Thursday, 16 June 2011

My Holy Grail...Foundation

I thought a nice idea for a kind of series on my blog woul be to show you guys what I consder to be my holy grail options from each kind of beauty product. I think its a goo way to see what proucts are good as they are my ultimate must haves, my cant-live-without products.

Rather than do one huge long post Im going to do inividual posts for each item, for its own chance for the spotlight, so I can really talk about what I love about them.

So first It may or may not come as a suprise o you that my choice is Bourjois Healthy Mix. Although I do use Macs Studio Fix Fluid every day recently, its not quite Holy Grail standard to me, I love Healthy Mix wayyy more,sorry Ive got no swatches, my camera woulnt play nice :(

I currently have the shade 52 vanilla, which at the time I didnt know would be a little too dark for me. Its my more summery colour for when my skin is more tanned, but for winter I know Ill have to buy shade 51, which Im fine with as its reasonably cheap...I bought it for around £10 in December.

As its a "drugstore" foundation I wasnt expecting miracles, but it really is the best foundation Ive tried, and I would say Ive tried a vast amjority of the drugstore foundations currently on the market. I would say for sure its definately the best available, however I cant speak for more expensive brans as I havent had much experience with them.

Another are that make sit good value is its packaging. Fair enough, its not really a pretty bottle you would want to display on your dressing table but its good value as the way it pushes the prouct up the bottle as it gets used up means it uses up every single drop of the foundation. You can see this as over time the foundation is pushed higher up the bottle, an the bottle leftbehin is totally clear so when you get 30ml, you really will use 30ml an not have half of it left caked inside the bottle. Ii also like that it has a pump so its easy to control how much you want from the bottle.

I personally am a huge fan of the dewy look. I dont aim for a matte face ever really as I fear it looking too fake. I like to look fresh faced, and this foundatino provides this. It gives a really good coverage which suprised me as other more dewy foundations I have tried in the past give poor coverage (Bourjois 10 Hour Sleep Effect and Rimmel Beyond Nautral Im talking to you), and this really stands out against them because of this.

The bottle claims it will last 16 hours, not that Ive ever timed it (which I probably should when Im reviewing it...bag blogger), but I would say this foundation generally lasts all day on me. I always set it with a powder anyway as I do with any foundation, but this one does seem to last well like it says it will. I like how it says it contains fruits such as apricto and melon and says they will provide raiance, hydration, anti-oxidants and enery to the skin. Now, this could all be in my head, but I notice an improvement in my skin when I used this everyday. I converted to Macs Studio Fix Fluid, and I wouldnt say that it broke me out, it just dint give my skin a glow like this did. When I use this regularly my skin is actually much better overall, which is brilliant!

Oh, and I mention it smells gorgeous!



  1. I love this foundation, I need to start using it again! Great review :)

  2. I love love love this foundation!! xx

  3. i use this too and love it. their colour range is pretty naff though. i've had it in so many colours and none are the right shade so far xx