Thursday, 2 August 2012

July Empties

As with my monthly favourites, my monthly empties have tended to appear on my youtube channel rather than my blog recently. I find it the easiest way to discuss quite a few products at once. The video is up now, here! 

Every month I wonder how Ill have enough empties to make a full video at the end of the month, but somehow my little box always ends up like this...

As you can see theres rather a lot. Ive decided to include sachets and samples as I still feel slightly smug when I make a small dint in my pile of samples. Is that wierd?

Of course I discuss each one in depth in the video. I find these empties videos really insightful as to the real true performance of a product when the person discussing it has used it up entirely. 

Hope you enjoy the video as much as I enjoy the satisfaction of using these all up...Again, wierd?


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