Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Help me?!

So my problem is I keep trying to follow new blogs, and I  can be logged into Blogger, find a good blog and want to follow them but it always says Im signed out in the top corner. I click to sign in, and when I do it takes me back to the homepage. Its so frustrating as it means it cant follow blogs that I really like!

Anyone know how to help me please? :)



  1. Try using a different browser. :)

  2. Try using Firefox? When im in IE it never lets me comment on blogs!

    I dont even check to see if im logged in, i just click follow and usually it comes up in a pop up.

    Other than that you could follow them via bloglovin' - which is a good option as blogger seems to have problems recently, so with bloglovin you will still be able to read posts!