Thursday, 31 March 2011

MAC Haul

Today David and I went for a run out to the Metrocentre, mainly to find some half decent Mothers Day gifts. I ended up buying my Mam two yankee candles (soft blanket and sandalwood vanilla) and these sandals from Zara.

But I also got a little treat from David which Im so happy with. He knows I love MAC so he took my to get a new foundation, and I ended up with Studio Fix Fluid in NW15, and on top of that the MAC 217 brush, so Im really happy with my shopping lent ban for make-up doesnt count if its a gift right?

Im so excited to try both of my new goodies out tomorrow, and after a few days Ill give a review to let you guys know what I think of them.

Hope you're all having a lovely day/evening!



  1. ooh very nice indeed! btw ya new blog layout etc looks fab xx

  2. That is so sweet of him :o) by the way I absolutely love the new header of your blog..that quote is lovely! I think I will write it down :o) xxxx

  3. Loving your new blog layout sweets, you're making me crave the Metro Centre right now! Was supposed to be there tomorrow, but had to cancel my trip :(

    Hope you love the Studio Fix Fluid, it's my Holy Grail! :) x