Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Advice for my teenage self

I do realise its been almost a month since my last blog post and almost two weeks since my last video. Anyone who has ever been to university will know how hellish April and May are for essay deadline after essay deadline. This is what has been consuming all my time and will do so for the next 3 weeks. Hell.

However I fancied taking some time out to type up a really rambly post, just like the old days. Beth from Birds Words recently posted about advice she would give her teenage self. I've seen this in video form too and sure I did a post years ago on it but feel like doing it again! So here's the top 10 tips I would give my teenage self...

1. The four girls in this photo will still be your very closest friends in five years time. There is really no need to cry that youll never see them again when you leave school. However, you should really cherish being able to spend every day of the week with them as once school finishes, you'll never get to do that any more.

2. Don't worry so much about what others think of you. Share your thoughts without thinking people wont like you. Raise your hand to answer the question that you know the answer to. Don't shy away from showing everyone who you are and hide in the background of everything. You don't need to feel like you deserve to be a nobody, and those people who are considered "somebodies", wont be a part of your life at all once you leave school.

3. Break up with that poisonous boyfriend in January when you feel like you want to, dont drag it out until June. All it does is make life a nightmare for everyone involved. You could be spending all the hours you spent with him with your girls!

4. You know you're not IN LOVE with your prom dress, so take it back. You'll only end up looking back at photos wishing you had worn a dress you liked better. Its a god job your hairdresser got the sack weeks later. Also, just because the dress is lilac does'nt mean your eyeshadow needs to match!

5. Try not to be resentful towards your parents, they're both going through a hard time and only want the best for you. They're human too and make mistakes like anyone else. There is light at the end of the tunnel and everything will be ok, and you and Mam will be best friends like you used to be.

6. Dream Matte Mousse does absolutely nothing for your spotty flaky skin!

7. I know it gets you down and its completely gross, but don't pick at the acne on your back and face, it will only leave you with scars you hate or years to come.

8. Enjoy the fun times you can have with Ben before he hits his teens himself and can no longer take a joke and wont be seen dead with you.

9. It isn't a crime to hate your A Levels, you'll start a new course next year that you love so quit before college have a go at you and your mam sends you to counselling, insisting you're depressed when really you just hate English Literature and Sociology.

10. Don't go on the sunbeds two days in a row, you end up having to stay of school with the most excruciating prickly heat from head to toe. In fact, just don't go on the sunbeds at all.

Love, your future, wiser self!


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