Wednesday, 1 June 2011

May Favourites

Another monthly post of the proucts Ive been loving this it just me or are these posts feeling closer and closer together...May has flew by!

So heres all the goodies Ive been using a lot this month....

For some reason the picture of the V05 Weightless Volume Mousse just wont work, but you can see what it looks like above. The simple truth is that without a mousse my hair is flat as a pancake, it needs all the help it can get. This V05 mousse is my Holy Grail mousse by a mile. This is my third bottle now and I honstly couldnt be without it. I went for a while without using it an my har was just awful so I had to repurchase. It gives volume to thin hair, and doesnt leave it feeling full of product, it basically does what it says on the tin, just lovely.

Soap and Glory The Righteous Butter
Now you porbably all know abou my love affair with this product. It smells amazing, leaves your skin feeling amazing, and is just the best body butter in the world. It feels so silky to the touch as well which I love, I like this even better than the Boy Shop butters, which is sayng a lot because theyve always been my favourites.

Elf Eyebrow Treat and Tame
I love this for the "tame" side to use as an eyebrows gel to hol them in place all day. I love how it has a slight colour "ash" which is the perfect colour for my brows too, just perfect for finishing them off after my brow pencil. Ive use the treat en a few tims an alothough I cant say its made my eyebrows grow huge amounts, I do like the thought of it and should probably give it a proper go. I use this as part of my nightly rountine (when I remember), and it feels nice an smooth, not greasy or anything and sinks into the skin leaving no trace that it was ever there which I think is nice, dont think I would like to sleep with cakey greasy brows!

Natural Collection Pink Cloud Blush
This is hands down my most used blusher, ever. Although I guess it may not be my favourite of all time (Benefit Dallas), its so wearable for everyay wear and does give a lovely colour. The texture is lovely and silky as well an efinately oesnt fee or look as cheap as it actually is, around £2! Ive hear its a good dupe for MAC's Well Dressed, so I would definately recommend checking it out as a cheaper alternative. I use it most days and love the colour it gives. Its very forgiving, and very blendable an buildable and I just think its amazing for the price. 

Avon Glazewear Silky Shine Lipstick in Apricot
This photo makes this listick looks so dark and red when its really much lighter, sorry I forgot to do swatches! Firslty I love the rose gol packaing, very pretty an so much nicer than your average black. This reminds me very much of the Mac Sheen Supreme lipsticks, very gloosy and shiny an quite sheer. This lipstick is so wearable, very moisturising, and sheer but buildable. Its very much a "your lips but better" shade, but they o have a nice variety of colours. Im very tempte to look at getting some more as the formula and everything about these lipsticks is gorgeous!

Sigma F80 Synthetic Flat Top Kabuki
I just did a review on this brush yesterday and if you read that youll already know why its in this months favourites. It appliedmy founation flawlessly and I really wont use any other brush for my founation now (apart from the elf power burhs when this one is being washed). Its so soft, doesnt shed, and gives amazing coverages of liquid, cream, and powder products, my favourite brush ever!

MAC 217
I use this brush every single day with my eyeshadow. It applies and blends like a dream, I would actually like to have two of these one just for blending and one for applying but Im not that rich haha. So glad I got this as my first MAC brush, very impressed.

Urban Decay Naked Palette
How could I not include this? I waited for month and months and now its all mine :) Its a favourite for all the reasons everyone else says about it, perfect colours, in cute packaging and great for travelling, I cant wait for my holidays to only have to take this for eyeshaows and have a million looks I can create just using this.



  1. Ohh I might have to try out the Volume Mousse as my hair is super lifeless right now!! x

  2. I love that Natural Collection blush, I have been using mine every day! Such a great product for tiny price :)

  3. I agree May flew by! Can't believe it's June already. :)

    I'll have to try the elf treat & tame!

  4. Great favourites :} Heard quite a lot about the Natural Collection blush will have to check it out. If you want a cheaper alternative to the MAC 217 I love and use the Sigma E25!


  5. I have the naked palette and pink cloud and love them both x