Friday, 29 April 2011

Five Good Things For Friday

Five1. How could I not have todays Royal Wedding in this post. I couldnt help but shed a tear when William told Kate "You look beautiful". I loved the dress, and everything about the day, it makes me incredibly proud to be English! Shes my new idol, and I think every girl in the country wants to be a princess now, Harry watch your back!

2. I placed an order with ELF earlier today for some products Ive been lusting after for a while, and with it being the Royal Wedding I got a free red nail polish and free postage by entering "KATESUK". Something in it for all of us!

3. My next door neighbour just got the most gorgeous puppies Ive ever seen, and I think David's mam wants one too so that means Ill be living with a gorgeous bundle of fluff! Im defiantly going to keep suggesting the idea to keep it in her mind gorgeous?!

4. The holidays are nearly over! I know this sounds crazy, but all I can think about is that I have so much college work to finish, and I can jsut never concentrate when I have time off, so I just need to get back into a routine for the next four weeks, finish my course and then Im freeeeee until Uni starts!

5. Ive came to realise how much I rely on my green tea. I ran out of teabags for about a week and actually noticed a big difference, in my skin, my hair and also how bloated I would feel after meals. Its made me love it even more because I know its doing me some good :)


A Real Life Fairytale Wedding

Im sure Im not alone when I say how amazing did Kate look today?! A true princess, and such an enchanting and magical day. Loved it!

Thursday, 28 April 2011

April Favourites

This is possibly the most products Ive ever had in a favourites post, I try to narrow it down. But this monh these products really have stood out to me and Ive been using them a lot. Im gonig to do proper reviews on some of them soon, but heres what Ive been loving through April...

Avon Angled Brush
This is the softest brush I own, its gorgeous. Its great for applyng blush, but especially useful for contouring with bronzer, I've used it everyday since I bought it.

Soap and Glory The Righteous Butter
My favourite body butter. I love this for before I apply my fake tan, it smells great, sinks in nicely and leaves you feeling moisturised not greasy. Its got a lovely texture to it its not too thick but not too runny, just perfect.

MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NW15
This is the perfect colour for my skin right now, it dries pretty quickly and is really buildable for nights out. It covers all my imperfections but still looks natural looking on the skin if you apply it sparingly. Just one pump does my enitre face and neck with ease so its going to last me ages. I couldnt be wthout this now.

Cherry Carmex Lip Balm
I thought I had lsot this but found it in a bag a few weeks ago. I forgot how amazing this is, its not too thick on your lips, just does the job of healing any chapped parts and really moisturises. It deserves its fantastic reputation.

V05 Weightless Volume Whipped Mousse
This was my holy grail hair mouse for years but I ran out in October and only just got round th getting a new one. I dont know what I did without this, it really does what it says on the tin, its totally weightleess but still gives plenty of lift, volume, and hold. My hair jsut feels rubbish witohut using this now.

Aussie Aussome Volune Shampoo and Conditioner
Ive noticed a real difference in my hair since I started using these. My hair lasts longer between washes without getting greasy, and it actually is more volumised when I wash it. Also the smell is amazing and lasts nicely in my hair for a day or so after its washed, I catcha whiff of it walking down the street now and againa nd it makes me feel lovely and fresh.

Soap and Glory The Breakfast Scrub
Just wow! I cant remember if Ive done a review on this or not but  will if I havent. This is a million times better than Flake Away (no greasy resiue leftover!). It has the best smell ever, like something you just wanna eat for breakfast, like maple syrup. Honestly the yummiest smell EVER! Its my holy grail scrub and it works well with my false tan too. Its just beyond amazing!

So thats my favourite products this moth, hope you enjoyed it!

Haul: Miss Selfridge/ OOTE: Good Friday

A bit of a late post, but bettr late than never!

This post is essentially about the same dress so I thought I could just roll it into one. About a week ago I needed a new dress for Good Friday. Where I live Good Friday is the biggest night out of the year, so one wants to look their best right? I found this dress at Miss Selfridge and had to have it...

Its bodycon but its made so theres room for hips, which is good for those that have them, but I dont so these kind of gaped on me but it was unnoticable if I pulled the dress down a bit, and in the darkness of the clubs nobody wouldsee anyway. This was £32 and I love it, and cant wait to wear it again. I especially love that its not just a palin vest dress, the wavy detailing on it is really interesting and different to most other dresses in the shops and its right up my street.

