Raspberry
This has been my favourite winter colour for my nails. Even the sun coming out and it nearly being springtime hasnt converted me to brights as I always turn to this. I think I coudl get away with it in summer, but Im gunna have to give it a rest and give my pastels and brights a go. I feel the raspberry tone of it compliments my skin tone well, and is a good alternative to a true red. Plus it stays on forever, I just love Barry M polishes, and this colour in particular.

MAC Eyeshadow in All That Glitters
 I found it difficult choosing a MAC shadow as I love my other shades too, but I do use this colour the most. I use this most days all over my eye, whether it be on its own or with another colour in the crease, but this one shade always seems to be my all over lid colour recently. Its just gorgeous and looks like it does in the photo on the eye, looove it!

MAC Mineralise Skinfinish in By Candlelight
This was my first ever purchase form MAC, along with Viva Glam Gaga, and I still love it as much as the first time I used it. I use it to highlight most days, but Im slightly worried about it running out as its limited edition, hmm  :(

MAC MSF Natural in Medium
This is jsut a perfect setting powder for my foundation, you could actually apply loads of this stuff and you wouldnt look powdery at all. I love it, and it provides jsut a teeny amount of coverage enough for those days where I dont feel liek wearing full make-up but dont want to look bare. Well worth the pennies.

ELF Complexion Perfection
I bought this totaly on a whim just to see if it actually did anything. I wouldnt say it actually gave a perfect complexion, but come on, what does. It comes out as a pale powder, and at the minute Im really pale compared to my foundation, so I've been using this as a kind of white powder to lighten my face up so it matches the rest of me. Sounds ridiculous but it really works. As you can see I use it a lot.

Thats my 10 most used products :) feels good doing a proper post again


Friday, 25 March 2011

Lust List #7 ....Make-Up Ban

So for Lent I cant buy make-up, so Im not gunna torture myself and look at beautiful products I want so bad...but I never said anything about clothes :) ...

Miso Tie Front Chiffon Shirt
Miso Tie Front Chiffon Shirt

Blondie Pretty Baby T-Shirt
Truffle Shuffle

River Island Delicate Flower Necklace
Delicate Flower Necklace
River Island

Image 1 of River Island Animal Print Chiffon Maxi Beach Dress
Animal Print Chiffon Maxi Dress
River Island

Red Bow Sandals
River Island


Five Good Things For Friday

1. I am slowly but surely working my way through the mountains of assignments. Not sure this is a good thing as I have 6 weeks left and SO much to do, but at least Ive been making some progress. One week over with of stressful deadlines!

2. I found the winner of my giveaway :). I quite enjoyed it even though I didnt get tonnes of entries or anything and its encouraged me to do more...or maybe a swap or something.

3. Tonight Im staying over at my uncles house babysitting my cousins, I have to do it overnight so 'll get paid a decent amount when he returns in the morning, plus theyre getting a pool installed so its alright perving on the builders haha

4. I can finally leave the house in short sleeves and feel warm enough, I really hate being cooped up in winter and love wearing less layers in the summer than in winter, so were finally getting there!

5. David has bought me a suprise and says I can have it next week....I love suprises! :D

This made me laugh, Rebecca Black is disgusting...


Wednesday, 23 March 2011

So Who Won My Giveaway....

I promised today I would announce the winner of my little giveaway, so without further ado....

I used the random number generator and it picked out the 15th entry...
which is from the lovely Jill at sugarbeauty!

Congratulations! :D

Im considering doing a little Easter giveaway, or a 200 followers one if Im lucky enough to reach that many as Ive quite enjoyed this one.

Thanks for entering!


Tag: The Girl Behind The Blog

Ive found a spare half hour in these busy times as found this tag post....sorry to whoevers its from I cant remember! Feel freee to steal it :)

The Girl Behing The Blog...



Name: Hayley Campbell, wish I had a pretty middle name but nooo.
Occupation: "Student" I hate not having a job and passing being a studdent off as an occupation, but it honestly may as well be full time work the way it is right now.

Size guide: Normally an 8 in everything, and a 4 in shoes. I buy the occasional 6 or 10 though, just depends on the item.

My aspirations for the future: To travel loads, then have my dream house, which isnt a mansion by any means, more a victorian town house but with a big garden, a dog and rabbit and three kids. I want to try my hand at teaching, but ultimately I dream of having an amazing bakery with beautiful cakes of all shapes and sizes, also my life will not be complete until I have lived in New York for at least a bit.

