Saturday, 5 March 2011

Five Good Things For Friday...on Saturday

I was pretty busy yesterday so I never got round to my friday post, so here it is on Saturday...five good things.

- Alex Pettyfer in I Am Number Four....I went to see it last night and I really liked it, especially because I got to stare at his beautiful face for hours. I also love that the girl who plays Quinn in Glee has a good role, I love her character.

- My Mam is taking me out for lunch today which should be nice.

- My nails are finally strong again, and no longer the awful orange colour they went off too much time under nail polish, after a few weeks of bare nails Ive finally put my favourite Barry M Raspberry Nail Paint on, Ive really missed pretty coloured nails.

- Finished watch my DVD set of An Idiot Abroad. Its actually the funniest thing Ive EVER seen, like I was crying laughing at the tele, and I never do that. I would recommend everyone watches it. If you havnt experienced the wonder that is Karl Pilkington youre really missing out.

- Its pancake day on Tuesday! Yey! This means its not long until easter and for some reason (Im not religious) I really love Easter. And Tuesday is a good excuse to make Pancakes for every meal if you so wish and nobody can say anything.

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  1. Seriously love an idiot abroad! He doesnt even have to say anything to be funny, just staring at his face makes me crease!
    Cannot wait for an idiot abroad 2! They talked him into it apparently haha!