Sunday, 26 June 2011

MIA...And a bit of a ramble

I know Ive barely been on here recently. I took a load of pictures over thursday/friday to do some posts that I was quite looking forward to, and I took the memory card out of my camera and its literally disappeared. I swear I have The Borrowers living in my room.

So Im not gone forever, I just hate doing posts to fill out my blog that Im not really loving, so I would rather wait a few days, have a few more rummages around to try and find my memory card before I have to go out and buy a new one!

I feel as though doing random posts jsut to keep you guys with something to read would get really boring, for me and for you as it wouldnt be posts Im really into so Im jsut going to do things I really wanna write about to keep me interested in my blog.

Also, I did a whole post the other day, and without warning blogger deleted it all, and hadnt saved it. SO annoying, and I havent had the heart yet to redo it, but must get round to that as it was a Blog Award and I really appreciated it so thanks Hnnah Michelle!!

On a brighter note, Im really impressed with the tan/burn Ive aquired this afternoon sitting in the sun, well done British weather Im proud of you for once! I actually had my first 99 Ice cream with Strawberry Sauce of 2011 today, yey!

Also, my lovely boyfriend RAN Mt Snowdon in Wales today, yes he is crazy. But he did it in 1 hour 20 minutes which is insane! Im so proud of my own little action man paha.

Ive been dreaming every. single. night. about kittens, and having them. I was at my friends house and her cat jsut had a kitten and I got to see it when its jsut 5 days old. I could have cried it was so cute, and now I have my heart set on one...anyone who wants to find me one just like this one Ill love you forever!

Love yous all!

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  1. Oh you are so welcome, thats annoying about your camera too, it frustrates me so much when I lose things!! That kitten is just adorable!! x