Heres what it looked like on the night, I didnt get a proper picture of it but you can see from these how it looked...
I wore it with some black heels and a black bag, pretty boring I know but I thought I would let the dress speak for itself.

I also got my eye on these bangles in the sale at Miss Selfridge for £3, bargain! Theyrre all interlinked so they dont come apart which is great, theyre so nice and I can see myself wearing them a lot.

Just a short post, hope you liked it and had a lovely Good Friday yourself

FOTD...Sippin' and Dippin'

I have found it quite difficult to get to grips with my Benefit Creaseless Cream, it kept creasing (yeh I know) and it wasnt going on my eyelids evenly. But Ive been persisting with it, and I was finally happy with the results today...I also had a day of using products I dont normally use which i did on purpose to try and get some use out of my less used products...

What a horrific photo haha...never mind!

 MAC Studio Fix Fluid NW15
Benefit Posie Tint
MAC MSF Natural Medium

MAC Shy Girl Cremesheen

Avon Supershock Mascara
Miss Sporty Brown Pencil Liner
Benefit Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow in Sippin and Dippin
Avon Healthy Glow e/s Duo Brown shade in crease

Yes the Avon e/s was in my recent Disappointing Products post, but it was lying around so I gave it a go, and the brown colour isnt too bad with a good base


My E.L.F Collection

Im sure many of you are aware fo the make-up company E.LF. (eyes lips face), and a lot of you will have tried some of their products, especially as tey are so affordable in comparison with other brands. Im not doing this post to brag, as  dont really have a lot of their products but I'd just tlike to talk about the ones I do have, so here goes...

So heres the goodies :) apart from the 100 palette which I totally forgot about, but its at the end of this post :)

Nail Polish in Party Purple - £1.50
How cheap is this?! The colour comes out true to the bottle colour on the nails, and its a really good formula, just as good as other polishes Ive paid much more for. For the rice its definatly worth stocking up on a few crazy colours you may not want to splash out on money wise. I would defiantely recommend their polishes and will be buying some more myself.

Daily Brush Cleaner - £3.50
This is great for cleaning brushes quickly between washes, spray a little on the brush then swirl it in a towel and a lot of the poduct comes off and your left with fresh smelling brushes that are good to go. It dries really quickly too so its great for spritzing on eye brushes when you want to use them on the same make-up look but for a new colour. Its lso great value for how much product you get, 250ml for £3.50...cant really complain!

Studio Make-up Mist and Set - £3.50
To me this is the cheaper alternative to Fix+ and for a fraction of the price. It has all the same benefits, and its in a good travel size bottle. I love how refreshing this is on the skin and I always set my make-up with this and I feel as though it makes it last longer, and it looks more natural afterwards. It claims to be full of vitamins and all that jazz too which is a nice bonus.

Blush and Bronzer Compact - £3.50
As you can tell I love this! The blusher is amazing, one of my favourites and it does have shimmer but it looks lovely on the cheeks and means you dont have to use much separate highlighter. The bronzer is really good too, I sometimes use this lightly over my face in the summer, but mostly on my chest area and my legs as it is shimmery so I wouldnt really use it to contour.

Complexion Perfection - £3.50
The different colours in this are meant to cancel out imperfections in your skin. Im not so sure of how well it does this, to me it just comes out like a white powder. Until I got my MAC MSF Natural I was using this every day to set my make-up and I still do sometimes as it works really well. It can be really good for when youve applied a little too much blush(im hopeless at doing this), it kinda calms it down to an acceptable shade haha. But yeh I will be repurchasing this with my next ELF order.

All Over Colour Stick - £1.50
This to me is similar to the Nars Multiples, for a tiny percentage of the price. This colour is a bit light to use as a blush, so I dont use t much, but there are other shades which could be really useful as blush or highlighters. It can also be used as a cream eyeshadow or on the lips, but personally I find it really drying on the lips and doesnt taste too good. I think I have jsut bee put of slightly as this colour doesnt do me many favours, but I would be willing to try other colours at this price!

Mineral Glow - £5.00
As with all loose powder/mineral type products, this can get rather messy to use, and therefore I dont use it much, unless Ive got loads of time to be careful over it. Having said that, when I do use it, it gives a gorgeous highlight, not too gliterry just a lovely shimmer. Also you get a laod of product for the price 10 grams for a fiver, pretty good! I do love this I jsut wish there was a less messy way of using it, it gets all over every surface.

