Sunday, 6 March 2011

Tag: Eight!

I came across this tag post at sugarbeauty and thought I could give it a go myself saying as Im having a little writers block on what to write about...any requests would be great for some inspiration :)

8 TV shows I watch

1 Sex and the City 
2 The Hills (The Lauren Conrad Years)

3 Glee

4 Celebrity Juice

5 Dancing On Ice

6 Loose Women

7 Wild at Heart

8 Secret Diary of a Call Girl

8 favourite places to eat
1 Bistro Romanos...rather expensive though, only for special occasions!
2 favourite of many curry places on the famous Ocean Road
3 Mams house :)
4 My local McDonalds
5 Pride of India...indian takeaway
6 takeaway
7 Abrakebabra...always open when we have the munchies after a night out haha.
8 The Fountain...good pub grub
(clearly I like to eat healthily =/)

8 things I look forward to
1 Holidays
2 My Birthday
3 Christmas
4 Finishing College
5 Going to see Rihanna again :)
6 Getting a job
7 Passing my driving test
8 Having my own house...haha I wish!
8 Things that happened yesterday
1 Lucy got a date on Take Me Out haha
2 Had a lie in
3 Went for lunch with my Mam and her best mate...the food was awful...I would advise anyone in South Shields never get food at The Maltings!
4 Convinced my Mam into buying loads of yummy food when we went for her weekly shop.
5 Had pizza for tea...god old Donatellos
6 Watched an episode of An Idiot Abroad, fantastic
7 Had a rather refershing walk along the sea front, my legs are aching today!
8 Popped to Dads for a bit.
8 Things I love about winter
1 Christmas of course!
2 Hot comfort food
3 Christmas smelling stuff, like candles
4 Lush Christmas Collection
5 Home Alone
6 Christmas songs
7 The final stages of X Factor
8 Party Season
8 Things I love about summer
1 The heat
2 Loads of time off college
3 Our sea front, sitting out in the beer gardens next to the beach, The Sundial is a favourite of my family.
4 Minchellas Ice cream Parlour
5 Being outside so much more
6 Getting a tan (hopefully)
7 Barbeques
8 Garden parties

8 Things on my wishlist
1 More driving lessons/test
2 A car...any car!
3 A holiday
4 Louboutins
5 Burberry Mac
6 Apple Macbook Air
7 Clarisonic
8 Nars Laguna

8 Things I'm passionate about
1 My puppy bless her
2 Family
3 Loyalty
4 Honesty
5 Blogging haha
6 Finishing college with Distinctions
7 Hmm...Im a little stuck now, animals?
8 Being a teacher in the future

8 Words or phrases I use a lot
1 "Like"
2 "eh"
3 "surely"
4 "I dinna like"...I must sounds like sucha  geordie tramp by this list!
5 "oh my god"
6 "probs"...this one irritates David so I say it more haha
7 "Bbz" a joke
8"lol" or "haha" in texts and messages, constantly

8 Things I've learned from the past
1 You only get one life, dont waste it being unhappy
2 Go with youre gut instincts, theyre usually right
3 You cant trust everyone, people should have to earn your trust
4 People will lie about anything and everything, dont believe everything you hear
5 If something makes you happy dont listen to people telling you its stupid or boring, if you enjoy it then thats all that matters
6 Family always comes first
7 Money isnt everything, you can be happy with very little money
8 If you dont understand something, ask questions, or youll always stay confused

8 Places I would love to visit
1 New York...obviously :)
2 Paris again, because I was too young to appreciate it the other times.
3 The Amazon, even though Im terrified of spiders
4 The Seychelles, they look so beautiful
5 California, so I could feel like I was on The OC
6 Australia
7 I want to go back to Florida, and this time visit Miami as well.
8 I want to go back to Marbella again, its lush
I tag you all :)



  1. This is a great idea!. I'm catching up on celebrity juice right at this momoment hah.
    I carn't belive lucy ended up getting a date!, bless her she always left her light on!

  2. ive just done this tag :) thank you for the idea