Saturday, 11 August 2012

Saturday Morning Style Lusts

Maybe not the catchiest title ever but Im working on it. I was thinking about doing a weekly series, and the time in the week I always have plenty time to spare is a Saturday morning. I have a Saturday "wandering the shops" ritual with my mother, which always starts at noon...were wierd. 

So "Saturday Morning Style Lusts" is born, because on Saturday Mornings Im going to talk clothes. Fashion and style isnt something Im naturally good with, so maybe this will help. Itll be a mixture of trends Im loving, particular outfits Iv seen on celebrities that Im loving, and whole outfits Ive put together via clthing websites that I wish I owned. Essentially none of this is going to be my own clothes, as then it woudnt be a "lust". Trust me, my wardrobe is nothing to lust over.

So without further rambling, Ive been loving the black studded clutch bags that seem to be everywhere, so Ive decided to put together a day and a night look for it. I took this as a challenge as a friend of mine said "Its quite a lot to spend on a clutch you could only use at night". 


Im very much a girl that lives in black, so I think I did well to sneak a little orangey-red into the mix. Id wear the skirt a little high wasited so as not too show too much tummy, and I think the dip hem works nicely to show off those gorgeous wedges! 


Id tuck the skull vest into the skirt, I think its quite cute for only a tenna! Ive been loving the jacket for ages now and feel I must have it very soon. The sandals were thrwn in to add a little colourful option, they had them in hot pink too which I think would look just as good. Most days I would probably opt for my trusty Converse Lights, so comfy and great for as the weather turns colder. 

Not so sure these posts are a great idea for my bank balance!


  1. I like this post idea! And i love both outfits you put together :) x

    1. Thanks! I now need everything on both of them haha x