Monday, 28 March 2011

March Favourites

MAC MSF Natural in Medium
I feel like I write something about this is almost every pos I do these days, and I'm sorry if its boring you guys, but I couldn't not have this in my monthly favourites. I can now see why everyone is hooked, its jsut the perfect setting powder, with enough coverage for those brave days without foundation just to brush a bit of this over my face and Im good to go. Also I think the shades are quite versatile because in the pan this looks darker than my skintone but compliments it perfectly.

Eyeko London Lips Lipgloss in Primrose Hill
This has been my lipgloss of choice recently. It may not be to some peoples tastes as it definately has a thick and sticky feel to it, but personally I quite like it, and it means it stays put for ages. It smells and tastes like sweets and its got a lovely shimmer to it, which looks like scary glitter in the tube but dosnt pay off that way on the lips. Yumm :)

Garnier Simply Essentials Comforting Cleansing Milk
I bought this last week when I was skint but had ran out of my current cleanser. In recent years Ive jsut been using cleansers which I can use in the shower, which has meant Ive been lazy with my cleansing as I can never be bothered to go into the bathroom on a nighttime jsut to cleanse my face. So with m tiny budget I found this in Boots at £2.99. I just use it with a cotton wool pad and it takes my make-up off brilliantly, even waterproof mascara with ease. It doesnt sting at all it does actually feel comforting to the skin, and leaves my face feeling clean and soft. Its actually encouraged me into a proper cleansing rountine day and night whereas I used to just lazily rely on face wipes. Love this!

E.L.F Makeup Mist & Set
I got this with a promo code on the E.L.F website a few months ago when they were giving it away free with your purchase. I must say I would never have purchased this normally as I would only have thought it would be a gimmicky product that did nothing. Im not sure if it actually makes your make-up stay on longer, but I like to think it does. I always spray it on my face after Im done my make-up, I feel it heps my foundation and powders merge well with the skin and each other, so they dont look powdery or cakey and it gives a more natural look overall. Its also amazingly refreshing after the gym!

MAC Blushcreme in Ladyblush
I bought this is a hurry as I seen it in the Goodbyes sction of the MAC website and had been wanting it for ages so I bit the bulet and went for it. I used to only use creme blushes but had been using powders a lot the past few years so I thought it was high time I gave the cremes another shot. This certainly lived up to my hopes. It gives a gorgeous colour and a healthy sheen to the apples of my cheeks and I just can't praise it enough. 

Royal Brushes Blending Brush
I bought this randomly for around £2 with one of m fragrance direct orders a few month ago. Its not by any means a round brush its more long and thin, and its not dense at all either. I cant even say its really a soft brush, and it sheds a lot. But for some wierd reason I love it and use it every day. Its probably because Im not used to high end brushes so Im alright with it being the way it is, but I find it so versatile. I can easily contour and apply blush with it, but mos recently Ive been using it with my MSF Natural instead of my kabuki brush, I just like it better.

Soap and Glory's Hand Food
I am a hand cream addict, I apply it a millino times a day, sometimes twice in ten minutes Ill reach for it from my bag without even realising Ive just applied it, and Ill do it all over again, I just like the feel of it. This is by far the best hand cream Ive came across. The packaging is really cute, it smells amazing, its lovely and thick but it sinks in quick enough and doesnt leave a really greasy feel to your hands, but leaves them feeling well moisturised. Love it so much!

Swatches of Eyeko Lipgloss and MAC Ladyblush



  1. I love Ladyblush too - is it really a different colour now? That's really sad, I haven't had a look at any of the new cream blushers out yet.


  2. Great faves, I've been wanting to try something from Soap & Glory I love the packaging! :)

  3. Soap and Glorys really good for trying out cos they make the travel size bottles of things too so you can try it before you commit to huge amounts of product :)

    and yeh from what i seen on the site the colour looked really different to me :( so sad about it xx

  4. Aww!Gorgeous favourites and ladyblush is in my wishlist!!After your post not for long I must admit!!Thanks hun!!!