Friday, 11 March 2011

Five Good Things For Friday

1. My brother goes skiing with his school tomorrow, it sounds terrible but Im looking forward to a week of peace without a stroppy teenager making life more difficult. I hope he enjoys it though, win win situation all round haha. He looked hilarious trying his stuff on today...Molly wasnt very happy.

2. Tomorrow is my dear friend Natalie's birthday night out, weve all been looking forward to it all week so it should be a good night :) Happy Birthday if you read this lovely!

3. Tonight is curry night, yumyum. Curry is always something to celebrate haha

4. I found my "I <3 London" hoody which I thought I'd lost. Its a mens large, so is hilariously huge on me but its soooo cosy :)

5. Im excited to see how my giveaway here to enter!



  1. Thank you Hayley! I know yous will make it a great night! xox

  2. Happy Birthday to ya friend Natalie! Oooh peace and quiet for a week hey, bless him, bet come the middle of next week your be missing him! ha xxx

  3. Haha aww youre probably right, I feel bad for putting it in here now xxx