Monday, 27 June 2011

FOTD,,,Strawberry Ice Cream

Firstly, totally off topic I wanna let you all know icase you hadnt already heard that ELF are currently running a 50% off code which I think is pretty cool, as if their products arent cheap enough already this is a huge bargain. Im trying to restrain myself saying as Ive broke the P10P twice already, I have some explaining to do! But I dont know if I can pass it up...we shall see!

Being the strange human I am, I matched my lipstick almost perfectly with the colours of the ice-cream on my top the other day....

Avon Instant Mocha Lipstick..sorry it doesnt say which range it is on the tube (yes, I know the pay off of this is nowhere near mocha)

Bourjois Helathy Mix Foundation in Vanilla 52
Rimmel Recover Anti-Fatigue Concealer (the shade rubbed off the packaging, sorry!)
ELF All Over Colour sitck in Persimmon (blush)
MAC MSF in Petticoat (blush/highlight)
Benefit Dallas (contour)
MAC MSF Natural in Medium

Mac Vintage Selection Paint Pot
MAC Blanc Type (all over)
MAC All That Glitters (crease)
Miss Sport Black Pencil Liner
Eyeko Big Eyes Mascara

Can you tell Im trying to use some products that I dont use very often?

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  1. Love this lip colour, it really suits you! The rest of your make-up is really pretty too :}