Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Im Still Here!! & Giveaway

Just a verrrrry quick post to let you lovelies know that I havent dropped off the face of the Earth, or quit my blog or anything!

Im now in my final 6 weeks of college doing a BTEC, and anyone who has done a BTEC knows jsut how much time and effort has to go into endless amounts of coursework. Todat Ive actualy wrote over 10,000 words!

So when Ive been getting in from college Ive either had loads of work to crack on with, or like to day I havnt got in from doing coursework until half 6 tonight and Ive been there since 9 this morning, so im jsut wiped out and cant even think about more typing on a computer haha!

Hopefully Ill be done sooner than later and Ill be right back into blogging, but Im going to try and keep up with it anyway.

Another thing....My Giveaway ends tomorrow! Ill be annoucing the winner sometime tomorrow (probably night time as Im in college until 6 again). So its your last 24 hours to enter so gogogo!!! Click here to go to my giveaway.

P.S... I want these for Easter!



  1. Good luck with the last few weeks Hayles, looking forward to having you back properly soon!xxx

  2. aw, i'm feeling the same, except with me it's working constantly! i'm working nights, so all i want to do all day is sleep :(
    good luck with your last wee while though! :) x