Sunday, 12 August 2012

Clarins Self Tanning After Sun

Its been almost two months since my last holiday (time flies), and with no real summer here Ive had little use for this product for a while now. But, the times I have used it I absolutely loved it, so there was no way I could let the summer pass by without discussing it.

The product in question is the Clarins After Sun Moisturiser with Self Tan. I bought this with the knowledge that I was going away on holiday with girl that tan easy, and I dont. This was intended to boost my tan to keep up with everyone elses, and boy did it perform!

This aftersun does the perfect job at enhancing your tan. The self tan in it isnt orange at all, and just adds nicely to any natural tan youve picked up. However, this does have more tan in it than I first anticipated. On the first application I just slapped it on like any other after sun....and woke up to streaks and orange hands the next day. By just applying it a little more carefully and washing your hands after, any of these accidents are avoided. It also sins in really quickly and evenly, so not much waiting around in the bathroom windmilling your arms around!

In terms of its purpose as an aftersun, its not the type I would slather on continuously on a night time to ease sunburn. I used a different one just for the purpose of cooling and soothing, this was more for the tanning purposes. Also I think its a little expensive at £18 for 150ml to just be chucking it on a load of sunburn constantly. Another factor in this is that I dont know if this would intensify the false tan in it and maybe look a bit strange?!

The product itself just comes out like a white lotion and sinks in like any after sun would, so its not too scary or "fake-tan-ish". Something else worth mentioning is it doesnt smell like false tan not one tiny bit, bonus! I love the extra glow and boost it gives to the tan Ive already got on holiday. For once in my life I felt like a bronzed goddess after using it (maybe minus the goddess part), so just for that its worth every penny to me!

I couldnt recommend this after sun enough, I dont think Id ever go on holiday without it now. I got mine from for £18 with free delivery!

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