Hypershine Lipgloss in Bubble Gum - £1.50
I looove this lipgloss! Its just a good product, tastes good, looks good, good staying powder, and its the middle man between sticky and basically being like water. These glosses are so good for the price and I'll definately be picking up more of them

Eyelid Primer - £1.50
This is probably the best eyelid primer Ive used. Granted I havnt used UDPP or Too Faced Shadow Insurance, but I dont see the point in spending the money on them when Ive found everything I want in this one. It leaves your eyelids feeling velvety and my eyeshadow stays put until I actually take it off without smudging or creasing, love it!

Theraputic Conditioning Balm in Strawberry Creme - £1.50
This again is another product I love from ELF. It may not have the miracle powers or Carmex or anything liek that, but it feels lovely and luxuriously smooth on the lips. It smells amazing too and it looks really cute :). Really lovely lip balm.

Top - All Over Colour Stick... See what I mean about the funny colour for my skin
Middle - Bronzer...This is a really heavy swatch, but I would never wear it this heavy on my skin obviously
Bottom - Blush...How gorgeous is that colour!
Side - Lipgloss...See it hiding near my thumb? It kinda matches the blush, love it!
(On my nails is Barry M's Strawberry Ice Cream)

Last But Not Least the 100 Shadows Palette, which I believe was Ltd Editon for Christmas.
However they do have 32 piece palettes at the mnute which look great.
I got this at the reduced price of £7.00...yes £7.00 for 100 shadows!
I love how this has nearly every colour you can imagine, so you dont have to splash out on individual bright colours that you may only use a few times.
The shadows are generally great quality across the whole palette, and last really well when used with the primer, I reach for this a lot!

So theres what I have so far, hope this was helpful in some way!

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Lust List #11 MAC Surf Baby Collection

Personally I love anything summery. This collection is just that, and I know many people hate limted edition packaging but I think this one is so fresh and perfect for summer time. Sometimes I go through MAC limited edition collections and want nothing (Quite Cute), and other times I want it all (Champale)...with this one Im somewhere in the middle. It has a lot of bright colours hat i would never wear, and a lot of bronzers which would probably turn me orange, but theres also a lot of beautiful summer shades in there too..

Anyway heres what I would love to pick up from the Surf Baby collection...

My Paradise Cheek Powder

Hibiscus Lipstick

Strange Potion Lipglass

Short Shorts Eyeshadow

Ocean Dip Nail Laquer

And thats it! Not too long of a list I dont think :)


Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Disappointing Products...#2

I totally forgot about this series, and I included loads of products in the first one, but Im jsut going to do a few products at a time because I honestly dont buy many crappy products, so I need to space these out a bit to make the series worthwhile, heres two for today...

Maybelliene Colour Sensational Lipstick in Mystic Mauve
   Now, I partly blame myself for this. I bought this product from Frangrance Direct for around £2. I know this site often has end pof line products and stuff and that is why they can sell them so cheap, so theres always the chance it could be slightly old...and I think I may have got a duff one with this.

   Im not saying for a second all the Maybelliene Lipsticks are like this, as frankly nobody would EVER in their right mind try this and buy this. The colour itself is quite nice, right up my street. But this is clearly out of date, which could be something to think about, as Ive had other lipsticks for YEARS and theyre still fine.

   This smells horrific, really bad and strong as soon as you take off the lid, like a mixture of old ladies and chemicals, yuk! It is also practically impossible to apply, its gone totally hard, and actually hurts to try and get any colour pay off, even on the back of my hand. It kind f crumbles too, which combined with the smell is what makes me believe its way past its expiry date. Im not holding this against Maybelline at all, but it has made me think twice before buying lipsticks from sites such as CheapSmells or Frangrance Direct as they clearly go off quicker than other beauty products. I hate this so much  binned it after taking the photo.

Avon True Colour Eyeshadow Duo in Healthy Glow

This has jsut been rubbish from the first day I had it. The pigmentation on the light shadow is just non existant. It is hard and shiny and its practically impossble to get any product from it, and what you can get from it is just practically invisible. The brown shade isnt as bad, but I never find myself reaching for it when I have much better quality neutral shades from MAC and ELF. I tried to take photos of swatches but theyre so weakly pigmented it really wasnt even showing up on camera. I have had a few eyeshadows from Avon and Ive hated them all for their lack of pigmentation so I wont be buying any more, although I do completely love some of their other products.

