Saturday, 5 March 2011

Haul: Avon

I ordered a few bits from Avon recently and they arrived yesterday. Nothing particularly special but I thought I could show you anyway...

I stocked up on a few of my favourites. I use the Supershock gel eyeliner every single day, and it is by far the best eyeliner Ive came across, Ive converted all the women in my family to using it. However it is so soft and creamy that you go through it quite quickly. Mine is quickly running down so I thought I had better get one for when that one runs out.

The same goes for the Supershock Mascara. Ive had about six of these mascaras now, which says a lot becuase I usually mix up my mascaras, but I always have one of these in my collection because I jsut know itll perform well whenever I need it. Both the eyeliner and the mascara are currently in the beautiful "luxe lace" packaging which I just think is really pretty, and its meant to be limited edition so I thought best to get these now before they go back to the plain old black tubes.

I also bought the Vanilla Peach Bubble Bath because they were on offer, I dont remember now but it was only like £1.00 for a 500ml bottle. Luckily it smells good enough to eat, like a peachy ice cream, cant wait to use this!

The kids Detangling Spray may seem a bit mad, but my auntie swears by it before drying her hair so when its brushed all the tangles come out easily meaning you dont have to pull as harshly with the brush. Not only does it hurt but Im pretty sure it contributes to the many split ends I seem to be collecting these days. The longer my hair grows the more tangles it seems to get in it so I jsut thought this would be a handy little purchase. Also, it smells amazing, the scent is watermelon and kiwi, yum!


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  1. Great haul, I've heard a lot of good things about the eyeliner! :)