Sunday, 12 August 2012

Products I'm Hitting Pan On

Its not often I finish a make up product. Body care, hair care...I go through like no tomorrow. The occasional eyeliner or mascara gets used up, but its not so often I use a lot of a "pan" product. By which I mean those that are packaged inside a metal, well, pan. So its kind f a big deal to me when I "hit pan" on a product. I realise this is quite pathetic, but it excites me and I dont know why. So heres the products Im currently hitting pan on...

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in 003 Peach Glow
This setting powder has served its purpose well. Its been great for setting my makeup with, but does create quite a matte finish as the name suggests. I prefer a more dewy look, but my skin can tend to look a little oily so only a small amount of this dusted over my face does the trick. Its very cheap too which is always a bonus. 

GOSH Creamy Compact Make-up in Beige 2
This is basically a cream foundation. I had a penchant for cream foundations when I was about 17...and Ive had this since then, which explains how gross and battered it looks! Its probably well past its expiry date but thats not something Im too fussed with. I actually love this, it creates an amazingly flawless base. Sadly I think its been discontinued as I cant find it anywhere, so I have been using this little bit sparingly. I think Ill always have a cream foundation in my collection though, theyre my favourites for nights out.  

Natural Collection Eyeshadow in Willow
This is the first eyeshadow Ive ever hit pan on, and its the cheapest one I own too! The only blush Ive ever finished was also Natural Collection, which speaks volumes that cheap doesnt always mean its rubbish. Anyway, I absolutely love this eyeshadow the perfect lightish taupey shade. Its also really nice quality, and only about £2...Bargain!

What products are you hitting pan on? I think it shows which products are really truly loved!

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