Wednesday, 1 June 2011

May Empties

Not many empties this month, but at least Ive got rid of a few products taking up space in my drawers...

Firstly apologies for the grainy picture, my camera as Im sure youre aware is totally buggered!

Avon Supershock Mascara
My Holy Grail mascara. This dried up ages ago but I kept using it until last week I ha to give ti up an break into my back-up, an Im so glad I did. I didnt realise jsut how dried up this had become until I opened the new one and was blown away by how fantastic it is. Totally reminded of why I love this mascara so much, so Im glad Ive got ri of this an opened my new one :)

Collection 2000 Liquid Liner in "Ebony"
So I cant give the proper name of this as the packaging wore away after about a week of having this so I cant see the name. But its basically Collection 2000's black liqui liner, and I honestly HATE this. Its everything you dont want in a liquid liner, it flakes off sooooo easily, looks dry and awful, and takes a few coats to be opaque. I just couldnt get this to work for me in any way, an because of this, and because Ive had it lying in my rawer for at least 18 months Ive decided its time I bin it.

Avon Mistake Proof Mascara
I hate to be negaitve about products but this mascara was horrenous from the word go. It comes with a "corrector" end which is a sort of gel that can be applied wth the wand in an attempt to erase an mistakes of mascara on the skin. To me this just ruined my foundation and smudged the mess around, not good at all. I think theyve deliberately made this mascara so watery so that you need to put the corrector to use almost every time you use this. I rarely have problems with founation smudging onto my skin while I apply it, but no matter how often I try this I cant help but get it everywhere. Ive had it well over a year now, it still hasnt dried out to a useable formula, its now flakey an old and still smudgey and awful, just yuk!

Maybelliene Dream Creamy Foundation
This was the foundation I used before I found the online beauty community, so I picked it with little to no research or recommendations, and after learning so much I would still repurchase this. ts such a lovely creamy formula, nothing like Dream Matte Mousse or anything awful any drying likethat at all. It gives really nice coverage, applies so easily and is just really nice overall. Ive had nothing much left in here for months now so its time I chucked it out, but if I had a few spare pennies I would buy it again.


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