Monday, 14 March 2011

Weekly Summary #6

I got some amazing news, my uncle is 50 in October, and he is a bit on the wealthier side as he owns four businesses, which means hes treating my entire family, including me and david to a 10 day holiday in Lanzarote for when its his birthday. How amazing is that! Possibly the most generous man Ive ever met, Thanks Uncle Brian!!

Had a little catch up with my good friends Tabitha and Amy, and we went to see The Audjustment Bureau with Matt Damon and Emily Blunt, I didnt expect much from the film but it was totally different to what I thought it would be like and it was sooo good. Its one of those films that has you thinking about your own everyday life, so clever.
Also ate in total SEVEN pancakes today, I really do need to get to the gym!

I started my blog giveaway on wednesday too which ends two weeks from today (23rd of March), go enter it if you like :)

I spent Friday trawling the streets of Newcastle with Mother Bear trying on clothes we cant afford, then covered myelf in about 4 coats of St Moriz before chilling out watching Mean Girls with a takeaway curry.

Saturday night was my girls night out which was so much fun...

Love my girls :)


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