Monday, 25 April 2011

Lust List #10 ...ELF Products

I frequently browse the ELF website jut for the fun of it, and  thought I could make a lit of the product I want to try the most. Maybe this will help me keep track of what Im buying rather than just clicking away endlessly and then my moneys gone! If you have tried any let me know or any recommendations...Im gunna do an ELF collection post too soon

I guess this will be rather boring for anyone to read, but at least I can refer back to it...

Matte Finish Clear Top Coat

Nail Polish - Mod Mauve

Mineral Lipstick- Pouty Petal

bamboo contour brush

Bamboo Contour Brush

Studio Cream Liner - Black

Studio Eyebrow Kit

Eyebrow Lifter and Filler

Studio Blusher - Peachy Keen

studio stipple brush

Studio Stipple Brush

So thats my list (and Ive left a few bits out that I thought I could do without)

FOTE...Good Friday

I forgot to take any photos of my make-up before I went out for the evening but I thought I could jsut do it this way...heres a picture of me and my friend Jen before we went out on Good Friday, and you can kinda see my make-up from this.

MAC Studio Fix Fluid NW15
GOSH Creamy Compact Foundation in Beige
Benefit Dallas (contour)
Benefit Coralista (blush)
MAC MSF By Candlelight (highlight)
MAC MSF Natural in Medium

Eyeko Big Eyes Mascara
Avon Supershock Gel Liner
MAC Paintpot in Vintage Selection
ELF 100 Shadows palette, shimmery black blended out in crease.

S&G Sexy Mother Pucker lipgloss in Pink Apricot


Weekly Summary #9

So i completely missed out last weeks weekly summary, I dont really know why at all...never mind!

Last week consisted of Dave treating me to Frankie and Bennys (because I claimed being together 2 and a half years was anniversary worthy and therefore we needed to celebrate it). So that was yummy, also got my hair chopped off for the first time in about 8 months...I know Im naughty. Its barely there now and youl see it in pictures of this week Im sure. Also we went to a family christening which was a cross between boring and quite nice catching up with relatives.

So back into present day!

Its Easter YEY! If anyone doesnt know n the North East of England (and possibly other places), for most Easter means chocolate, new clothes, fish and chips on Good Friday, and getting completely wrecked all weekend. Not one to be left out I fully take part in all non religious festivities of the holiday!

Most of my week has been spent being completely lazy, but hey thats what Easter holidays are for.

Good Friday was spent with the family through the day eating my weight in fish and chips, then out on the night time in Shields with the girlies...

How short is my hair now =/

Saturday was spent eating my weigh, again, in McDonalds food, and me and my Dad went shopping for ome new bits for my bedroom for when its done, so excited!

Sunday was spent eating my weight in Sunday dinner, then another night out with the girls...and now tis Monday and Ive ate my weight in a Full English breakfast, and jsut had too much BBQ food.



Saturday, 23 April 2011

Five Good Things For Friday

Sorry its a day late!!

1. Leaving your ipod on shuffle and not letting yourself skips songs. Ive really discovered song long lost favourites doing this recently. Normally Ill skip to the same few songs, but this week doing this ahs rekindled my love for the Lighthouse Family, Stereophonics and James Morrison.

2. Karl Pilkington. I could be int he worst mood ever and I can listen to him speak and Ill be crying laughing within minutes. The funniest man to ever walk the earth, forget Rihanna, I wish he was my best friend haha.

3. Good Friday nights out, always entertaining!

4. Sunnnnnnshine!

5. Finding pairs of shoes that would go perfectly with your outfit on the day when they have been lost for months, perfect timing :)

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Lust List #9

Spring has officially sprung and is got me lusting after all things summery, currently picturing myself sat with these beauties on (obviously not all together) chilling in a beer garden with my favourites...

Pink Jelly Sandals
River Island
Dont hate me...just pure childhood nostalgia

Lace Up Hotpants
River Island
I like he lace up detailing, makes them a bit different from the other shorts I own

Brown Wood Stretch Bracelets
River Island
For some reason  love to bulk up on these kinds of bracelets in the summer, do I think Im some sort of California surfer girl? Yeh i wish.

Chiffon Bandeau Dress
Chiffon Bandeau Dress
How gogeous is this colour? I need!!

White Horse Print Tee
White Horse Printed Tee
Miss Selfridge
I think Im going to be brave this summer and rock the crop top/tied tee trend, the print on this one is really cute too.

Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20
Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser
I really wanna try this for summer!