Status: "Taken" ha that sounds so wierd to me. Been with David for 2 and half years now, hes a wierdo but so am I so it work.
Favourite films: Sex and the City, Bridget Jones, Love Actually, Shutter Island, Taken, The Beach, Oceans 11, The Notebook, Mean Girls, Clueless, The Lion King, The Hangover, Grease....the list is endless.

Bad habits: I have to fiddle constantly, whether it be clicking the top of a pen or ripping up beer mats into tiny pieces (these are my most common ones), and I flcik the back on and off the remote where the batteries go CONSTANTLY. and they always end up breaking off. Oh and Im really OCD about things being in the right place. Bit of a freak really.

This year I'm looking forward to... Easter drinkssss, the summer, finishing college, starting uni, lanzarote, my 20th birthday, RIHANNAAAA, and all the unexpected unplanned good times to come :)

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Im Still Here!! & Giveaway

Just a verrrrry quick post to let you lovelies know that I havent dropped off the face of the Earth, or quit my blog or anything!

Im now in my final 6 weeks of college doing a BTEC, and anyone who has done a BTEC knows jsut how much time and effort has to go into endless amounts of coursework. Todat Ive actualy wrote over 10,000 words!

So when Ive been getting in from college Ive either had loads of work to crack on with, or like to day I havnt got in from doing coursework until half 6 tonight and Ive been there since 9 this morning, so im jsut wiped out and cant even think about more typing on a computer haha!

Hopefully Ill be done sooner than later and Ill be right back into blogging, but Im going to try and keep up with it anyway.

Another thing....My Giveaway ends tomorrow! Ill be annoucing the winner sometime tomorrow (probably night time as Im in college until 6 again). So its your last 24 hours to enter so gogogo!!! Click here to go to my giveaway.

P.S... I want these for Easter!


Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Lust List #6

Image 1 of ASOS FLORENCE Canvas Flower Gladiator Sandals
Florence Canvas Flower Gladiator Sandals

Coral Crepe Mini Skirt

Miss Selfridge
Coral Crepe Mini Skirt

Tan Suedette ShortMiss Selfridge
Tan Suedette Shorts

Illusion Bronze Nail Polish

Illusion Bronze Nail Polish

 Floral Garden Clamp Bangle
Floral Garden Clamp Bangle

Rihanna T-Shirt

Two Tone City Bag

Elizabeth Arden
Eight Hour Cream with Sun Defence for Face SPF 50


FOTE/OOTE...Girls Night Out

So this should have been put up on Sunday but I could barely lift my head off the pillow the past few days :(
It was my good friend Natalie's birthday night out on Saturday (check out her blog here), and heres what I did for my make up, hair and my dress.

I curled my hair with my Babyliss Curling Wand, and clipped the front parts back with a few kirby grips, I then just sprayed all over with Ellnett hairspray to keep it in place all night.

Face Makeup:

GOSH Creamy Compact Make Up Foundation in Beige 2
Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in 52
MAC Blushcreme in Ladyblush
Benefit Dallas (contour)
MAC MSF in By Candlelight (highlight)
MAC MSF Natural in Medium (all over)
MAC Fix+ (to set)


Carmex Cherry
MAC Shy Girl Lipstick
MAC Big Baby Plushglass


MAC Paintpot in Vintage Selection
MAC All That Glitters e/s (all over)
MAC Woodwinked e/s (outer half)
MAC Satin Taupe e/s (outer corner and crease)
ELF 100 Palette matte white (under brows and inner corner)
Avon Supershock Liner (waterline)
Eyeko Graffiti Liner Black (lid)
Avon Supershock Mascara
Eyeko Big Eyes Mascara (2 coats)
Maxfactor False Lash Effect Waterproof Mascara
Rimmel Blonde Eyebrow Pencil (to shade brows)

And the end result...

Sorry its really hard to get a ful length picture as the only place I can balance the camera is on the window sill.
One sleeved dress - Topshop - £40
Tights - Marks and Spencer - £7
Cant see these but...
Black Wedges - New Look - £20
Little Black Bag - New Look - £6

Thanks for reading :)

Dont forget to enter my giveaway here!


Monday, 14 March 2011

My False Tan Routine

Ive pretty much removed false tan from my life over the winter months, I think I applied it once in January, and that was it. But now the sun is shining again and I dont feel the need to be as wrapped up, I just hate how pale my skin can look in the bright daylight. I love English Rose skin, but mine isnt this at all, its just ghostly greyish pale, and any blemishes that may arise are highlighted by this. I used to have really bad acne in my early teens on my back and chest, and I still suffer with a few spots now and again but nothing on what it used to be. But I still feel like theyre more hidden with a bit of a tan.

