Sunday, 19 June 2011

My Current MAC Collection...and new additions!

I know some people hate collection posts and think it looks like showing off, but I like reading them, so Im gunna go ahead and do this one :) I dont have some kind of crazy collection, but I do love the products I have,including the new sneaky purchases that broke my P10P rules to show you. So I thought I could share them with you and recommend every single one of them.

Because its getting dark outsid I had to use lamp light, and my camera is bloody rubbish, so although I took about 50 swatch photos and have products all over my hands, they didnt come out good. Luckily I would say all of the products pay off jsut liek they look in the pan so let your imagination do the work this time :)

 Firstly the 217 Blending Brush...its the only brush Ive ever splashed out n from Mac but I hoenstly use it everyday, its transformed my eyeshadow application. It really pays to get good brushes.

 MSF Natural in Medium....This is my favourite setting powder for after Ive done all my face make-up, lovely, lovely powder.

Studio Fix Fluid in NW15...I think I should have bought NC15, but this is a good summer colour for me...Yes, with a tan Im still only NW15 =/. I use this everyday too and love it.

 Ladyblush Blushcreme is my favourite product for layering blush at the minute. Its the only creme blush I own and it gives a gorgeous colour pay off if you use a light hand. I love to put on a small amount of this then a powder blush on top to give depth and staying power.

Sheertone Shimmer Blush in Springsheen
is one of my new naughty purchases. I have no excuse, I just liked it a lot. It gives a lovely summery peachy colour with a goldy shimmer that means you dont need to use a separate highlight. Im so glad I broke my rules and bought this, my new summer blush of choice!

Blance Type (matte) is my other naughty purchase. But I didnt have a highlight colour so I felt I could justify it. It jsut a little lighter than my skintone so is a lovely all over lid colour for those days when I dont want to look like Im wearing heavy make-up. It also gives a nice natural looking brow highlight for daytime which doesnt look too much is daylight.

Vintage Selection Paint Pot was part of the Champale collection. I swatched it, walked around the Metro Centre for an hour pndering it and decided I needed it in my life. Im so glad I got it though, Its an amazing base, this stuff wont budge, and shadows over it wont either. Ive worn it with black shadows over it on night time...came home worse for wear and left my make-up on and woke up in the morning and my shadow was perfect. Now thats good staying power! Also it looks gorgeous alone too, so sparkly and lovely.

All That Glitters (Veluxe Pearl) is my most used eyeshadow ever, such a good all over lid goldy colour, it will match with any colour Ive ever tried through the crease. I would recommend this to everyone

Woodwinked (Veluxe Pearl) was my first ever MAC eyeshadow. I will always love this, its the perfect browny goldy tone to make the blue in my eyes really stand out.

Satin Taupe (Frost) is my favourite eyeshadow ever ever ever! It can be applied lightly for through the day and look lovely or can really be packed on for a sultry smokey night time look. Its so versatile and a gorgeous colour. If I could only have one MAC shadow it would be this.


Big Baby Plushglass is the only lipgloss kinda product I own from MAC (must sort this out soon!). I love the smell, like freshly baked shortbread biscuits. The colour is gorgeous alone or over most lipsticks. I never really stick to jsut one gloss, but this one is my must have and I use it ALOT. However its around £16 so I dont wanna use it too quickly, but its really addictive.

So sad that Viva Glam Gaga (Lustre) is discontinued and I didnt get a back up. Its much more wearable than it appears in the tube, and I love it both when Im pale or when Im (fake) tanned.

I picked up Shy Girl (Cremesheen) on a whim and I really do enojy it as a daytime colour. Its about as nude as I will go as I hate concealer lips look.But this is sort of peachy nude so I like it.

Bombshell (Frost) is a lovely pinky colour which I find wearable for daytime as well as gorgeous for night time. I use this the most out of my Mac lipsticks, and really love the look it gives.

I bought Ravishing on the recommendation of a MAC girl (I hate this term but what else should I say?) which I never normally would do. But I had a million swatches on my hand, originally going for a coral then liking themore muted tones. But she convinced me to go for this as it was about the only coral I hadnt the rest all seemed really scary bright to me. As soon as I seen it swatched, it was love and I instantly knew that was the one I had to have. I may sound dramamtic over a lipstick, but I was THAT excited by it. Everytime I apply it I feel as though its a good smmers day (even when it rains all summer here). I cant wait to wear this on holiday nights out to brighten up my look.

Thankyou if you got this far!


  1. I've just started shopping in MAC, I can see where the addiction to MAC comes from!!

  2. I love Makeup collection posts! Ravishing is my all time favourite and bought it when I'd picked up a million other coral lipsticks so it was literally the last one I went for... I love the springsheen blush, I might treat myself to that! great post!! xx

  3. Lovely collection! I'm so tempted to order some goodies from MAC now.. bad for the purse :(
    Satin Taupe is my all time fave eyeshadow too, its fab!