Thursday, 23 August 2012

Origins Out of Trouble Mask

In the past the only facemasks I've really ever purchased came in sachets for £1 in Superdrug, and usually peeled off like a kind of second green skin after 15 minutes.
I thought they were fun, but didn't really do a lot.
Origins Out of Trouble face mask has changed my mind completely about face masks as a whole.
This most definitely does something.

I bought it in a moment of desperation when my skin was really acting up. The lady at the counter convinced me this would sort my spotty skin right out, and she was right.
The mask is applied on problem areas, or the whole face if you wish, for 10 minutes then washed away. I personally just use a small amount on spotty oily areas as I dont want to waste it where its not needed. 
Its a rather thick consistency as you can see below, and that small amount is usually about how much I use at  a time. I think this makes the 100ml tube costing £20.00 well worth it, considering I used to pay £1 per one-use sachet which did nothing for my skin. Ive used this about once a week for three months now and Im nowhere near finished!

As far as the experience and results this mask gives, Im very impressed. It feels luxuriously thick to apply, and once on my face Ive found it to tingle slightly for a few minutes. Nothing uncomfortable, but it certainly feels like its working. Once its washed away and my skin has dried theres instantly a noticeable difference.
My skin feels squeaky clean, and noticeably less oily. Spots seem to calm a little, and I think it really makes a difference to how angry and long lasting my blemishes are. I find that it doesnt dry my skin out at all, even when I do use it on my whole face. However my skin is fairly oily so this could differ with drier skin types.

Overall I would highly recommend this mask to anyone that wants to tone down the oiliness of their complexion, clear blocked pores, and keep spots at bay.
I cant wait to try the other Origins masks, Ive heard theyre all just as amazing


  1. I really want to try some Origins skincare! When my skin was very oily I had a sample of the charcoal face mask and it worked really well! xx

    1. I swear by Origins, everything Ive had from them has been really nice x

  2. ooh great review, i really need to get into the habbit of applying face masks more regularly! let us know if you try any other origins masks - i'd love to see a comparative post maybe?!
    also loove the new look of your blog!
    nicola xxx

    1. Ah thankyou, nice to know y noticed the little changes :)
      Yeh Ill definately post if I get my hands on any of the others