Friday, 24 August 2012

Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray

If you watch any of my youtube videos, you will be sick to death of hearing me go on and on about this product. But for me, its the perfect summer hair product, so I thought I should give it its own proper review.

The Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray is basically a salty sea-water spray that gives that "just walked off the beach" hair. Beachy tousled hair is my absolute favourite, and I think its the style that suits my own nautal blonde hair the best. This spray allowed beachy locks without the beach, which lets face it, we cant all access every day unfortunately!

I believe you can use this spray on damp freshly- washed hair, which Ive never tried but Im sure it would give great results. Personally I spritz it all over as my last step when I style my hair. Its especially great when Ive used my Babyliss Curling Wand as it breaks up the curls and makes it look more natural.

It was an amazing product to take on holiday, and I wore my hair like in the picture below most nights. With most hair products I usually find it tricky to use just the right amount, I usually go overboard and ruin my hair. With this you can use a lot without it weighing your hair down, which is good if you get a little heavy-handed like I do!

I love the matte textre and look it gives to the hair, some say it dries their hair out but I dont think it does. I wish this look was appropriate all year round...somehow I cant see it going well with my sparkly Christmas dresses!
The only dwnside is the price is £20.50 for 125ml. It sounds pretty steep but this bottle will last me for years to come and £20 over a few years is practically pennies. Its totally worth it and Id repurchase again and again.

What do you think of the Surf Spray?


  1. Ah I always thought it would feel weird spraying a sea salt spray on dry hair! Ive got lots I should use up before purchasing this one though! (Sensible Leanne!) I should start using them more really! I used to use them ALL THE TIME! x

  2. quite pricey but if its as good as you say it sounds like it would be worth it! have you ever tried the salt spray by charles worthington? would love to see what you think of that in comparison to the surf spray!
    nicola xxx

  3. great post, makes me want to go to a hot country and leave this terrible weather hahhaa
    kirsty x