Wednesday, 9 March 2011

What I'm Giving Up For Lent...

Im not an overly religious person, Im christened and everything but I wouldnt say Im very religious. However I do like to follow the traditions, I guess Im a fair weather Catholic, wont do the confessions but happy to join in the festivities. Sorry if Ive jsut annoyed any Catholics out there!

Anyway, I always give something up for lent. Normally its quite easy, crisps, fizzy drinks, sweets. But I dont really find it a challenge to be honest. So this year Im giving up shopping. This means any form of online shopping is completely not allowed. Ill allow myself clothes, as I rarely buy clothes anyway, but my vice s buying make up. I cant resist popping into Boots on my way past and picking something up. SO for Lent I am forcing myself to stop buying make up, online and in shops, for the next 40 days, if you see a haul post sfeel free to shout at me!

However, Im awaiting an order arriving from Cheap Smells which I ordered last week, so a post on that is allowed :)

Anyone else giving something up for Lent?

I always like lent because it ends at Easter, and Easters always lovely :)

I want to make some pretty easter cakes and stuff this year...Ive been inspired by these pictures....





How cute are they?!



  1. I blogged yesterday saying I should give up online shopping. But I've gone for chocolate instead which will probably be just as hard! Good luck :)