Anyway, stop blabbering Hayley! This is the routine I normally get in once I start tanning regularly in order to maintain my tan so it goes on evenly and stays even without coming off all patchy.

Day 1. In preparation for starting my tanning rountine I will exfoliate and shave the day before, and also apply a good body butter after showering. This will mean my skin is silky smooth for the next day. If I shave on the same day and then apply tan straight after I find it finds its way into every pore where my hair has gone, and I end up with loads of tiny dark bits on my legs where the tan has sunk into the pores a bit. It sounds disgusting, and doesnt look great so I shave the day before to avoid this.

I use Flake Away or The Breakfast Scrub both by Soap and Glory to exfoliate, Gilette Venus shaver to shave and then a Body Shop Body Butter or Soap and Glory The Righteous Butter.

Best body butters ever, smells amazing!

Day 2.
I have my shower and again apply a good body butter afterwards., focusing on any dry spots such as elbows and knees. I leave enough time for it to soak in and then I apply St Moriz Self Tanning Mousse with a tanning mitt.

St Moriz is a well known copy of the St Tropez Mousse Tanner, and is raved about all over the online beauty community. It is priced at around £3, which is amazing and means I can afford to keep up my routine. I buy tanning mitts from a cheap cosmetics store such as Semi Chem for around £4. Using the mitt means you dont get the streaky orange hands, and the velvety texture of it helps the tan go on more evenly and smoothly. I can use a mitt for about 5 times of tanning, and then I wash it. You can do this with the rest of your wash in the machine or by hand if youre worried it may stain your clothes. Ive not had this problem before but it could happen I guess. The mitt will look a dirty brown after the first use but it will still work just the same, I jsut wash it every so often to get rid of the tan build up on it.

My well loved tanning mitt looks horrible, but it works!

I tan my arms first, and pump my tanner onto the mitt not my skin. I use 2 pumps per arm, rubbing it thouroughly over the enitre arm and moving into various positions so you can see you are getting it everywhere at every angle. I do my tan in front of a mirror to make sure Im getting it even.
I then do my legs, which is usually around 3 pumps per leg, and use the same method. I then do my chest and stomach and then my back using the same method. I usually go back and repeat on my arms and legs making sure I blend out well at the shoulders, as these normally tan more on me and I find two coats is best for the look I want, not too orange but at least a bit of a difference!

The tan can look really dirty looking and scary but just go with it and it works nice :)

Always make sure to blend out onto the hands, going between each finger, and I do this with my toes as well so it doesnt look like my tan jsut stops at my ankles. Blend well into the hairline too and up the neck for a more blended and natural look, its best if you have your hair clipped up right on top of your head out of the way.

Ridiculous photo of me with my hair shoved on top of my head having just done my tan. I willlive to regret this I know, but hey were all friends here :)

Day 3.
I will shower around 24 hours after I did my tan the previous day, to make sure Ive given it time to develop and settle. Before you have the first shower, your tan can be a bit scary looking with St Moriz as the application guide colour is quite dark so you can see where to put it, you will see this all come away in the shower. Be warned, if you have a bath instead your bath water will turn a comical orangey colour! You will be left with a lovely more natural looking tan once youre out and dry.
I apply some form of moisturiser after every bath or shower when Im tanned, to keep it even looking, I find Girligo Moisturising Mist by Soap and Glory to be enough most days, or I turn to my well loved body butters if my skin is a little dry.

Day 4.
I repeat the same steps as Day 3.

Day 5.
This may sound gross, but I only shave my legs once every 5 days or so, as my hair is very light blonde and very thin, and it takes ages to grow, so I only need to shave this often, which Im quite pleased with. Understandably some people may need to more often so just carry this out a day or two earlier. I exfoliate today, ask there will be some dead skin cells by now and I want my skin to shed evenly so my tan doesnt go patchy. This step is very much the same as Day 1. I know some people say dont exfoliate and shave on the same day, but Ive always done this as my skin is not at all sensitive, I know this could irritate some skin types so jsut be aware of this if your skin is sensitive.

Day 6.
This all depends on how my tan is coming along, I will either just leave this day out or use it to false tan. I can usually go about a week but if I have a night out coming up or something I might switch it up a bit, and do it two days in a row for a deeper tan, it jsut all depends on my plans!

So I hope this was helpful in some way to some of you...Not quite sure how! But thanks for reading anyway :)